Geerts Wilders the Netherlands is MY country NOT YOURS!!

October 16, 2009

Dutch right-wing MP arrives in UK

Far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders has arrived in the UK after winning a court battle to enter the country. Skip related content

IN WWII people like Geert Wilders fought on the side of Nazi Germany ,as did the Dutch police.The Nederlands was in fact the biggest non-aligned force in the Axis powers. If these people had had thier way Holland would be a province and a dialect NOT a country and a language!

FORTUNATELY my Grandfather arrived in Holland in the 1940’s AND SHOT people like Geerts Wilders and made Holland and the world ,a better place.

Sorry Geert YOU speak English because YOU HAVE THE CHOICE ,you can speak Dutch whenever you are in Holland. If the Dutch Nazi’s had thier way in the 1940’s YOU WOULD BE SPEAKING GERMAN WITH A FUNNY ACCENT ….NO CHOICE!!!!!!

I mean what a muppet , maybe its time to restart the old family tradition of shooting Dutch Nazi’s and making the world a better place! I have friends that have medals for shooting Iraqi and Afghani police , so its still a valid sport and you can get your licence from the Dept of Defence , as a serving military person is immune from civilian law !!!! SO GO ON GUYS KNOCK YOURSELF OUT!!!!     😉

Geert if you really want to claim Holland as YOURS …I’ll fight you for it!

btw stop using so much peroxide , its fooling no-one and I think its rotting what’s left of your brain.

Internet Victory over Old Regime …Traders in Death and Misery named and shamed

October 16, 2009

Hopefully this is a sign of the times, as the People and the Internet ignore Big Brother and SPREAD THE WORD!

The reigns of power are slipping from the hands of government and big business.

Carter-Ruck Law Firm ,

probably the most incompitant law firm in the world at the momment., as well as immoral!

Trafigura ,

multunational that trades on toxic waste ,death and disease and oil and spends a lot of money to keep this quiet rather than improve thier business practices.

Labour MP Paul Farrelly local hero , or at least a polition that is doing his job.

This MP stood up in parliment and asked some very searching questions on big business and thier business practices , especially in this day and age when the people are being asked to change THIER lifestyles and pay MORE TAX for ENVIRONMENTAL REASONS!!!!


The Guardian is still forbidden by the terms of the existing injunction, granted by a vacation duty judge, Mr Justice Maddison, to give further information about the Minton report, or its contents. Last month, Trafigura agreed to pay more than £30m in compensation and legal costs to 30,000 inhabitants of Abidjan in Ivory Coast, for “flu-like symptoms” they might have suffered following the dumping.




Profiteers in death polution and misery YOU SHOULD ALL BE IN JAIL !!!

“Yesterday, I understand, Carter-Ruck quite astonishingly warned of legal action if the Guardian reported my question. In view of the seriousness of this, will you accept representations from me over this matter and consider whether Carter-Ruck’s behaviour constitutes a potential contempt of parliament?”
The Commons question reveals that Trafigura has obtained a hitherto secret injunction, known as a “super-injunction”, to prevent disclosures about toxic oil waste it arranged to be dumped in west Africa in 2006, making thousands of people ill.


Trafigura Drops Bid To Gag Guardian Over MP’s Question

An unprecedented attempt by a British oil trading firm to prevent the Guardian reporting parliamentary proceedings has collapsed following a spontaneous online campaign  to spread the information the paper had been barred from publishing.
Carter-Ruck, the law firm representing Trafigura, was accused of infringing the supremacy of parliament after it insisted that an injunction obtained against the Guardian prevented the paper from reporting a question tabled on Monday by the Labour MP Paul Farrelly.
Farrelly’s question was about the implications for press freedom of an order obtained by Trafigura preventing the Guardian and other media from publishing the contents of a report related to the dumping of toxic waste in Ivory Coast.
In today’s edition, the Guardian was prevented from identifying Farrelly, reporting the nature of his question, where the question could be found, which company had sought the gag, or even which order was constraining its coverage.
But overnight numerous users of the social networking site Twitter posted details of Farrelly’s question and by this morning the full text had been published on two prominent blogs as well as in the magazine Private Eye.
Carter-Ruck withdrew its gagging attempt by lunchtime, shortly before a 2pm high court hearing at which the Guardian was about to challenge its stance, with the backing of other national newspapers.
MPs from all three major parties condemned the firm’s attempt to prevent the reporting of parliamentary proceedings. Farrelly told John Bercow, the Speaker: “Yesterday, I understand, Carter-Ruck quite astonishingly warned of legal action if the Guardian reported my question. In view of the seriousness of this, will you accept representations from me over this matter and consider whether Carter-Ruck’s behaviour constitutes a potential contempt of parliament?”
The Commons question reveals that Trafigura has obtained a hitherto secret injunction, known as a “super-injunction”, to prevent disclosures about toxic oil waste it arranged to be dumped in west Africa in 2006, making thousands of people ill.
Farrelly is asking Jack Straw, the justice secretary, about the implications for press freedom of a high court injunction obtained on 11 September 2009 by Trafigura “on the publication of the Minton report on the alleged dumping of toxic waste in the Ivory Coast, commissioned by Trafigura”.
The Guardian is still forbidden by the terms of the existing injunction, granted by a vacation duty judge, Mr Justice Maddison, to give further information about the Minton report, or its contents. Last month, Trafigura agreed to pay more than £30m in compensation and legal costs to 30,000 inhabitants of Abidjan in Ivory Coast, for “flu-like symptoms” they might have suffered following the dumping. The oil traders continue to deny that the waste could have caused serious or fatal injuries.
The use of “super-injunctions”, under which commercial corporations claim the right to keep secret the fact that they have been to court, has been growing. Anonymity is also increasingly being granted to individual litigants.
Last week, an anonymity order was overturned at the supreme court under which Mohammed al-Ghabra, an alleged al-Qaida financier named in official UN and Treasury publications, was to be known only as G. A further pending supreme court case involving an MI5 officer’s memoirs is currently only known as “A v B”.
Alan Rusbridger, the editor of the Guardian, said yesterday: “I’m very pleased that common sense has prevailed and that Carter-Ruck are now prepared to vary their draconian injunction to allow reporting of parliament. It is time that judges stopped granting super-injunctions which are so absolute and wide-ranging that nothing about them can be reported at all.”
Carter-Ruck, whose partner Adam Tudor has been representing Trafigura, issued a press release conceding: “The order would indeed have prevented the Guardian from reporting on the parliamentary question which had been tabled for later this week.” But the firm said the Guardian’s reporting on the issue had been “highly misleading”.
The firm added: “There is no question of Trafigura seeking to gag the media from reporting parliamentary proceedings, and the parties have now agreed to an amendment to the existing order so as to reflect that.”
The previous night, Carter-Ruck had written to the Guardian saying: “The threatened publication would place the Guardian in contempt of court … please confirm by immediate return that the publications threatened will not take place.”
At Westminster, the Liberal Democrat MP Evan Harris said there was a need to “control the habit of law firms” of obtaining secrecy injunctions, and his colleague David Heath told the Commons a “fundamental principle” was being threatened: that MPs should be able to speak freely and have their words reported freely.
On the Conservative side, David Davis, the former shadow home secretary, criticised the rising use of super-injunctions, in which the fact of the injunction is itself kept secret.
He said courts should not be allowed to grant injunctions forbidding the reporting of parliament.
Bercow said the issue could be raised formally as a matter of privilege, but he understood the injunction had been lifted.
Farrelly told the Guardian afterwards: “The issuing by the courts of so-called super-injunctions is rightly controversial and a matter of growing concern. That is why, using parliamentary privilege, I tabled these questions.

“The practice offends the time-honoured rule against prior restraint, which safeguards freedom of expression in this country.

“It also fails to protect whistleblowers acting in the public interest. The huge legal bills involved in fighting cases, too, have a chilling effect on legitimate investigative journalism.

“So often, the beneficiaries are big corporations. The fact that the press is also barred from reporting the existence of these gagging orders is doubly pernicious.”

October 13, 2009 “The Guardian”


BUT the first step is realising the problem ,the next step is getting rid of the problem……..

“All government, of course, is against liberty. The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary. Most people want security in this world, not liberty.”
“The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out… without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, intolerable. It doesn’t take a majority to make a rebellion; it takes only a few determined leaders and a sound cause.”


Gordon Brown Selling Britain By the Penny

October 12, 2009

Economic Muppet ,”Flash” Gordon Brown is about to save the world again!!
This time he will sell the last of the family silver ,this is a LABOUR Prime Minister privitising national assets, OR I should say “NEW” Labour.
This will benefit the population of Britain by …………… well I’m sure he will think of something.
This is the same “Free Marketeer” chancellor that claimed ALL the Glory of an economic BOOM time BUT said he was not responsible for, NOR could he forsee ,the BUST!!! Has he never heard of a Boom and Bust economy a.k.a. a Free Market economy?
During the Boom time Gordon ,what did you save for a rainy day(i.e. the Bust cycle!!!)
Norway is sitting on BILLIONS from its North Sea Oil,which it pumps LESS than the UK, and has better health and living standards.


