How much does government cost? and is it worth it? NO!

Scottish civil servants million-pound pension funds revealed More than £500 million of taxpayers’ money is being spent every year on pensions for Scottish ministers and civil servants, with some enjoying million-pound retirement pots.


 The government is hipocracy personified. They claim they cannot pay nurses and teachers more because they are in the public sector and should be doing the work for the community and not at market rates.

 As far as I know the government get paid from the same pot and I think we need good teachers and nurses before we need non-productive state personel i.e. polititions and civil servants. SO in my view these people should be paid LESS than a teacher or nurse.


 Government just attracts the corrupt and corrupts those that are attracted too it!

If these government people are so vital why don’t they go on strike and prove it!!

I want to see what happens when these guys do not show up for work. I certainlydo NOT notice when they are on holiday , which they take a lot of. I can tell when the schools are on holiday, kids will not be “educated” until the teachers return. The nurses COULD NEVER ALL go on holiday , masses of people would DIE!!! Would you be happy if the Firemen all went on holiday?

What happened when the politions go on holiday?…….. did YOU notice the difference?


Our nurses and teachers urgently need financial help and I as a taxpayer am happy to see my taxes going to health and eduction. What I AM NOT HAPPY is seeing my taxpayers money going to fund the very officials that have left our health and eductaion sytems in an underfunded situation.

 When we have a shining well financied health and eduction system ,THEN we can afford to pay our politions large saleries , maybe even as much as a nurse!

and here is an example of government shutting down AND NOBODY NOTICES!!!

Michegan government shuts down , but does anyone notice?

The state of Michigan officially is having a 22-hour workday today, and lawmakers there are pretty exhausted after spending all night trying to overcome their budget standoff.

Admittedly, the budget gap they had to fill was a whopping $2.8 billion — hardly anything compared to California but still gulp-worthy. But after months of negotiations, weeks of hand wringing and days chugging back burned coffee, the Legislature — which had been wrestling with deficits for the majority of the 21st century — simply couldn’t stop snarling at one another long enough to meet the Oct. 1 deadline.

That meant the state technically shut down at midnight. For about two hours, nonessential services were closed.

Big sticking point: education funding. The budget fight’s still not over.

And consider this: Michigan residents saw their government shut down for four hours in 2007. It’d be interesting to see how fast lawmakers would act, if they didn’t get paid until a budget was passed.

 — P.J. Huffstutter

Argentina’s economy collapsed  BECAUSE of the government. It reverted to a non-governmental, non-centralised ANARCHIC system and IT WORKED!!! It is still working today , but do not expect the MSM to report any of this!

They will just keep telling you that the sky will collaspe and the world will stop turning shopuld the government fall!!

COMPLETE BULLSHIT but its what we expect from the MainStream Media Presstitutes these days.

Argentina (2001–present)

After the non-violent collapse of the Argentinean government in 2001/2002, the social and economic organization of Argentina has undergone major changes, though how important these changes are remains to be seen. Worker occupations of factories and popular assemblies have both been seen functioning in Argentina, and both are the kind of action endorsed by anarchists: the first is a case of direct action and the latter a case of direct democracy. An alternate description by the CIA of present-day Argentinean politics is available here.[5] Approximately 200 “recovered” factories (fábricas recuperadas) are now self-managed and collectively owned by workers. In the large majority of them, pay is completely egalitarian; generally no professional managers are employed, or managers are collectively controlled in the other cases. These co-operatives have organised themselves into networks. Solidarity and support from external groups such as neighborhood assemblies and unemployed (piquetero) groups have often been important for the survival of these factories. Similar developments have taken place in Brazil and Uruguay.[6] In 2004, Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein (author of No Logo) released the documentary The Take, which is about these events.

Libertarian socialism is the future ,authoritarianism is the enemy ,and authoritarianism comes in leftwing and rightwing forms.


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