The Greatest Hoax ever Abrahamic Monotheism ,….is it really just Satanism?

Let me say ,just because you believe in Abrahamic monotheism does not make you evil.BUT as an idea like any other, socialism or capitalism or space time reletivity,Abrahamic monotheism has been a disaster for humanity. It  justifys genocide biggotry and theft and stops free progressive thoughts and has replaced the idea of a future of limitless possibilities ,with an End Of Days self annilation philiosphy and has disconnected us from the planets natural cycles.

This Abrahamic monotheism is a DEATH CULT ,its symbols of the star (Judaism) and moon(Islam) are symbols of night ,not the day and the sun ,and the cross(Christian) represents a death and torture device ,a preversion of the Egyptian Ankh ,a symbol of life and the joining of male and female. Abrahamic monotheism raises the male above the female instead of the natural equality of the sexes . Abrahamic monotheism is just original fascism
In response Jewish ,Christian and Islamic have called me names and some have even threatened me,they question MY sourses BUT THIER SOURSES are unquestionable,its the “word of god” you know!? OR that’s what THEY believe, even though ALL 3 versions cannot be the word of god,unless this god has a mutliple personality disorder and this god believes the earth is flat , the sun revolves around the earth and the sky sits on 4 pillars.It would seem this god tells lies.He also seems to hire preverts to do his PR.
STILL NO ONE HAS CHALLENGED THE FACTS!!! They just called me names and sling mud
To these TRUE BELIEVERS …YOU have ME confused with someone that gives a DAMN!


Judaism was Egyptian SET worship from the Hyksos Pharoahs that where expelled from Egypt. They where converted to Zoroastrian monotheism by the Persian Emperor Cyrus the Great who became the Messiah and ordered the building of the temple.He was making a buffer state for his Persian Empire

Emperor Constantine invented a Unified Roman Religion to unite his Western and Eastern Roman empires.It was based on Persian ,Egptian monotheistic sun worship with Druidic and Greek philosophy .Its book was the New Testament ,its capital Constantinople.The Bi-ble (2 books or 2 bulls) and messianic Judaism is a later Byzantine invention

Islam is pagan Quraysh moon worship converted to messianic Judaism by “heretical” Abrahamic monotheists.

A special response to Mr R and Mr Al C ,Abrahamic monotheists ,Islam branch.
These people read my blogs and then bad mouth me on OTHER comment sections Two typical Abrahamic monotheists.
I take it you guys are not Sunni Muslims, judging by the amount of Shi’ite you talk!!!
Mr R says I must be a Zionist disinformation agent and a Son Of a Bitch!?!
Mr R is delusional,or suffering from a combination of limited intelect and infinite indoctrination, or an average Abrahamic Monotheist.They just ain’t that bright, Abrahamic monotheism does NOT encourage free thinking.
As a typical Abrahamic monotheist he “thinks” anyone who does not believe in Islam is a Zionist Jew or a Christian crusader!Talk about narrow minded and delusional!
Well Mr R could you explain some of my posts ,if I am zionist agent

I’m NOT a Christian Zionist either……..


Well apart from Christianity and Islam just being paganism preverted by messianic Judaism for purely material greed and power lust purposes , your belief in this Abrahamic god gives ISRAEL STRENGTH.Mr R YOU brought up the “Islamic issue” on a blog about the Nightmare of Zionism! I never posted a link to my Islamic posts ,YOU DID!!! Thus YOU turned a blog on Zionism into a debate on whether Mohammed was a bandit or not! I also noticed MY comments where being REMOVED!!!!ON MY SITE they will not be removed!

FYI Mr.R  If you where more PLO and secular/atheist , you would not even give the “gods real estate deal with the Jews” a second thought. YOU WOULD LAUGH AT THEM AND SAY “ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!!!YOU believe in primitive tribal barbaric old men in the sky that do real estate deals.NOT ME!

HAMAS was setup by Mossad to break the power of the secular PLO who where doing a very effective job of uniting and freeing Palestine at the time! Secular politics will nullify Israel’s right to exist! Religious politics will strengthen it!
YOU believe in Islam and that Mohammed was some benign prophet of an Abrahamic”Jewish”monotheist god.

