Hello world!

Hello World

Let me introduce myself ,so you know where I’m coming from. I am Scottish ,a single father , a mechanical and IT engineer and very well travelled . I am also stubborn and opinionated .

The main topics I would like to talk about on this blog are

Politics- my stance is Libertarian Socialism .Why ,Power corrupts , absolute power corrupts absolutely.How can you tell when a polition is lying? Easy , his lips move! The trouble with political jokes is they keep getting elected! If governments are so vital, please go on strike and PROVE THIS!!!!

Religion- my stance is Atheism.Why ,Monotheism is original fascism ,it is also an invention purely for the purpose of material empire building. Remember folks ,there’s a big difference between kneeling down and bending over , it is better to give than recieve ,as they say!

Science- my stance is Quantum Gravity is the key.Why ,Dark matter is a myth ,after 30 years of searching not 1 particle has been found. It is turing science into the religion of Einstein!

Current Affairs- my stance ,there is always something going on that pisses me off ,usually thanks to some government official! False flag operations, Government bank bailouts , War propaganda etc…etc.. Our servants think they are our masters ! Why , the MainStream Media is a propaganda service ,NOT a news service,thus this blog.

This world needs an enima and here comes the lubricant of contriversy and the hose of truth …..this may make your eyes water!

I intend to keep this site free from cencorship ,so all views are welcome. But please try to keep a civil tone in your posts and refrain from personal insults, but as this is an open forum blog, please be prepared for some controversial and offensive material. I do not condone this behaviour ,but do expect it ,mainly from TROLLS!

Free speach is NOT PRETTY It is wonderful and worrying , intelligent and stupid , informed and ignorant , compasionate and brutal ,secular and religious , capitalist and communist , it is beyond the imagination of any one person! If you believe in cencorship ,can I ask , if it is ME who is the cencor ,deciding what YOU get to see and read would you be happy with that?   Let me tell you I am a hell of a lot more open minded and less blackmailed and owe a lot less “favours” than the people doing the cencoring right now!!

Cencorship spreads EVIL!! How ? just banning someone from saying something does not stop them thinking. It also does not stop them talking about the subject in private with like minded people. They will never have to expose thier opinions in open forum where it would be shown to be bigoted ignorant fascist and racist etc etc etc… Thus evil spreads!


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