Gordon Brown Announces British Public Assets Fire Sale
Politics / UK Debt
Oct 11, 2009 – 09:22 PM
By: Nadeem_Walayat
Gordon Brown hell bent on going out with a financial bang announces a fire sale of British assets to the tune of £16 billion in exchange for a short pause (1 month?) to the size of the growing debt mountain rather than seek to cut public spending in an election year.
Gordon Brown an expert at selling British assets at the worst possible price as evidenced by the sale of 50% of Britain’s gold reserves virtually at the Gold bear market bottom price of $252, which has subsequently more than quadrupled to $1050.


Gold Analysis, Real or False Breakout?
Commodities / Gold & Silver 2009
Oct 11, 2009 – 06:34 AM
By: StocksBuddy
Gold has broken out above $1000 and everyone believes that it is headed towards $1500, $1200 being the immediate next target. Technically and otherwise, there has been lot of talk that Gold should be valued @ $2000 – $5000 range based on the real $$$ terms when compared to 1980’s. However, if that were so easy, it would have already happened. Here are some of SB comments to the respective articles on the Internet

Next stop $1500?

Here are some fundamental reasons why this target is realistic:

1. Once the $1,000.00 level for gold in U.S. dollars is history, there are no more barriers to the price.

2. The massive currency degradation occurring on a worldwide scale is unprecedented in history.

3. Central banks that formerly ‘capped’ the gold price by dumping gold have stopped selling, and some have turned to buying: The Russian Central Bank is reported to have purchased 300,000 ounces in August. The Chinese Central Bank has expressed an interest in buying the entire 403 tonnes of IMF gold that is up for sale. The Chinese bankers have indicated that they will buy gold ‘during any dips in price.’ Much of the gold on the books of some Central Banks has been leased out. It no longer exists except on the books at those banks. The gold at Fort Knox has not been audited since 1953. The threat of IMF gold coming on-stream caused barely a ripple in the gold price last week.

4. The Chinese government is encouraging its citizens to buy gold. This is a total reversal of the policy that formerly forbade its citizens to own gold. This policy is extremely bullish for gold, as an increasing number of Chinese banks and coin stores will be stocking up in order to have inventory. This inventory takes supply away from the market since it is replaced as soon as it is sold to retail customers.

5. The Chinese government is expressing its dissatisfaction with the U.S. administration for causing the U.S. dollar to drop due to the loose U.S. monetary policy, and for imposing a 25% tariff on Chinese tires. This anger on the part of Chinese officials will translate into increased dumping of U.S. Treasury bills and bonds and converting the proceeds into ‘real stuff’, such as gold and commodities.

6. The huge ‘net short’ position accumulated by the commercial traders and the two or three U.S. bullion banks will have to be covered. The vast majority of these contracts are now showing a loss and margin calls are mounting.

7. Once the gold price is firmly established above the 1000 level, the hedge funds that own most of the ‘net long’ positions on the Comex will likely add to their positions, using some of the margin money they have accumulated on the way up. This will put further pressure on the two or three bullion banks to ‘cut bait.’ At the moment the hedge funds have these banks over a barrel.

8. More and more investors are becoming aware of the fact that the GLD and SLV gold and silver ETFs probably do not have as much gold and silver backing them as they should have. There are no regular independent audits conducted on these two ETFs. The next chart in this essay supports this observation. This will cause investors to abandon those ETFs and opt for physical gold.

9. Monetary inflation continues worldwide at double-digit levels. Meanwhile the gold supply is limited to an annual increase of about 1.5%. ‘More money chasing fewer goods’ invariably causes those goods to rise in price.

10. Gold mines are a ‘depleting assets’. Each mine has a predictable mine life. Unless new deposits are found, every gold mine eventually faces extinction. According to mining experts, new deposits are not keeping up with the current rates of mine depletion. Production in South Africa has been steadily declining. Environmental concerns in many countries make the production of a gold mine expensive and very time consuming.

BUT Stockbuddy says
$$$ cannot just go down forever. It either has already formed a bottom right now around 76 or it is going to soon, around this or 72 price levels. Meaning, if $$$ resumes its uptrend, Gold is bound to go down. After all, US cannot just leave $$$ to the wind.
IMF is selling Gold and China intends to buy it. The equation is balanced out, so there is NO reason for Gold to go up here. Coming to demand from common public, it is already Going Down.
So, unless we all are missing something here, Gold in deflationary atmosphere is only going to go down. Gold demand is expected to go down nearly 40% in India.

“$$$ cannot just go down forever.”
WHY NOT? I am sure that they said the same thing about the German Wermark before the Third Reich fell.
“After all, US cannot just leave $$$ to the wind.”
WHAT EXACTLY CAN THE US DO TO STOP THIS? They have already started printing US Treasury debt in Chinese Yaun, and it seems have signed an Eminent Domain to the Chinese government guaranteeing US government properties as collateral for US Debt!!! China now decides the fate of the dollar. They are talking with the Saudi’s to stop selling Oil in dollars. THIS WILL BE THE END OF THE DOLLAR AS A GLOBAL CURRENCY. Like the UK pound ,it may still hang around ,it will just be worth a lot less!!
“So, unless we all are missing something here, Gold in deflationary atmosphere is only going to go down.”

When our leaders have no awareness of the disastrous consequences of their actions, they can claim ignorance and take no action.

Or when our leaders have no hard evidence as to what might happen in the future, they can at least claim uncertainty

But when they have full knowledge of an impending disaster … they have proof of its inevitability in ANY scenario … and they so declare in their official reports … but STILL don’t lift a finger to change course … then they have only one remaining claim:


And, unfortunately, that’s precisely the situation we’re in today: Three recently released government reports now point to fiscal doomsday for America; and one of the reports, issued by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), says so explicitly:

  • The CBO paints two future scenarios for the U.S. budget deficit and the national debt. But it plainly declares that fiscal disaster will strike in EITHER scenario. Furthermore …
  • The CBO states that its fiscal disaster scenarios could cause severe economic declines for decades to come, including hyperinflation and destruction of retirement savings.
  • The CBO then proceeds to admit that even its worse-case scenario could be understated by a wide margin due to panic in the financial markets or vicious cycles that are beyond control.
  • Separately, in its Flow of Funds Report for the second quarter, the Federal Reserve provides irrefutable data that we are already beginning to witness the first of these consequences in the United States: an unprecedented cut-off of credit to businesses and consumers.
  • Meanwhile, the Treasury Department shows that America’s fate remains, as before, in the hands of foreigners, with the U.S. still owing them $7.9 trillion!
  • And despite all this, neither Congress nor the Obama Administration have proposed a plan or a timetable for averting these doomsday scenarios. Their sole solution is to issue more bonds, borrow more, and print more without restraint.

That is the epitome of insanity.

Yes, the great government bailouts of 2008 and 2009 have bought us some time … but they have promptly proceeded to sell us into bondage.

Yes, they have given us safe passage over tough seas … but only to throw our assets onto the global auction block for the highest bidders.

Report #1 Congressional Budget Office (CBO): The Long-Term Budget Outlook

The CBO opens with a chart predicting the most dramatic surge in government debt of all time

Report #2 U.S. Federal Reserve: Flow of Funds Accounts of the United States

The Fed’s data on page 12 tells it all: The impact on the U.S. credit markets is not just a future scenario. It’s happening right now.

Yes, the government is getting its money to finance its exploding deficits (for now). But it’s hogging all the available supplies, while American businesses and average consumers are getting shut out or even shoved out

Report #3 U.S. Treasury Department: Treasury Bulletin

The U.S. is deep in debt to the rest of the world, and on page 48, it provides the evidence: total liabilities to foreigners of $7,898,435 million (nearly $7.9 trillion)!

This isn’t a new record. It was actually slightly more last year. But the fact is NOTHING has been done to reduce our debt to foreigners. Quite the contrary, it is the deliberate policy of our government to pile up more — to sell foreign investors and central banks on the idea that they must continue to lend us money.

The fact that this could potentially put our nation into deeper jeopardy is overlooked. And the dire forecast by the CBO that foreign investors might pull the plug is pooh-poohed.
Trader on Bloomberg says markets are manipulated and volumes ‘ficticious’.
Not only are the new high tech/high speed transactions giving big banks an overwhelming trading advantage over retail investors, they’re also creating a false impression about the health of the stock market.

The Roman Empire is long gone ,BUT if you still had Roman gold coins you would be rich today!
Nazi Germany has passed away more recently ,if you where a PAPER BILLIONAIRE then you would be PENNYLESS TODAY!!


