More Good Reasons For Scottish Independance

Unionism has given Scotland

1 a loss of business investment ,as bank rates are set according to the souths’ needs so encouraging business to move south.

2. Increased unemployment due to unfavourable business environment and the migration of businesses to the south

3 caused a population exodus,note there where less people in Scotland in 2006 than in 1961 and note the amount of ex-pat posters

5,116,900 (2006 est)

5,094,800 (2005 est)

5,078,400 (2004 est)

5,057,400 (2003 est)

5,054,800 (2002 est)

5,062,011 (2001 est)

5,083,000 (1991 est)

5,180,200 (1981 est)

5,234,000 (1971 est)

5,201,000 (1961 est)

Would the LAST Scot to leave the Union please switch the lights out….

1961 – 43,983,300

1971 – 45,870,100

1981 – 46,623,500

1991 – 48,067,300

2001 – 49,138,831 [4]

2005 – 50,431,700 [5]

2006 – 50,762,900

4 caused a Scottish “Brain drain”,note the amount of well educated ex-pat posters paying thier taxes to foreign countries

5 caused english people to look at Scots as “subsidy junkies” where the FACTS seem to point the other way

6 caused the Scots to blame the english for OUR problems ,instead of giving us the tools to deal with the problems ourselves.

7 a 25%-30%(at least) LOSS of living standards ,or a 30% Union Jack Tax.

Using the UK’s own assumptions for tax revenue and spending, but including Scotland’s share of North Sea Oil receipts, this answer revealed that between 1978-79 and 1994-95 Scotland had a cumulative surplus of £27.6 billion, or £34 billion in today’s prices. At the same time the UK had a deficit of more than £330bn.

All very OBVIOUS EFFECTS of the unwanted ,forced marrige of “the union” . It was not wanted then ,its not wanted now.

I could go on…..

If you want UNIONISM ,then be HONEST and admit that is the PRICE we must pay for it, I think its a complete rip off!

So what exactly is the benefit of the union?

Defence ? – well Scotland is stuck in 2 wars right now ,thanks to the union. So NO it makes us LESS SAFE and wastes billions in pounds and caused untold slaughter and misery and creates MORE TERRORISM not LESS you idiots.

Standard of Living ? – NO ,as I said we are 25% to 30% ,at least, WORSE OFF thanks to the union. So what’s that about higher/tartan taxes?!?! Welcome to a 30% Union Jack Tax straight off the top.

Trade ?- NO, as has been demonstrated business rates are set for the south of england even if it means unemployment in the north.It causes UNEMPLOYMENT and a DECREASE in trade!!

EVERY Business Analyst I work with,and I work with a lot, thinks Scotland would be financially BETTER OFF INDEPENDENT .

Despite what unionist troll AM2 and friends say,and i have always found his economic arguements either niave,blinkered or just plain decietful,but he is entitled to his view,btw this was the man who proudly endorsed the strength of the the British economy , which then promptly collapsed under the economic pressures I pointed out.

Also the Adam Smith Institute and his beloved Whitehall both disagree with him ,from both the left and the right.

View from the LEFT

“LABOUR ministers were warned in a secret Whitehall dossier 30 years ago of the powerful case for Scotland becoming independent with booming oil revenues, but the information was kept confidential by Harold Wilson’s government to keep nationalism at bay.

The dossier, most of which was written by a leading government economist in 1974 and 1975, sets out how Scotland would have had one of the strongest currencies in Europe, attracting international capital into its banks in the same way as Switzerland.

It argued Scotland could quickly become one of Europe’s strongest economies with “embarrassingly” large tax surpluses.”

