Could George W. Bush end up behind bars?

(CNN) — Could George W. Bush or some of his top aides end up behind bars?

It’s extremely unlikely, but the Obama administration is taking its first steps along a path that could lead in that direction, with the investigation of Central Intelligence Agency interrogators involved in the war on terror.

“You don’t know where these things are going to end up,” former CIA agent Peter Brookes told me. “They could go to very high levels in the government.”

The probe will focus on whether interrogators exceeded their instructions and broke the law when, for example, they choked a prisoner until he lost consciousness or threatened another one with a gun and a power drill.

There is no obvious enthusiasm in the Obama administration for second-guessing the CIA’s efforts after September 11, 2001 to keep America safe.

President Obama has said several times he wants to “look forward, not back.”

Republicans immediately criticized the new investigation and even some Democrats said it would be unpopular.

“This is not very good politically for the administration,” said Democratic strategist James Carville. “The public clearly doesn’t have much of an appetite for this.”

But Attorney General Eric Holder said evidence of abuses was compelling enough to require it. No one knows what other evidence will ultimately compel the administration to do.

The American Civil Liberties Union, an activist organization that campaigns against prisoner abuse, says “any investigation that truly follows the facts where they lead would inevitably lead to prosecutions of high government officials,”

Does it sound far-fetched?

One Bush administration legal advisor, Jack Goldsmith, says his colleagues were acutely conscious that the president or his advisors could someday be investigated for the steps they took or approved after 9/11.

And remember that Bill Clinton was impeached for just lying about sex. Do you think George W. Bush or his top aides will end up behind bars? Sound off below

American politics is unpredictable, the investigation hasn’t even begun and it will take a long time. My guess is that some very important people will be watching it closely.

By Jonathan Mann


We executed Japanese Officers that ordered torture including waterboarding of Allied troops. We either apologise to these people or do the same to OUR war criminals.

McCain: Japanese Hanged For Waterboarding

GOP Candidate Says There Should Be “Little Doubt” It Is Torture

(AP)  Republican presidential candidate John McCain reminded people Thursday that some Japanese were tried and hanged for torturing American prisoners during World War II with techniques that included waterboarding.

“There should be little doubt from American history that we consider that as torture otherwise we wouldn’t have tried and convicted Japanese for doing that same thing to Americans,” McCain said during a news conference.

Resolved Question

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Is it true that the American military executed WWII Japanese soldiers for waterboarding American soldiers?

And if so, what does that say about those who think it’s ok today?
here’s a snippet from that article:
“in 1947, the United States charged a Japanese officer, Yukio Asano, with war crimes for carrying out another form of waterboarding on a U.S. civilian. The subject was strapped on a stretcher that was tilted so that his feet were in the air and head near the floor, and small amounts of water were poured over his face, leaving him gasping for air until he agreed to talk.

“Asano was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor,”

sounds to me like that japanese soldier was punished for waterboarding an american…

2 Responses to Could George W. Bush end up behind bars?

  1. Joe Fattal says:

    To keep America safe extreme interrogation technique must be considered when questioning terrorist suspects. President Obama have said many times that he wants to ” look forward not back”. Yet he has his attorney general Eric Holder to press for an investigation. So the investigations will reveal that the CIA has used techniques and interrogation tactics that are illegal, yet we might have found out when and where the next attack on American soil will take place. It is but another witchunt straight from the Obama’s administration faith office.

    • cuthulan says:

      Hi Joe ,thanks for the comment. BUT there is no evidence that these techniques stopped one attck on US soil. You could argue better that they fuel more attacks on US soil.What example does this set for US POW’s? If George broke the law ,he does the time ,simple. Torture does NOT give us reliable inteligence, please check what “witches” confessed too while being waterboarded, do you believe they could fly and have sex with the devil? If we make an example of Bush and Cheney ,others might think before torturing. btw Where is the 911 connection , where are the WMDs? these things need to be seen in the cold light of day, this is no witchhunt!

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