Where will you go then?

“Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value —- zero.” – Voltaire

“You have to choose between trusting to the natural stability of gold and the natural stability of the honesty and intelligence of the members of the Government. And, with due respect for these gentlemen, I advise you, as long as the Capitalist system lasts, to vote for gold.” – George Bernard Shaw

US Government Making a Killing On War

October 12, 2009

US Lawmakers Invested in Iraq, Afghanistan Wars
by Abid Aslam

WASHINGTON – U.S. lawmakers have a financial interest in military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, a review of their accounts has revealed.

Members of Congress invested nearly 196 million dollars of their own money in companies that receive hundreds of millions of dollars a day from Pentagon contracts to provide goods and services to U.S. armed forces, say nonpartisan watchdog groups.
Lawmakers charged with overseeing Pentagon contractors hold stock in those very firms, as do vocal critics of the war in Iraq, says the Centre for Responsive Politics (CRP).

Senator John Kerry, the Democrat from Massachusetts who staked his 2004 presidential bid in part on his opposition to the war, tops the list of investors.

His holdings in firms with Pentagon contracts of at least five million dollars stood at between 28.9 million dollars and 38.2 million dollars as of Dec. 31, 2006. Kerry sits on the Senate foreign relations panel.
Other top investors include Representative Rodney Frelinghuysen, a New Jersey Republican with holdings of 12.1 million – 49.1 million dollars; Rep. Robin Hayes, a North Carolina Republican (9.2 million – 37.1 million dollars); Republican Rep. James Sensenbrenner Jr. of Wisconsin (5.2 million – 7.6 million dollars); and Rep. Jane Harman, a California Democrat (2.7 million – 6.3 million dollars).

Sen. Jay Rockefeller, the Democrat and former governor of West Virginia who chairs the Senate Select Intelligence Committee, invested some 2.0 million dollars in Pentagon contractors, CRP says.

Other panel chiefs who invested in defence firms include Sen. Joseph Lieberman, the Connecticut Independent who presides over the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, and Rep. Howard Berman, the California Democrat who heads the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

In all, 151 current members of Congress — more than one-fourth of the total — have invested between 78.7 million dollars and 195.5 million dollars in companies that received defence contracts of at least 5.0 million dollars, according to CRP.

These companies received more than 275.6 billion dollars from the government in 2006, or 755 million dollars per day, says budget watchdog group OMB Watch.

The investments yielded lawmakers 15.8 million – 62 million dollars in dividend income, capital gains, royalties, and interest from 2004 through 2006, says CRP.

Democratic Blood Money and Senator Feinstein’s War Profiteering
Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein of California silently resigned from her post on the Military Construction Appropriations subcommittee (MILCON) late last week as her ethical limbo with war contracts began to surface in the media, including an excellent investigative report written by Peter Byrne for Metro in January. MILCON has supervised the appropriations of billions of dollars in reconstruction contracts since the Bush wars began.

Feinstein, who served as chairperson and ranking member for the committee from 2001-2005, came under fire early last year in these pages for profiting by way of her husband Richard Blum who, until 2005, held large stakes in two defense contracting companies. Both businesses, URS and Perini, have scored lucrative contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan in the last four years, and Blum has personally pocketed tens of millions of dollars off the deals his wife, along with her colleagues, so graciously approved.

Here’s a brief rundown of the Feinstein family’s blatant war profiteering. In April 2003, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers gave $500 million to Perini to provide services for Iraq’s Central Command. A month earlier in March 2003, Perini was awarded $25 million to design and construct a facility to support the Afghan National Army near Kabul. And in March 2004, Perini was awarded a hefty contract worth up to $500 million for “electrical power distribution and transmission” in southern Iraq.

But it is not just Perini that has made Feinstein and Blum wealthy. Blum also held over 111,000 shares of stock in URS Corporation, which is now one of the top defense contractors in the United States. Blum was an acting director of URS, which bought EG&G, a leading provider of technical services and management to the U.S. military, from the neocon packed Carlyle Group back in 2002.

“As part of EG&G’s sale price,” reports the San Francisco Chronicle, “Carlyle acquired a 21.74 percent stake in URS – second only to the 23.7 percent of shares controlled by Blum Capital.”

URS and Blum have since banked on the war in Iraq, attaining a $600 million contract through EG&G, which Sen. Feinstein permitted. As a result, URS has seen its stock price more than triple since the war began in March of 2003. Blum has cashed in over $2 million on this venture alone and another $100 million for his investment firm.

And it is not just the Feinstein family that has benefited from the war – so too has the Democratic Party. Since 2000, the Democrats’ Daddy Warbucks has donated over $100,000 to the Democratic Senatorial Committee including leading Democrats including John Kerry, Robert Byrd, Ted Kennedy, and even Barbara Boxer.
Feinstein’s resignation from MILCON was the least the senator could do to atone for profiting off the spoils of war. But Feinstein wasn’t trying to atone, she seems to have been trying to cover her tracks instead by distancing herself from her post. If the Democratic Party had any foresight whatsoever it would return all the Blood Money donated by Blum. From there the Senate ought to hold hearings and examine Feinstein’s tenure as the chair and ranking member of MILCON and analyze every single contract she approved which benefited her husband’s respective companies.

There is absolutely no question – Sen. Dianne Feinstein has a plethora of ethics violations she needs to account for at once.

It will be very good for politions and bankers and Wall Street BUT very bad for the average Joe ,it will be bad for the world and the economy.
Do you remember what happened the last time Wall Street bankers crashed the economy 1933?THEY FINANCIED THE SPREAD OF FASCISM, The Great Depression and WWII!
Well today we face a Great Depression and the fascist bussiness economic model is now in place ,what do THEY have planned next……..

The world will not wait “indefinitely” for Iran to halt its nuclear enrichment program, Hillary Clinton said.

During a news conference in London Sunday following a meeting with British Foreign Secretary David Miliband, the U.S. Secretary of State said that the recent meeting between Iran and six world powers in Geneva was a good start but needed to be followed up with action on the part of Iran.  The United States and Britain were among the world powers at the meeting.

“The international community will not wait indefinitely for evidence that Iran is prepared to live up to its international obligations,” Cinton said.

IRAN has signed the Non Poliferation Treaty (NPT) and has every right to develope civilian nuclear technology,it is AMERICA’S INTERNATIONAL OBLIGATION TO HELP THEM!!!! It is the US that is NOT prepared to live up to its international obligation ,by helping Iran develope nuclear power and prosecuting known WAR CRIMINALS and VETOING UN HUMAN RIGHTS RESOLUTIONS AGAINST ISRAEL!!

Philippines Another US Fake War in the making
MANILA – The arrival of about 3,000 US Marines in the Philippines next week for training and humanitarian missions in the wake of recent floods has some Filipino officials wary that the soldiers could be diverted to war-torn Sulu island, where Islamic extremists recently killed two US soldiers. The scheduled deployment represents five times the number of US troops currently stationed in the Philippines.
Michael Terrence Meiring is a Manila-controlled CIA-connected White House-protected explosives expert who spent the last ten years in the southern Philippines hanging out with Filipino intelligence and police brass, Muslim rebels and other `shady people’.

He equipped many of his acquaintances throughout Mindanao with explosives,spent large sums of mystery cash and traded in US Federal Reserve notes with the Abu Sayyaf Group – terrorists who regularly use the notes to buy weapons….a gang that provided the excuse for the new US-Philippine military alliance.
(”Meiring lost his left leg and suffered severe burns in various parts of his body when an explosive went off inside his room at the Evergreen Hotel here May 16. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents from the US Embassy in Manila reportedly sneaked him out of a Davao City hospital four days after the explosion and was brought to the Makati Medical Center for treatment.
Almost immediately after the blast, security tightened around Meiring.Hawthorn told The Times: “I was told by a Filipino in Davao, carrying a message from the US Embassy that Michael would never be charged with a crime in connection with the explosion. The investigation will end up at a stone wall. Michael will be protected and eventually taken back to the safety of the United States. The incident will be shortly forgotten, if you’re willing to forget it.”

Officials in Davao City will not forget. The suspicious blast took place during a wave of terror bombings across Mindanao as US and Philippine troops conducted anti-terror exercises. President Arroyo threatened to declare a state of emergency and demanded that lawmakers rush through her tough new anti-terror bill. Rush it through they did.

Now Prosecutor Bendico says the US-shielded `terrorist’ was trying to blow the hotel up.…-in-the-making/

Ethiopian Troops Pour Into Central Somalia
Ethiopian Forces Cross Border, Begin Rounding Up Somali Villagers

Locals say the Ethiopian forces were accompanied by soldiers affiliated with the self-proclaimed Somali government and the forces cut off the communication lines in the villages.