Mr R and Mr Al C .. as typical Abrahamic monotheists ,expect EVERYONE to respect THEIR narrow minded primitive tribal beliefs BUT THEY are on blog sites everyday bad mouthing other peoples narrow minded tribal beliefs. YOU ARE HYPOCRITES!
ALSO the primitive barbaric tribal beliefs THEY bad mouth are IN FACT the SAME GOD and SAME STORIES THEY BELIEVE!!!!! It seems THEIR powers of comprehension are useless as well.
THEY give it out ,BUT THEY cannot take it! But THEY are NO different from the Christian and Judaic wings of Abrahamic monotheism.
Mr R suggests that if I continue in MY BELIEFS (and I believe Mohammed was a lot worse than JUST a bandit) and I believe that Islam(and ALL Abrahamic Monotheism)was an invention and has been a mental disease that afflicts humanity, that I will probably be MURDERED BY A MUSLIM FANATIC!!!
Zionist Jewish terrorists tried to murder my grandfather during the British Mandate of Palestine.
In general Judaism is the reason for mass murder,theft and suffering in the middle east.
I have a friend who still suffers from the effects of sexual abuse of “Christian” priests. These paedophiles where protected by this belief system and they still are today!
Christianity in general destroyed my native culture and committed genocide on the native European populations. They did the same everywhere they went.
MY youngest child’s friend is Levre Van Gogh, his father Theo Van Gogh , was murdered by ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALISTS for criticising Islam.
Van Gogh worked with writer Ayaan Hirsi Ali to produce the film Submission, which was critical of the treatment of women in Islam. On 2 November 2004 he was assassinated by Mohammed Bouyeri, a Dutch-Moroccan Muslim.
ISLAM brought the joys of SLAVERY AND CONQUEST to Europe for over a thousand years. They destroyed the Great library of Alexandria (so did the Christian Abrahamic monotheists) and vandalized the Great Pyramid of Giza. They are still blowing up Buddhas etc today!

Mr R and Mr Al C go on about Islam ending slavery?! THIS IS A COMPLETE LIE ,Islam spread slavery!! ISLAM HELPING WOMENS RIGHTS ,ANOTHER COMPLETE LIE!!! AND STOPPING INFACTCIDE , and the CRUSADES etc.etc ALL LIES ,ALL BOLLOCKS!!!!
HISTORICALLY The CELTIC people NEVER practiced slavery ,we where only the victims of it! For example Islamic African slave traders,Barbary pirates,they engaged in Razzias, raids on European coastal towns, to capture slaves to sell at slave markets in places such as Algeria and Morocco.
Pirates destroyed thousands of French, Spanish, Italian and British ships, and long stretches of coast in Spain and Italy were almost completely abandoned by their inhabitants, discouraging settlement until the 19th century. From the 16th to 19th century, pirates captured an estimated 800,000 to 1.25 million Europeans as slavesSlavery was a Jewish Islamic African trade, it still is. The American slave trade was a Jewish organised racket using African Islamic slave markets.

The Muslim powers of Iberia both raided for slaves and purchased slaves from European merchants, often the Jewish Radhanites, one of the few groups that could easily move between the Christian and Islamic worlds.Who Brought the Slaves to America?

OUR PAGAN CELTIC WOMEN have ALWAYS been equal members of Celtic society,Queens ,Prietesses and female warriors are common in Celtic culture.BUT NOT ISLAMIC OR ANY ABRAHAMIC CULTURES, where women are second class citizens,and I’m sure a Burka is very liberating! I dare YOU to get a free thinking Scottish woman to wear one! She’ll kick your bitchy little ass and all without gods help!!!
INFANTCIDE was not practiced in Celtic society, in fact there where LAWS banning the practice .CELTS used to look down ours noses at the Romans for this practice!
The CRUSADES ,CELTS never went on crusade! Its was the FRANKS! WHY? well the Franks had been fighting off ISLAMIC INVADERS IN EUROPE FOR CENTURIES!!! ISLAM INVADED EUROPE FIRST!!!! So don’t BLUB to ME about the crusades ISLAM STARTED THEM and payback’s a bitch!!!and BOTH sides worshipped the same Abrahamic monotheistic god and DID THESE DEEDS IN HIS NAME!

