Start Wars? In a reality far far away…….

Where exactly did the NeoCon cabal get there plan to stage a coup in the American Republic?

I think I have it figured out!


Episode One- The Phantom Menace    -Osama Bin Laden and Al Quada are trained by NeoCon Emperor Bush and the Sith Lord Darth Cheney

Episode Two- Attack of the Twin Towers  – A cunning “false flag” plan to usurp the Republic and declare martial law is enacted. The Sandpeople are blamed.

Episode Three – The Revenge of the NeoCons  –  The public outcry fuels the rise to power of the new NeoCon cabal.The Republic falls to the sound of cheers and applause and the call for Sandpeople blood.

Episode Four  – The Clone Wars  –  Iraq and Afghanistan

Episode Five – A New Hope –  Change We Can Believe In. Barack “Skywalker” Obama takes on the NeoCon Death Star.

Episode Six – The NeoCon Empire Strikes Back –  Darth Cheney and NeoCon Stormtroopers defend torture and extreme rendition. Barack “Skywalker” Obama is tempted by the NeoCon darkside. “Barack I am your father” … the NeoCons escape.

Episode Seven – The Return of the Geneva Convention – The Hunt for the war criminals and the war crime trails begin.

Hopefully we are about to start Episode Seven in this bit of fun. The arrest warrants are already out there.

BUT we must be sure that we do NOT allow ourselves to be DISTRACTED and be dragged into more FALSE WARS in Iran , Somalia , Philipines and Yemen.

For more information please read the following posts.

Unfortunately with the Western economy in the bin and the dollar living on the goodwill of the Chinese Communist Party ,there is a very good chance that the government will start another war to distract us from the mess the government has got us into thanks to THIER GREED AND INCOMPITANCE and to jump start the economy! Unfortunately even this drastic action will NOT help. There is NO major manufacturing left in the US and the dollar is not worth the paper its printed on today. It is purely a product living on the goodwill of the Chinese Communist party.

Here are the figure from 2007/2008 REMEMBER THIS WAS JUST BEFORE THE FINANCIAL COLLAPSE!!!!! Things are a lot worse today.These are the Masters of Industry ,the brightest and the best ,at the helm of the Boom and Bust economy. If these people could not see the BUST coming they are totally incompitent and should be fired and SUED FOR DAMAGES DUE TO INCOMPITENCE! OR they where just a bunch of LIARS AND CON ARTISTS from the start…………..and they are still LYING and CONNING US TODAY!

This is a list of countries and territories by current account balance (CAB), based on the International Monetary Fund data for 2007, obtained from the latest World Economic Outlook database (October 2008).

Rank   Country   CAB USD, bn
People’s Republic of China 371.833
2  Germany 252.501
3  Japan 210.967
Saudi Arabia 95.762
Russia 76.163
6  Switzerland 70.797
7  Norway 59.983
8  Netherlands 52.522

178  Australia -56.342
179  United Kingdom -105.224
180  Spain -145.141
181  United States -731.214 [

But while we are fighting for our lives we will be too distracted to bring the guilty to trial!!!


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