Ethiopia previously launched an invasion of Somalia in 2006 with the blessing of the US government. The invasion was an attempt to prop up the Somali government, which at the time was struggling in the face of growing support for the Islamic Courts Union.


Governments are the worst terrorist and war profiteers on the planet. Time to kick them out.


Power corrupts and absolute power attracts the absolutely corrupt!!

Blair and Bush and Co. War Criminals Named and Shamed ,…now lets hunt them down like the dogs they are!

October 11, 2009

MADRID: Today the Spanish Senate, acting to confirm a decision already taken under pressure from powerful governments accused of grave crimes, will limit Spain’s laws of universal jurisdiction. Yesterday, ahead of the change of law, a legal case was filed at the Audiencia Nacional against four United States presidents and four United Kingdom prime ministers for commissioning, condoning and/or perpetuating multiple war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide in Iraq.
This case, naming George H W Bush, William J Clinton, George W Bush, Barack H Obama, Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Anthony Blair and Gordon Brown, is brought by Iraqis and others who stand in solidarity with the Iraqi people and in defence of their rights and international law.
Iraq: 19 years of intended destruction
The intended destruction — or genocide — of Iraq as a state and nation has been ongoing for 19 years, combining the imposition of the most draconian sanctions regime ever designed and that led to 1.5 million Iraqi deaths, including 500,000 children, with a war of aggression that led to the violent deaths of over one million more.

Destroying Iraq included the purposeful targeting of its water and sanitation system, attacking the health of the civilian population. Since 1990, thousands of tons of depleted uranium have been dropped on Iraq, leading in some places to a 600 per cent rise in cancer and leukaemia cases, especially among children. In both the first Gulf War and “Shock and Awe” in 2003, an air campaign that openly threatened “total destruction”, waves of disproportionate bombing made no distinction between military and civilian targets, with schools, hospitals, mosques, churches, shelters, residential areas, and historical sites all destroyed.

Destroying Iraq included promoting, funding and organizing sectarian and ethnic groups bent on dividing Iraq into three or more sectarian or ethnic entities, backed by armed militias that would terrorize the Iraqi people. Since 2003, some 4.7 million Iraqis — one fifth of the population — have been forcibly displaced. Under occupation, kidnappings, killings, extortion and mutilation became endemic, targeting men, women and even children and the elderly.

Destroying Iraq included purposefully dismantling the state by refusing to stop or stem or by instigating mass looting, and by engaging in ideological persecution, entailing “manhunting”, extrajudicial assassinations, mass imprisonment and torture, of Baathists, the entire educated class of the state apparatus, religious and linguistic minorities and Arab Sunnis, resulting in the total collapse of all public services and other economic functions and promoting civil strife and systematic corruption.

In parallel, Iraq’s rich heritage and unique cultural and archaeological patrimony has been wantonly destroyed.
In order to render Iraq dependent on US and UK strategic designs, successive US and UK governments have attempted to partition Iraq and to establish by military force a pro-occupation Iraqi government and political system. They have promoted and engaged in the massive plunder of Iraqi natural resources, attempting to privatize this property and wealth of the Iraqi nation.

Humanity at stake

This is but the barest summary of the horrors Iraq has endured, based on lies that nobody but cowed governments and complicit media believed. In 2003, millions worldwide were mobilized in opposition to US/UK plans. In going ahead, the US and UK launched an illegal war of aggression. Accountability has not been established.
The persons named in this case have each played a key role in Iraq’s intended destruction. They instigated, supported, condoned, rationalized, executed and/or perpetuated or excused this destruction based on lies and narrow strategic and economic interests, and against the will of their own people. Allowing those responsible to escape accountability means such actions could be repeated elsewhere.
It is imperative now to establish accountability for US and UK war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide in Iraq because:
Every Iraqi victim deserves justice.
Everyone responsible should be accountable.
We are before immoral and unlawful acts, contrary to the basis on which the international order of state sovereignty and peace and security rests. Whereas the official international justice system is closed before the suffering of those that imperialism makes a target, through this case we try to open a channel whereby the conscience of humanity can express its solidarity with justice for victims of imperial crimes.

Ad Hoc Committee For Justice For Iraq

Press contacts:
Hana Al Bayaty, Executive Committee, BRussells Tribunal

34 657 52 70 77  or  +20 10 027 7964 (English and French)
Dr Ian Douglas, Executive Committee, BRussells Tribunal, coordinator, International Initiative to Prosecute US Genocide in Iraq

 +20 12 167 1660 (English)

Amanda Nuredin,  +34 657 52 70 77 (Spanish)
Abdul Ilah Albayaty, Executive Committee, BRussells Tribunal

 +33 471 461 197 (Arabic)

I wish you all the best and would be very happy to see ALL of these mass murdering liars facing a War Crimes trial and spend the rest of thier days rotting in a prison , preferably Guantanamo! 
Now we just need to get the Israeli war criminals!

Criminal Bankers Explained,JAIL NOT BAIL!!

October 11, 2009

WE THE PEOPLE (taxpayer) are currently bailing out a bunch of CRIMINAL FRAUDSTERS!!! They are doing this with the help of CRIMINAL POLITIONS!!

These bankers are not only crminals,thieves and fraudsters BUT hypocrites and liars. If these people believe in FREE MARKET economics then these people would be BUST!! The world however would still be turning and the economy recovering.HOW?

Well the unprofitable and incomptant banks(“Wall Street” and “the City”) would of gone bust ,the professional and compitant banks(Credit Unions and Chinese and Saudi banks etc.)would survive AND THRIVE!! HOW?

Well the assets of the unprofitable and incompitant banks would flood the market ,thus reducing prices and making available a wealth of assets for compitant banks.

It is almost funny to think that Chinese Communists are better capitalists than Western bankers. The west runs a DEBTorist economy not a capitalist.

Maybe our western banks have gone BUST because they do NOT understand free market capitalist boom and bust economics? Our politions do not have a clue about the boom and bust cycle!! This is obvious as we have just gone thru the BOOM period and are in DEBT!!!! We have nothing saved for a rainy day(the BUST period)

POLTIONS and BANKERS can I ask how you thought we would pay the debt YOU rung up during the BOOM period, now we are in the BUST period?

The brightest and the best?!?!?!?

Fractional Reserve Banking System Basis of Bankster Fraud
Stock-Markets / Credit Crisis 2009
Oct 10, 2009 – 02:52 PM
By: Gary_North

The heart of the modern monetary system is fractional reserve banking. This system is based on fraud. At the very heart of the modern economy is fraud – fraud on a gigantic scale.

What is the nature of this fraud? Counterfeiting. Banks are government-licensed institutions that issue bogus IOUs. Because these IOUs function as money, they are counterfeit money. This is the heart, mind, and soul of all modern banking

The banker offers a deal to holders of currency. (Prior to 1914 in Europe and prior to 1933 in the United States, the public held gold coins.) Here is the offer.

If you will deposit your money in my bank, I will lend it out at interest. I will share some of this interest with you by guaranteeing you a fixed rate of return.
So far, so good. But then comes the kicker. Furthermore, I will pay you your money on demand during banking hours. Any time you want your currency back, just come to the bank and take it out – no questions asked (unless you try to take out $10,000 or more).

The banker knows what the economics professor knows: almost no one can think through the implications of this promise. Both the banker and the professor of money and banking strive to keep people in the dark. They promote the mystery of banking.

What are a few implications? Here is one. When the bank lends money to a borrower at a fixed rate of return, it lends for a specific period of time (commercial loans) or else no deadline (credit card loans). It cannot get this money back on demand. Yet it owes money on demand.

The depositor can demand immediate payment. Yet the money is gone. The bank has therefore issued two IOUs to the same deposit. The depositor can pull out his money at any time. The borrower, who has the money sitting in his account, can do the same thing.

How is this possible? Because the government or the central bank allows the bank to set aside a small percentage of reserves on the deposit. The bank does not have to keep 100% of the on-demand money in reserve.

With a 10% reserve requirement, if a bank gets a $100 deposit and sends $10 to the central bank as a reserve, it can legally lend $90. When the borrower spends this $90, the receiving bank sets aside $9 and lends $81. The initial $100 deposit leads to $900 in new money, if banks lend all of the money they are legally allowed to lend.

If the banker had added the following statement, there would be no fraud. There would be no counterfeiting.

You will not be able to get your money back on demand until the contract runs out for the borrower. As he repays interest, you will get your share. If he refuses to repay, I will pay you your principal based on bank reserves. But, of course, if the bank goes bankrupt, you will not be repaid.

This offer would make it clear to the depositor that there is no such thing as a free lunch. He cannot get the return of his money until the bank gets it back from the borrower. The same deposit still serves as money: for the borrower, not for the depositor.