I SEE NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE ABRAHAMIC MONOTHEISTS you are all a bunch of intolerant bigotted murderers and liars.
What is the difference between YOU believing that its OK to murder non-believers that insult Mohammed, and the Zionist that thinks its OK to kill those that oppose HIS version of Abrahamic monotheism and gods real estate deal? OR the born again Christian that thinks they are doing god’s work in the middle east and those that die deserve it because they oppose THIER version of Abrahamic monotheism?
If you still believe in Solomon “the Santa Claus for Hebrews” that lived in his fortress of solitude somewhere in the Middle East.
OR that Joshua(aka Jesus) Christ was walking around the Levant raising the dead and walking on water.
OR that Mohammad was looting and beheading in the name of god ,whom he talked too regularly!!!!!

THIS DELUSIONAL MENTAL DISORDER is NOT restricted to the religious,but the secular version is less deadly.
What is the difference between YOU and the secular couch potato that thinks his US/UK government is in the middle east spreading freedom and democracy and those that disagree are conspiracy theorists?
OH YES I KNOW…THE SECULAR COUCH POTATO WILL NOT TRY AND KILL YOU FOR YOUR BELIEF!!!!!(probably because he cannot blame god for it,BECAUSE HE IS NOT DELUSIONAL,just lazy and ignorant)
How many free thinkers have been burnt at the stake by Abrahamic monotheists compared to how many Abrahamic monotheists been burnt by free thinkers
IMHO This is what ALL Abrahamic monotheists suffer from….A DELUSIONAL DISORDER …any of this sound familiar to you?

A person with delusional disorder may be high functioning in daily life and may not exhibit odd or bizarre behavior aside from these delusions. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) defines six subtypes of the disorder characterized as erotomanic, grandiose, jealous, persecutory, somatic, and mixed, i.e., having features of more than one subtypes.The following can indicate a delusion:
1.The patient expresses an idea or belief with unusual persistence or force. (Adrian James Honan)
2.That idea appears to exert an undue influence on his or her life, and the way of life is often altered to an inexplicable extent.
3.Despite his/her profound conviction, there is often a quality of secretiveness or suspicion when the patient is questioned about it.
4.The individual tends to be humorless and oversensitive, especially about the belief. (John Parsons)
5.There is a quality of centrality: no matter how unlikely it is that these strange things are happening to him, the patient accepts them relatively unquestioningly. (Matthew Ludgate)
6.An attempt to contradict the belief is likely to arouse an inappropriately strong emotional reaction, often with irritability and hostility. (Matthew Ludgate)(Adrian James Honan)
7.The belief is, at the least, unlikely, and out of keeping with the patient’s social or cultural background.
8.The patient is emotionally over-invested in the idea and it overwhelms other elements of his or her psyche.
9.The delusion, if acted out, often leads to behaviors which are abnormal and/or out of character, although perhaps understandable in the light of the delusional beliefs. (Matthew Ludgate)
10.Individuals who know the patient will observe that his or her belief and behavior are uncharacteristic and alien

I enjoy “Christmas” or the winter solstace as I call it.I do not believe in Santa Claus (or Jesus Christ ,who has NOTHING to do with christmas!!) I understand it, it is the Mid Winter solar festival,the days will get longer. Easter is the Spring Equinox and a time of natural fertility etc..PAGANISM MAKES SENSE!!It contects us with the natural world, It is the same with ALL indigenous native belief systems when you study them,instead of oppressing and burning them.
The stories of Abrahamic monotheists are just badly rewritten polytheistic pagan original stories.Abrahamic monotheisms holy days are badly rehashed pagan polytheistic festivals . Abrahamic monotheism itself is just badly rewritten polytheism. In polytheism there are a group of “gods” usually with a Head God or deity. This head god has other major and minor deities that do his bidding or attempt to prevert or challenge his bidding. In Abrahamic monotheism we have a Head God with a other major and minor deities that do his bidding or try to prevert or challenge his rule. Satan and his fallen angels ,angels , arch angels , cheribs ,saints etc etc etc….

The Golden Bough attempts to define the shared elements of religious belief, ranging from ancient belief systems to relatively modern religions such as Christianity. Its thesis is that old religions were fertility cults that revolved around the worship of, and periodic sacrifice of, a sacred king.
This king was the incarnation of a dying and reviving god, a solar deity who underwent a mystic marriage to a goddess of the Earth, who died at the harvest, and was reincarnated in the spring. Frazer claims that this legend is central to almost all of the world’s mythologies.
The book scandalized the British public upon its first publication, because it included the Christian story of Jesus in its comparative study, thus inviting an agnostic reading of the Lamb of God as a relic of a pagan religion.

