Carbon scandal snares Australian

AN AUSTRALIAN company has been swept up in a $100 million carbon trading scandal in Papua New Guinea.

The scandal has led to the removal of the head of the country’s Office of Climate Change and has prompted an investigation into claims that fake carbon trading certificates were used to persuade landowners to sign over the rights to their forests.

It threatens to undermine efforts by Climate Change Minister Penny Wong to win support at UN climate talks for a global carbon trading scheme that would include forests in countries such as PNG and Indonesia. Senator Wong yesterday declined to answer questions on whether the scandal had been raised at UN climate talks last month, or whether she had discussed the crisis with PNG Prime Minister Michael Somare or his officials



Let me make myself clear , I am an environmentalist but Global warming is a con.


Simple , the government wants to be seen to be doing something about our deteriorating environment. So a “carbon tax” . It shows the government is serious about doing something and the people can releave thier guilt by saying the government is handling this and we do not need to think about it.


Carbon tax, is just that ,A TAX ,nothing more. It will NOT raise money for environmental protection , in fact it will probably encourage environmental destruction,as shown above. The fact that the Earth has been much hotter and cooler in the past is completely ignored. Even though humans and SUVs etc where not around at the time. Cows farting make more greenhouse gasses than man. I supervolcano even more…….are we taxing these as well? 

Ice skating in Central Park would have been a breeze 20 000 years ago. Or anywhere else in Manhattan, for that matter. The last ice age was at its peak, and giant sheets of ice stretched as far south as London and New York. Around the world, average temperatures were about 6 °C colder than today, the sea lapped coastlines more than 100 metres lower and ocean currents ran more slowly. The atmosphere was dry and dusty and the whole climate was unstable, prone to sudden swings between mild and freezing spells. Yet a hundred thousand years before that, things were very similar to today. And 20 000 years before that, the Earth was in the grip of another big freeze.–why-does-the-earth-plunge-in-and-out-of-ice-ages-the-answer-may-lie-in-an-unexpected-direction-says-gideon-henderson.html

It is nothing more than a new money revenue for those who would be our “masters”(LOL) and it will keep our minds off the REAL ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES!!

Like Gentically modified foods , Polution , chemical dumping , hormone injections and what is killing our bees for example.

Planet Earth could loose humanity tomorrow, and the Earth would carry on without much difference , in fact other life forms would probably prosper. If we loose honey bees ,then we loose pollinating plants and vegitables which means we loose our higher plant eating life forms which then means we loose our higher meat eating life forms . Shortly, life on planet Earth would roll back millions of years as the higher life forms die off.

Bees are a hell of a lot more influencial than mankind on planet Earth. Coachroaches a hell of a lot better designed for survival. Both have lived on Earth a lot longer than us .If mankind destroys his own environment so much that he cannot survive ,but has a very healthy bank balance , who is the more inteligent and more likely to survive and who was this planet made for then,insects or humans?


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