The banker makes the offer of payment on demand because he knows that few depositors will demand their money most of the time. Those who do demand their money can be paid out of the money deposited by today’s depositors. Is this a Ponzi scheme? In part, yes. It is a Ponzi scheme that can go on much longer, because the bank possesses the power to create money.

The bank has borrowed short – “withdraw the money on demand” – and has lent long: “pay the money back on time.” This is fraudulent.


Counterfeiters increase the money supply. This is inflationary. They defraud holders of the non-counterfeit currency. How? By lowering the market price of the currency already in circulation. The slogan is: “More money chasing the same amount of goods.”

But, as Mises showed, there is more to it than this. The added money, when lent to producers, leads to a transfer of wealth to the producers. They start bidding for production goods: land (including raw materials), labor, and capital (land plus labor over time). The can make higher bids. They supply goods and services to match expected demand. This creates an economic boom. But when the counterfeiters stop counterfeiting, expected demand does not appear. This creates a bust.

Counterfeit money distorts information. How? Because prices convey information. Prices should convey accurate information. When decision-makers have accurate information, they can find ways to lower the transaction costs of their decisions. They can search out better ways to cut expenses. They can become more efficient.

When prices convey inaccurate information, individuals find that they make more mistakes. They make decisions in terms of information that is misleading. This is why prices should be based on decentralized decisions in which individuals making the decisions are responsible for the outcome of their actions. This is the defense of free-market capitalism. But, when it comes to banks, the economists refuse to follow the logic of this principle of individual responsibility and performance. Defenders of central banking and fractional reserve banking are necessarily defenders of inaccurate information.


A central bank provides emergency money to commercial banks. This reduces the threat of bank runs. Central banks intervene to save large banks. This is why no large American bank went bust in the Great Depression, while over 6,000 small banks did.

Central banks are the enforcing arm of the fractional reserve banking system. Central banks determine which banks survive and which do not in a national bank run. Their job is to protect the largest commercial banks. This is a form of central planning by a government-licensed monopolistic agency.

Fractional reserve banking creates blindness. Central banking extends this blindness.

Any economy that relies on fractional reserve banking is flying partially blind. This blindness becomes permanent when a central bank protects large commercial banks that are regarded as too big to fail.

Fractional reserve banking is inherently fraudulent. It inflates the money supply. It creates the boom-bust cycle. Through central banking, it transfers planning authority to bureaucrats with only an indirect stake in the outcome of their decisions.

It is the basis of the modern economy. The booms and busts get worse. The dollar depreciates. Central planning increases. Information becomes more distorted.

This will end badly. Worse, it may start over again.

Gary North [send him mail ] is the author of Mises on Money . Visit . He is also the author of a free 20-volume series, An Economic Commentary on the Bible .



The bankers should be facing charges of FRAUD and so should the politions that aided and abetted this criminal looting of the people!

They should be stripped of THIER assets that they got thru CRIIMINAL ACTIVITIES!!!

Finacial spokespersons give thier opinion on the finacial recovery

Financial spokesperson No.1

“ROOLS , ROOLS!!!!! We don’t need no stinkin ROOLS!!” 

Financial spokesperson No.2

“OK everybody , just give us the money and no-one will get hurt!!!”

A last note . Bankers are the best suited for unemployment.WHY?

Well they are non-productive members of society , so society does not loose anything when they are unemployed.

They have thier own house and assets so do not need state subsidy.


Scottish pride ,guts and honesty v US shame,cowardice and deciet

October 6, 2009

U.S. ‘Deeply Regrets’ Release of Pan Am Lockerbie Bomber

Despite pleas from the U.S., the Scottish government released from prison Thursday Abdel Baset Mohamed al-Megrahi, the Libyan convicted in the Pan Am Lockerbie bombing. The Libyan government sent a plane to fly home the only man found guilty in the 1988 bombing.


This man was released BECAUSE HE WAS INNOCENT!!

He was going to get an appeal , just like an other prisoner has the right too. The appeal would of RELEASED HIM ANYWAY!!!


Well the CIA PLANTED the evidence that convicted him and we have signed affidavits that the Scottish police gave false statements. CASE DISMISSED !!! Prisoner released and total embarassment all round for the US and UK and a lot of questions need answered.

The Scottish Government has in fact saved the day for the US and the UK Government and police and security services, and look at the comments from the Dumb F*cking Yanks!! DISGUSTING


Well it looks more and more like the CIA , they brought the evidence with them. It also seems to connect to CIA drug dealing.

Lockerbie evidence ‘planted by CIA’
Crucial evidence against two Libyans for the Lockerbie bombing was planted by the CIA, it was claimed in the Commons yesterday.

A fragment of circuit board alleged to have been part of the bomb’s timing mechanism is the sole item of physical evidence linking the two Libyans to the December 1988 bombing. But Tam Dalyell, Labour MP for Linlithgow, declared: “I have come to suspect that the timing device in question was not that of Pan Am 103 but a different timing device that the CIA had picked up from the Libyans … I have been driven to the conclusion that the device was a CIA plant.”

Mr Dalyell, a long-standing critic of US and British government insistence that Libya was behind the attack, said an analysis of the fragment had shown it had been exposed to a temperature of 4,000deg C. But a Swiss police specialist had cast doubt on this, saying the explosion would have lasted only a fraction of a second in outside air temperatures of about minus 40C.

Accusing the Crown Office, the Scottish prosecuting authority, of failing to follow up the right leads, Mr Dalyell said – to strident denials from Lord James Douglas-Hamilton, the Scottish Office minister – that it had allowed itself for six years “to be suborned by political pressure into failing to carry out its duty”.

He said this was a “wicked” dereliction of duty that brought shame on Britain.

According to a BBC report (BBC News Lockerbie: Conspiracy theories):

A Pan Am investigation is believed to have concluded that the Lockerbie bomb was targeted specifically to kill a small band of US Defence Intelligence Agency operatives (including Major Charles McKee) who had uncovered a drugs ring run by a CIA unit in Lebanon.

The drugs-ring is said to have been set up by Israeli Mossad agents.

Reportedly, the drugs ring involved ‘CIA-asset’ Monzer al-Kassar, a Syrian with links to the brother of Syria’s President Assad.

Reportedly Monzer al-Kassar was involved with Lt-Colonel Oliver North, of Iran-Contra fame.

According to the site ISGP.:

“The CIA and its allies allowed the Contras to ship huge amounts of cocaine into the United States and sell it to mafia families in New York, Los Angeles, Texas, Miami, and a number of other places.

“The proceeds of these sales allowed the Contras to buy (third-rate) arms and other supplies from the United States…

“The Israelis played a major role in the whole Iran-Contra affair.

“They were used as an intermediary to sell the arms to Iran.

“They also supported the United States in training the Contras, and apparently also in shipping the drugs and assassinating those who tried to expose these schemes…”

In his book, Lockerbie: The Tragedy of Flight 103, Scottish radio reporter David Johnston described how CIA agents helicoptered into Lockerbie shortly after the crash. They were looking for McKee’s suitcase.

“Having found part of their quarry,” Johnston wrote, “the CIA had no intention of following the exacting rules of evidence employed by the Scottish police. They took the suitcase and its contents into the chopper and flew with it to an unknown destination.”

Several days later the empty suitcase was returned to the same spot, where Johnston reported that it was “found” by two British Transport Police officers, “who in their ignorance were quite happy to sign statements about the case’s discovery.”

M. Gene Wheaton, a retired U.S. military-intelligence officer, said: “A couple of my old black ops buddies in the Pentagon believe the Pan Am bombers were gunning for McKee’s … team.”

Victor Marchetti, former executive assistant to the CIA’s deputy director, and co-author of The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence, said of the plot against PanAm 103: “The Mossad knew about it and didn’t give proper warning.”

Pan Am 103 Why Did They Die? – TIME

Key Lockerbie Witness Admits Perjury
by Prof. Ludwig De Braeckeleer
The Lockerbie Affair has taken yet another extraordinary twist. On Friday August 31st, I received from Edwin Bollier, head of the Zurich-based MeBo AG, a copy of a German original of an Affidavit.

The document is dated July 18th 2007 and signed by Ulrich Lumpert who worked as an electronic engineer at MeBo from 1978 to 1994. I have scrutinized the document carefully and concluded that I have no reason to doubt its authenticity or the truthfulness of its content.

Lumpert was a key witness (N° 550) at the Camp Zeist trial, where a three Judges panel convicted a Libyan citizen of murdering 270 persons who died in the bombing of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie.

In his testimony, Lumpert stated that: “of the 3 pieces of hand-made prototypes MST-13 Timer PC-Boards, the third MST-13 PC-Board was broken and [he] had thrown it away.”

In his Affidavit, certified by Officer Walter Wieland, Lumpert admits having committed perjury.

