In praise of… Wikileaks ……and the Guardian

  • The Guardian, Thursday 22 October 2009
  • A brown paper envelope for the digital age, is now home to more than 1m documents that governments and big business would rather the public did not see. The site – similar to Wikipedia in style, but otherwise independent of it – serves as an uncensorable and untraceable depository for the truth, able to publish documents that the courts may prevent newspapers and broadcasters from being able to touch. This month it has come of age in Britain, hosting the Minton report on the activities of oil trader Trafigura, even while the firm was trying to use its solicitors to prevent the press from revealing its contents. It was Wikileaks, too, that this week published a membership list of the British National party, revealing how few activists it has. Earlier this year, Lord Oakeshott, using parliamentary privilege, pointed those curious about Barclays’ tax activities to Wikileaks to read the evidence. Useful in Britain, it is invaluable in less free societies, such as China, where the authorities play a cat-and-mouse game with Wikileaks’ Swedish webhosts to try to block access. So far Wikileaks has stayed ahead, with technology leaving the law lagging behind. The site exists in a sort of legal limbo, not private, but not yet fully accepted by courts as part of the public domain. It takes power away from the powerful and hands it to citizens, controversial but essential example of what the web does best: offering unrestricted dispersal of information so that people can judge for themselves.

    Wikileaks is another excellent example of Libertarianism working! Please feel FREE to check out what is happening in YOUR AREA that the government and big business and the MainStreamMedia Presstitutes DO NOT want YOU to KNOW!


    For more on this topic please see my Libertarian vs Authoritarian Today’s REAL Politic blog. Its time to take the power back!

    The Wiki phenomina has been a great benefit to all of humanity that can access it. It has been shown that the worst offenders for posting FALSE informations are the very authorities that claim its full of false information.

    According to the BBC, WikiScanner found that some editorial contributions to Wikipedia had originated from computers operated by the Diebold company, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the Vatican.

    It has been shown that Wikipedia contains LESS factual errors per catagory than the encyclopedia Britanica,even with the Vatican and other world authoritarians filling it with LIES!

    It is thanks to Wikileaks that the Trifigura gag order was by-passed and the public got to hear ,NOT just about the polution and corrupt business practices BUT also the effort put into covering these work practices up ,rather than CLEAN the practices up!

    You can be very sure that YOUR POLITION will be doing everything he/she can to find away to CLOSE DOWN this ESSENTIAL SITE that ensures our very liberty at a time of global government DECIET AND CONSPIRACY!!! Wait for the effort to cast doubt on the reliablity of such sourses etc..etc.. This is the typical response , attack the messenger when you cannot attack the message!

    For more on this topic please check these blogs.

    BUT I do have to give praise to the Guardian for running such an article in praise of an uncencored and uncontrolled  internet news site.



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