View from the RIGHT

“Adam Smith Institute, Friday, April 27, 2007

The Scottish economy could enjoy record growth if Scotland became independent, leaving the average Scot many thousands of pounds better off each year. This is the finding of a research Briefing Paper published today by the Adam Smith Institute, the free market economic think tank.”

and finally do you think that Holland , Finland , Austria , Denmark, Luxemburg,Poland etc. would give up thier soverignty to Germany or Russia for economic reasons!?!? What about the Czech Republic ,Slovakia ,Slovenia , Croatia ,Bosnia , Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania ,etc . etc etc. have they all realised what a big stupid mistake they have made by becoming independent soverign countries,none of them pump oil btw. I think the best a unionist could do for a come back was talk about Bavaria in the 19th Century,which IN REALITY was a FORCED UNION AS WELL!!!(I do not think he wanted to mention the Unification of Germany and Austria in 1938 …I think that says alot about the mind set of unionists, HELLO guys its the 21st Century.

The Unionist arguement is pure hipocracy.

Surely if it is of great benefit to give up our soverignty to London ,to be the 5th biggest economy , then it would be even better to give our soverignty to Brussels and be the BIGGEST economy ,which the eurozone now is! I do NOT know many unionists foaming at the mouth to give up “British” soverignty to Brussels and the EU for its obvious economic benefits?!?!?!

AND more unionist arguement hipocracy…..

The UK LOST 34.8 BILLION POUNDS in 2006 , surely by unionist logic, the UK is a non viable independant state.Especially now with the credit crunch and Englands economic eggs ,all in one very unstable financial basket. So the UK must be disbanded and made to join the EU…….. or else its just some embarassing little umimportant economic basket case stuck on the fringes of Europe!

The unionist postion smacks of hipocrasy and empirialism ,being “give your soverignty to England but England will never give its soverignty to Europe” This is just mini empirialism .Its been tried and its B*ll*cks.

….Or is it some nostalgic romantic feelings for the days of old and the union jack???…. Well cry me a river, build me a bridge and GET OVER IT!!

A last comment. I am in NO way anti-English. I believe the “British” government has exploited the working people of England as well. The Scottish vs English antagonism just benefits the British unionists and is just stirred up for these very reasons. Divide and Rule is as old as empire.

Is there a problem between the English and Irish today? A hundred years ago in 1909 they where at each others throats! The situation in Scotland and England today is nowhere near this bad, and IN REALITY , very little will actually change after Indepandance. Business will continue as it does today between Scotland and many European countries ,new and old. Travel between Scotland and England would be exactly the same. The ONLY difference would be that the Scottish have control over Scottish resourses and policies, the very same would be true of England.

In fact England would face the very same problems Scotland would, as the UK the United Kingdoms of Scotland and England would NOT exist anymore.

If Scotland has to renegotiate EU entry then so would England. If Scotland has questions of economic viability so would England.

Can an English person please explain what the English economy would run on? Its NOT manufacturing , its not resourses like oil ,its not innovational technologies or agrocultural. Scotland excels in all of these and has a population of just over 5 million. Englands population is 55 million and runs on the financial services sector and selling Scottish oil for American dollars. Neither of these will last long either.

Out of the 3 “countries”, Independant Scotland , Independant England and United Kingdoms .My money is on an Independant Scotland surviving best in the future



For even more good reasons for Scottish Independance please read this blog…


8 Responses to More Good Reasons For Scottish Independance

  1. OutLander says:

    Greetings, Canine one,

    Great post.

    A lot of information there and worth bookmarking.

    And you’re right – this is in no way anti-English. Personally, I love shagging English birds.

  2. cuthulan says:

    Hi Outlander and thank you for the comment. I like your blog as well …..”SUKCUP” LMFAO….. keep up the good posts. Its only the MSM presstitutes that post pro unionist propaganda. ..and its only those that have not been shown the full facts that believe them.
    That is where we come in.
    I agree with you about English women, but have you tried German woman , for really efficient sex? …….I knew there was a good reason for joining the EU 😉

  3. Outlander says:

    Speaking of prostitution and German birds,

    Did you know that prostitution is the only thing in Germany where the ‘vendor’ is allowed to charge VAT. It’s true. Apparently, they are given special taxation powers because of…

    …wait for it…

    …Vear And Tear.

    OK. I’ll get my coat.

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