“I confirm today on July 18th 2007, that I stole the third hand-manufactured MST-13 Timer PC-Board consisting of 8 layers of fibre-glass from MEBO Ltd. and gave it without permission on June 22nd 1989 to a person officially investigating in the Lockerbie case,” Lumpert wrote. (The identity of the official is known.)

“It did not escape me that the MST-13 fragment shown [at the Lockerbie trial] on the police photograph No PT/35(b) came from the non-operational MST-13 prototype PC-board that I had stolen,” Lumpert added.

“I am sorry for the consequences of my silence at that time, for the innocent Libyan Mr. Abdelbaset Al Megrahi sentenced to life imprisonment, and for the country of Libya.”

In just seven paragraphs, the Lumpert affidavit elucidates the longstanding mysteries surrounding the infamous MST-13 timer, which allegedly triggered the bomb that exploded Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie on December 21st 1988.


As a Scot with connections to Lockerbie I WANT THESE DRUG DEALING MURDERS BROUGHT TO JUSTICE!!!

That means the




To the “DFYs” (Dumb F*ckin Yanks)that are throwing shit at Scotland and its Government and calling for a boycott!  (Ireland has nothing to do with this , but hey that’s an American education for you, as they say “war is the US  governments way of teaching geography” )

FINE I have been boycotting the US for a long time (also Israel and France) and will continue to do so until you stop supportting terrorists and committing war crimes and crimes against humanity



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Philippines Another US Fake War in the making

October 5, 2009
US storms troops into the Philippines
By Al Labita

MANILA – The arrival of about 3,000 US Marines in the Philippines next week for training and humanitarian missions in the wake of recent floods has some Filipino officials wary that the soldiers could be diverted to war-torn Sulu island, where Islamic extremists recently killed two US soldiers. The scheduled deployment represents five times the number of US troops currently stationed in the Philippines.

The US deaths have sparked fears that Washington aims to ramp up its presence and retaliate against suspected Abu Sayyaf rebels, whom the US and European Union have identified as an international terrorist organization with links to al-Qaeda. Those concerns have renewed calls among legislators to either scrap or renegotiate the terms of the Philippines-US Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA).

The Filipinos have good cause to be concerned.



Fortunately the US/UK “man in Manila” managed to blow his own legs off in his hotel room, but not after arming and training a terrorist army and launching a terrorist bombing campaign.

Michael Terrence Meiring is a Manila-controlled CIA-connected White House-protected explosives expert who spent the last ten years in the southern Philippines hanging out with Filipino intelligence and police brass, Muslim rebels and other `shady people’.

He equipped many of his acquaintances throughout Mindanao with explosives,spent large sums of mystery cash and traded in US Federal Reserve notes with the Abu Sayyaf Group – terrorists who regularly use the notes to buy weapons….a gang that provided the excuse for the new US-Philippine military alliance.

Meiring is an American with a base in England and explosive expert colleagues in England who were contracted to assist him with his `ordnance’endeavors at the time he blew his legs off while making a bomb in his hotelroom during the region-wide terror bombing spree that traumatized Mindanao five months ago.

The Meiring episode is the best substantiated of several wild reports this year that have Filipinos convinced there’s a “stealth invasion” of their country underway. Consistent themes include the involvement of Meiring’s favorite Muslim rebel armies — the MNLF, MILF and Abu Sayyaf – and the invasion of Sabah, Malaysia.

On February 21, Rosanna Halong, wife of notorious Abu Sayyaf leader Abu Sabaya, phoned Radyo Agong dxMD in Koronodel City and announced that her husband was in on a CIA plot to break Sabah away from Malaysia and fuse it with Mindanao to form an independent country – a plot long popular with CIA-linked treasure hunters like Gould and North.


Bangsamoro News Agency February 17, 2002

A new emerging powerful revolutionary group in Mindanao yesterday revealed that the Bangsamoro people of Mindanao have now decided to include in their objective the liberation of North Borneo, which they claim as part of their traditional homeland…

The leaders of the group, who refused to be identified for the meantime so as not to preempt their formal declaration of liberation of Mindanao and North Borneo in due time, told the Bangsamoro News Agency that their organization was organized in November last year, has now more than 50,000 strong armed forces in Mindanao and another 50,000 in North Borneo with highly sophisticated firepowers, including anti-tank, anti-aircraft surface-to-air missile (SAM). Their forces, they said, is fast growing in number.

The group claimed they are receiving financial and logistic support from super-power countries, which they refused to identify. But apparently one of these countries is the United States of America (USA).

The group is also highly confident that the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF)* of Chairman Nur Misuari and Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF)* of Chairman Salamat Hashim and other armed groups in Mindanao fighting against the Philippine government, as well as the people of Sabah and North Borneo….will support their aspiration.

The group proposed the formation of the “United States of Mindanao and North Borneo”.

Weeks before Michael Meiring blew his legs off while preparing to blow up the Evergreen Hotel, IFPA leader Roger Adamat was identified as the man behind the bomb scares in Manila and Cotabato intended to dramatize the group’s bid for a federal state.

The IFPA circulated cell-phone text messages throughout General Santos City that 18 bombs were primed. At 3:15 pm on April 21, a powerful explosion outside the FitMart shopping mall killed 15 people, including four children, tricycle cab drivers, street vendors and a passerby.

And Ms. Arroyo demanded and got her tough anti-terror bill.

Michael Meiring’s controversial NSA-sponsored “flight” three weeks later and his new status as a wanted terrorist is of great interest in the wake of the recent mystery bombing that just cost a Green Beret his life, and which has been attributed to the Abu Sayyaf.This bombing comes as Ms. Arroyo prepares to sign a Mutual Logistics and Support Agreement with the Bush Administration that will give the Pentagon wide-open access to the Philippines.

Securing such access was a major objective before September 11, 2001.


The future of the American-Filipino `anti-terror’ alliance became clear last month when Arroyo took up the issue of granting landing rights to Taiwanese military pilots.

That move is a US orchestration to formalize a Washington-Manila-Taipei triad in the South China Sea and coincides with the offensive return of the

USNS Bowditch.

The US has been heading towards China via the Philippines ever since Mr.Bush took office. Months before September 11, The Role of Southeast Asia in US Strategy toward China, a Rand Corporation study, advised Donald Rumsfeld that he must re-base American forces in the Philippines in order to retain US

military dominance in Asia. A Rand board member since 1977, Rumsfeld joins Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz as leaders of a militaristic “Blue Team” that sees China as a “competitor” which must be “contained” and kept “afraid” as part of the “hedging strategy” recommended in the Rand study. Wolfowitz, an old Indonesia hand, has been particularly outspoken in regards to the Fujian missile bases.

The Rand study helped give birth to the new National Security Strategy of the United States, which justifies pre-emptive strikes to enforce American global economic supremacy and specifically cites the PRC as a top-of-mind target.


Meiring’s British connections and the Bangsamoro claim to multiple superpower sponsors for the rebel army in Mindanao and Sabah raise a very interesting question.Philippine Defense Secretary Angelo Reyes has been briefed in London repeatedly and Prince Andrew was recently in Manila promoting stronger naval ties and weaponsales to assist Arroyo with her “maritime challenges”. The Arroyo government has already authorized anti-terror partnerships between her national police forces and Scotland Yard, the Special Boat Service (SBS)and other British commando.

The first President Bush saluted America’s first covert Filipino-Muslim freedom fighters, and his son’s inner circle has its own reasons to resurrect the secret Muslim army trick. As soon as Arroyo signs the Pentagon’s proposed mutual support agreement, any unrest in Sabah,Zamboanga City or Mindanao means the US must intervene.

Last month, after a series of disturbances in Sabah work camps, Malaysia expelled an estimated 30,000 undocumented Filipino laborers from the troubled state in North Borneo that so many CIA plots seem to target…a state where the Bangsamoro army claimed in February to have 50,000 insurgents armed and funded by the USA and other super-powers.

To protest the expulsion, Arroyo immediately moved to renew the Philippine claim to Sabah. The President has ordered her chief Army officer to prepare for all emergencies and to develop the `new rules of engagement’ `we need’


Posted: 5:09 PM (Manila Time) | May 16, 2002

Agence France-Presse

(archived at

DAVAO – A British man and four Filipinos were seriously injured in two separate explosions in the southern Philippines on Thursday, police said. Michael Meiring, said to be in his mid-60s, was believed to have lost both legs and was rushed to hospital after the blast in his room at the Evergreen Hotel in Davao City, city police chief Samuel Yordan said.

Wednesday, May 29, 2002


By Dorian Zumel-Sicat, Correspondent

Almost immediately after the blast, security tightened around Meiring.Hawthorn told The Times: “I was told by a Filipino in Davao, carrying a message from the US Embassy that Michael would never be charged with a crime in connection with the explosion. The investigation will end up at a stone wall. Michael will be protected and eventually taken back to the safety of the United States. The incident will be shortly forgotten, if you’re willing to forget it.”

Officials in Davao City will not forget. The suspicious blast took place during a wave of terror bombings across Mindanao as US and Philippine troops conducted anti-terror exercises. President Arroyo threatened to declare a state of emergency and demanded that lawmakers rush through her tough new anti-terror bill. Rush it through they did.

Now Prosecutor Bendico says the US-shielded `terrorist’ was trying to blow

the hotel up.

The Philippine Star explained why his findings are worrisome:


Edith Regalado July 9, 2002

(archived at

Among the most startling developments in the Meiring case was Immigration Deputy Commissioner Daniel Queto’s admission last week, that no less than agents of the US National Security Council had brought Meiring from Davao to Manila.

(“Meiring lost his left leg and suffered severe burns in various parts of his body when an explosive went off inside his room at the Evergreen Hotel here May 16. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents from the US Embassy in Manila reportedly sneaked him out of a Davao City hospital four days after the explosion and was brought to the Makati Medical Center for treatment.

“Local officials here, including the police and the city prosecutors, have demanded that Meiring be brought back to Davao City to answer the charges of illegal possession of explosives as well as the possible filing of the non-bailable offense of destructive arson.”Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte was particularly irked by the way the American embassy facilitated Meiring’s transfer to the Makati Medical Center which he described as arrogant and without due respect to local officials concerned. ‘Meiring is now in California and the CIA has taken hold of him already,’ the same source said.”)

Meiring to this day is a free man in the US and has been charged with nothing. He has not been returned to Philipines justice.



Tony Blair ,War Criminal and front runner for EU President ,a man that No-one wants

October 5, 2009

Tony Blair, the EU president no one really wants

The reluctant vote in favour of further European integration by the Irish this weekend may usher Tony Blair into a new role as titular head of the European Union — despite most of Europe being reluctant to have him.

The former prime minister is the leading candidate to become the European Union president for a want of alternatives rather than any enthusiasm.

With the Irish having finally ratified the Lisbon treaty, all that remains is for the Czech and Polish presidents to sign it and authorise the creation of two new key posts in the EU hierarchy: the president of the European council of heads of state, popularly known as the EU president, and that of high representative for common foreign and security policy, in effect a foreign minister.

The Swedish prime minister, who holds the rotating presidency of the EU, indicated last week that he wanted the president and foreign minister to be appointed by the end of this month.


The Irish had already voted and said NO!!!

So this is EU demoracy , if you vote the way THEY do not want you too, THEY will either make you vote again OR just not give you the vote , like the UK government.

So we are going to get Tony Blair as EU President!!! WE THE PEOPLE do not even want him as UK president!!!(prime minister)

If this is what the EU has become , well I want OUT!!!! When do we get to have this VOTE? and if we vote to stay IN , well I will just make a quick re-write ,take out the offending “soundbyte” and make you vote on it again!

What is good for the goose is also good for the gander as they say!


The fact that he was made a Middle East Envoy , is just an INSULT to all those of Middle Eastern descent and would be histerically funny if it was not such a tragedy.

This man LIED to his people and started a WAR! Please check out “Downingstreet memo + Tony Blair”

He is certainly NOT FIT TO HOLD ANY OFFICE!!!!! Until at least this issue has been investigated!

But we the people will not be allowed to VOTE for our President either , he will be appointed by a bunch of politions so corrupt they have to screw thier socks on.



Shut down the EU NOW , only keep free trade and movement agreements running. The Human Rights court will then be running in a place where Human Rights are respected!!!

Tony Blair -Liar , War criminal and traitor and its seems soon to be the UNELECTED head of Europe , dosen’t it make you proud to be European!

US Government Terrorists Still In Power . Iran -Contra to 911

October 5, 2009

“There exists a shadowy Government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, nd the ability to pursue its own ideas of national interest, free from all checks and balances, and freefrom the law itself.”– Senator Daniel K. Inouye – Iran Contra Hearings

Coverup: Behind the Iran Contra Affair (1988)
Coverup exposes a tale of politics, drugs, hostages, weapons, assassinations, covert operations and the ultimate plan to suspend the US Constitution.

Accusations are levied that a “shadow government” regularly carries out covert activities at home and abroad, and the CIA is implicated in dealing in huge shipments of cocaine and with the profits supplying weapons to the right-wing activities of the Nicaraguan Contras. Also examined are the actions of Oliver North, who willfully ignored the Constitution in masterminding covert weapons deals with Middle-Eastern governments to additionally fund the Nicaraguan Contras. This documentary raised more questions than answers in a post-Watergate political climate where the public had become desensitized to scandal.

Illuminated are the delays by the Reagan-Bush ticket in releasing the American hostages until after the election — after outgoing President Jimmy Carter worked tirelessly to free them.

This is the only film which presents a comprehensive overview of the most important stories suppressed during the Iran Contra hearings.


A September 21 story by the Israeli Herzliyya International Policy Institute for Counter terrorism, entitled “Black Tuesday: The World’s Largest Insider Trading Scam?” documented the following trades connected to the September 11 attacks:

– Between September 6 and 7, the Chicago Board Options Exchange saw purchases of 4,744 put options on United Airlines, but only 396 call options. Assuming that 4,000 of the options were bought by people with advance knowledge of the imminent attacks, these “insiders” would have profited by almost $5 million.

– On September 10, 4,516 put options on American Airlines were bought on the Chicago exchange, compared to only 748 calls. Again, there was no news at that point to justify this imbalance; Again, assuming that 4,000 of these options trades represent “insiders”, they would represent a gain of about $4 million.

– [The levels of put options purchased above were more than six times higher than normal.]

– No similar trading in other airlines occurred on the Chicago exchange in the days immediately preceding Black Tuesday.

– Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co., which occupied 22 floors of the World Trade Center, saw 2,157 of its October $45 put options bought in the three trading days before Black Tuesday; this compares to an average of 27 contracts per day before September 6. Morgan Stanley’s share price fell from $48.90 to $42.50 in the aftermath of the attacks. Assuming that 2,000 of these options contracts were bought based upon knowledge of the approaching attacks, their purchasers could have profited by at least $1.2 million.

– Merrill Lynch & Co., which occupied 22 floors of the World Trade Center, saw 12,215 October $45 put options bought in the four trading days before the attacks; the previous average volume in those shares had been 252 contracts per day [a 1200% increase!]. When trading resumed, Merrill’s shares fell from $46.88 to $41.50; assuming that 11,000 option contracts were bought by “insiders”, their profit would have been about $5.5 million.

– European regulators are examining trades in Germany’s Munich Re, Switzerland’s Swiss Re, and AXA of France, all major reinsurers with exposure to the Black Tuesday disaster. [FTW Note: AXA also owns more than 25% of American Airlines stock making the attacks a “double whammy” for them.]

On September 29, 2001 – in a vital story that has gone unnoticed by the major media – the San Francisco Chronicle reported, “Investors have yet to collect more than $2.5 million in profits they made trading options in the stock of United Airlines before the Sept. 11, terrorist attacks, according to a source familiar with the trades and market data”.

“The uncollected money raises suspicions that the investors – whose identities and nationalities have not been made public – had advance knowledge of the strikes”. They don’t dare show up now. The suspension of trading for four days after the attacks made it impossible to cash-out quickly and claim the prize before investigators started looking.

“October series options for UAL Corp. were purchased in highly unusual volumes three trading days before the terrorist attacks for a total outlay of $2,070; investors bought the option contracts, each representing 100 shares, for 90 cents each. [This represents 230,000 shares]. Those options are now selling at more than $12 each. There are still 2,313 so-called “put” options outstanding [valued at $2.77 million and representing 231,300 shares] according to the Options Clearinghouse Corp”.

“The source familiar with the United trades identified Deutsche Bank Alex. Brown, the American investment banking arm of German giant Deutsche Bank, as the investment bank used to purchase at least some of these options” This was the operation managed by Krongard until as recently as 1998.

As reported in other news stories, Deutsche Bank was also the hub of insider trading activity connected to Munich Re. just before the attacks.


Understanding the interrelationships between CIA and the banking and brokerage world is critical to grasping the already frightening implications of the above revelations. Let’s look at the history of CIA, Wall Street and the big banks by looking at some of the key players in CIA’s history.

Clark Clifford – The National Security Act of 1947 was written by Clark Clifford, a Democratic Party powerhouse, former Secretary of Defense, and one-time advisor to President Harry Truman. In the 1980s, as Chairman of First American Bancshares, Clifford was instrumental in getting the corrupt CIA drug bank BCCI a license to operate on American shores. His profession: Wall Street lawyer and banker.

John Foster and Allen Dulles – These two brothers “designed” the CIA for Clifford. Both were active in intelligence operations during WW II. Allen Dulles was the U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland where he met frequently with Nazi leaders and looked after U.S. investments in Germany. John Foster went on to become Secretary of State under Dwight Eisenhower and Allen went on to serve as CIA Director under Eisenhower and was later fired by JFK. Their professions: partners in the most powerful – to this day – Wall Street law firm of Sullivan, Cromwell.

Bill Casey – Ronald Reagan’s CIA Director and OSS veteran who served as chief wrangler during the Iran-Contra years was, under President Richard Nixon, Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission. His profession: Wall Street lawyer and stockbroker.

David Doherty – The current Vice President of the New York Stock Exchange for enforcement is the retired General Counsel of the Central Intelligence Agency.

George Herbert Walker Bush – President from 1989 to January 1993, also served as CIA Director for 13 months from 1976-7. He is now a paid consultant to the Carlyle Group, the 11th largest defense contractor in the nation, which also shares joint investments with the bin Laden family.

A.B. “Buzzy” Krongard – The current Executive Director of the Central Intelligence Agency is the former Chairman of the investment bank A.B. Brown and former Vice Chairman of Banker’s Trust.

John Deutch – This retired CIA Director from the Clinton Administration currently sits on the board at Citigroup, the nation’s second largest bank, which has been repeatedly and overtly involved in the documented laundering of drug money. This includes Citigroup’s 2001 purchase of a Mexican bank known to launder drug money, Banamex.

Nora Slatkin – This retired CIA Executive Director also sits on Citibank’s board.

Maurice “Hank” Greenburg – The CEO of AIG insurance, manager of the third largest capital investment pool in the world, was floated as a possible CIA Director in 1995. FTW exposed Greenberg’s and AIG’s long connection to CIA drug trafficking and covert operations in a two-part series that was interrupted just prior to the attacks of September 11. AIG’s stock has bounced back remarkably well since the attacks. To read that story, please go to

One wonders how much damning evidence is necessary to respond to what is now irrefutable proof that CIA knew about the attacks and did not stop them. Whatever our government is doing, whatever the CIA is doing, it is clearly NOT in the interests of the American people, especially those who died on September 11.


the Pentagon had
recently been reinforced. Why was the plane aimed at the reinforced section, which still had
few occupants due to the recent renovation? Why did it not hit the relatively weak roof? Would
al Qaeda have wanted to minimize casualties? There were auditors in the damaged section who
were investigating the loss of trillions of military dollars. Most of the auditors were killed,
which has led to considerable speculation regarding motive. Who would wish to kill auditors?15
An office of the Army that had just re-occupied the Pentagon’s recently renovated Wedge One, named Resource Services Washington, lost 34 of its 45 employees. Most were civilian accountants, bookkeepers and budget analysts. 3   Defense Secretary Rumsfeld had announced on the eve of the attack that more than $2 trillion was missing from the Pentagon
Missing Trillions
Rumsfeld Buries Admission of Missing 2+ Trillion Dollars in 9/10/01 Press Conference
On September 10, 2001, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld held a press conference to disclose that over $2,000,000,000,000 in Pentagon funds could not be accounted for. Rumsfeld stated: “According to some estimates we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions.” According to a report by the Inspector General, the Pentagon cannot account for 25 percent of what it spends.

The Comptroller of the Pentagon at the time of the attack was Dov Zakheim, who was appointed in May of 2001. Before becoming the Pentagon’s money-manager, he was an executive at System Planning Corporation, a defense contractor specializing in electronic warfare technologies including remote-controlled aircraft systems. 3   4   Zakheim is a member of the Project for a New American Century and participated in the creation of its 2000 position paper Rebuilding America’s Defenses which called for “a New Pearl Harbor.”


John “Death Squads” Negroponte who never did a minute of time for his involvement in Iran Contra money laundering, drug running and war crimes:

From 1981 to 1985, Negroponte was the U.S. ambassador to Honduras. During this time, military aid to Honduras grew from $4 million to $77.4 million a year, and the US began to maintain a significant military presence there, with the goal of providing a bulwark against the revolutionary Sandinista government of Nicaragua, a Leftist party which had driven out the Somoza dictatorship but subsequently maintained a pluralist society and won overwhelming majorities in free and fair elections by international observers.

The previous U.S. ambassador to Honduras, Jack Binns (who was appointed by President Jimmy Carter) made numerous complaints about human rights abuses by the Honduran military under the government of Policarpo Paz García. Following the inauguration of Ronald Reagan, Binns was replaced by Negroponte, who has denied having knowledge of any wrongdoing by Honduran military forces.

In 1995, The Baltimore Sun published an extensive investigation of U.S. activities in Honduras. Speaking of Negroponte and other senior U.S. officials, an ex-Honduran congressman, Efraín Díaz, was quoted as saying:

Their attitude was one of tolerance and silence. They needed Honduras to loan its territory more than they were concerned about innocent people being killed.

Substantial evidence subsequently emerged to support the contention that Negroponte was aware that serious violations of human rights were carried out by the Honduran government, but despite this did not recommend ending U.S. military aid to the country. Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut, on September 14, 2001, as reported in the Congressional Record, aired his suspicions on the occasion of Negroponte’s nomination to the position of UN ambassador:

Based upon the Committee’s review of State Department and CIA documents, it would seem that Ambassador Negroponte knew far more about government perpetrated human rights abuses than he chose to share with the committee in 1989 or in Embassy contributions at the time to annual State Department Human Rights reports.<4>

Among other evidence, Dodd cited a cable sent by Negroponte, in 1985, that made it clear that Negroponte was aware of the threat of “future human rights abuses” by “secret operating cells” left over by General Gustavo Álvarez Martinez, the chief of the Honduran armed forces, after he was forcibly removed from his post by fellow military commanders in 1984.


Marine Corps Commandant Smedley Butler

I spent 33 years (in the Marines)…most of my time being a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism…

I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City (Bank) boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the rape of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street…

In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. I had a swell racket. I was rewarded with honors, medals, promotions. I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was operate in three city districts. The Marines operated on three continents


The same Bush family that was involved with the attempted Facsist take over of America in 1933. Coincidently at the same time as the 1933 take over of Germany ,the burning of the Reichstag and the following Enabling Act (the German 911 and Patriot Act).
The Reichstag fire was an arson attack on the Reichstag building in Berlin on 27 February 1933. The event is seen as pivotal in the establishment of Nazi Germany.
“As the evidence piled up, there was little doubt that the Nazis themselves had set the fire…
The burning of the Reichstag six days before the election, depicted by the Nazis as the beginning of a communist revolution, resulted in the Reichstag Fire Decree, which (among other things) suspended civil liberties and habeas corpus rights.
Any of this sound familiar?
20 years of unregulated Fractional Reserve banking practices ,.. basically creating money out of thin air by creating debt, which they call money, and charging for services and interest. Artificially raising prices as more people can bid for the items.
Basically deregulating the financial services which led too`the Federal Reserve System’s expansionary monetary policy in the 1920s, arguing that the policy allowed misallocations of capital resources and supported a massive stock price bubble`
20 years later in 1933 the stock market had crashed ,the Great Depression was in full swing and America was BANKRUPT!
The Business Plot (also the Plot Against FDR and the White House Putsch) was an alleged political conspiracy in 1933 wherein wealthy businessmen and corporations plotted a coup d’état to overthrow United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Backed by Wall Street financiers including J.P. Morgan & Co., the Du Pont interests, Remington Arms ,”A BBC documentary claims Prescott Bush, father and grandfather to the 41st and 43rd US Presidents respectively, was also connected.”
The Congressional committee report confirmed Butler’s testimony (emphasis added):
In the last few weeks of the committee’s official life it received evidence showing that certain persons had made an attempt to establish a fascist government in this country…There is no question that these attempts were discussed, were planned, and might have been placed in execution when and if the financial backers deemed it expedient.
Why do we know SO LITTLE about this???
In 1934, newspapers were controlled by an élite — according to then-Interior Secretary Harold L. Ickes, 82 per cent of daily newspapers monopolised their communities; the media down-played Gen. Butler’s testimony to protect the interests of advertisers and their owners.
When you consider Prescott Bush
In 1924, Bush became vice-president of A. Harriman & Co. His father-in-law, George Herbert Walker also worked with the company, as did E. Roland Harriman and Knight Woolley, Bush’s Yale classmates and fellow Bonesmen
IN 1940’s
Bush,as well as Harriman, was a member of the Board of Directors of Union Banking Corp, whose assets were seized under the Trading with the Enemy Act due to ownership by “enemy nationals”.i.e. NAZI’s

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Governments by thier very nature are against freedom and liberty and security!


A population that is free and secure does not need a government! and Freedom takes guts and being able to face the REAL dangers that roam this world both foriegn AND DOMESTIC. Governement endlessly scare us with paper tigers and imaginery hobgoblins. The real tigers and hobgoblins stealing your children and wealth ARE THE GOVERNMENT!!!