Paganism used to give free thinking “spiritual” individuals archetypes to meditae on. These came in many forms and represented the forces influencing that individuals life , fertility , commerce , drink ,whatever .Psychologically giving the indiviual the power to bargin with or just comprehend the influences at work in his life , encouraging the individual to take control of his life. Abrahamic monotheism kills all this, the only archetype to meditate on is “god” in the material form of Jewish , Christian or Islamic absoulute authority. Any spiritual dealings now need cleared from the priestly authoritarian regime , no thinking about what is effecting your life ,its all this god and only this god and only this holy man can save you. Its just Spitiual fascism and it creates stupid people, that believe stupid ideas and commit stupid attrocities, because thier stupid holyman told them too.


Atheism is more dangerous than religion because atheists like Adolf Hitler killed millions in the name of their atheistic ideologies like Nazism. That’s far more than have been killed in the name of religion.

A popular image of the Nazis is that they were fundamentally anti-Christian while devout Christians were anti-Nazi. The truth is that German Christians supported the Nazis because they believed that Adolf Hitler was a gift to the German people from God.

Pope Pius IX (1846-1878), the last ruler of the Papal States, claimed that after Rome was annexed he was a “Prisoner in the Vatican”. This situation was resolved on 11 February 1929 between the Holy See and the Kingdom of Italy.The treaty was signed by Benito Mussolini (from religious facism to political facism )

In 1999, John Cornwell’s Hitler’s Pope criticized Pius for not doing enough, or speaking out enough, against the Holocaust. Cornwell argued that Pius’s entire career as the nuncio to Germany, cardinal secretary of state, and pope was characterized by a desire to increase and centralize the power of the Papacy, and that he subordinated opposition to the Nazis to that goal.

Ratlines were systems of escape routes for Nazis and other fascists fleeing Europe at the end of World War II. These escape routes mainly led toward havens in South America, particularly Argentina,Paraguay, Brazil, and Chile.
One ratline, made famous by the Frederick Forsyth thriller The Odessa File, was run by the ODESSA (Organisation der ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen; “Organization of Former SS-Members”) network organized by Otto Skorzeny
The origins of the first ratlines are connected to various developments in Vatican-Argentine relations before and during World War II. As early as 1942, Monsignor Luigi Maglione contacted Ambassador Llobet, inquiring as to the “willingness of the government of the Argentine Republic to apply its immigration law generously, in order to encourage at the opportune moment European Catholic immigrants to seek the necessary land and capital in our country”
Spain, not Rome, was the “first center of ratline activity that facilitated the escape of Nazi fascists”, although the exodus itself was planned within the Vatican. Charles Lescat, a French Catholic member of Action Française and Pierre Daye, a Belgian with contacts in the Spanish government, were among the primary organizers. Lescat and Daye were the first able to flee Europe, with the help of French cardinal Eugene Tisserant and Argentine cardinal Antonio Caggiano .
By 1946, there were probably hundreds of war criminals in Spain, and thousands of former Nazis and fascists. According to US Secretary of State James F. Byrnes, Vatican cooperation in turning over asylum-seekers was “negligible”. According to Phayer, Pius XII “preferred to see fascist war criminals on board ships sailing to the New World rather than seeing them rotting in POW camps in zonal Germany”

Was Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger) A Nazi? Why Join the Hitler Youth?
The question of Joseph Ratzinger’s involvement with Nazi Germany and the Hitler Youth is important: there is reason to think that Ratzinger has been less than fully candid about his past.
In 1940, Lehi proposed intervening in World War II on the side of Nazi Germany.  Late in 1940, Lehi representative Naftali Lubenchik was sent to Beirut where he met the German official Werner Otto von Hentig. Lubenchik told von Hentig that Lehi had not yet revealed its full power and that they were capable of organizing a whole range of anti-British operations.
the organization offered cooperation in the following terms: full cooperation in sabotage, espionage and intelligence and up to wide military operations in the Middle East and in eastern Europe anywhere where the Irgun had Jewish cells, active and trained and in some places with weapons. From the German side, the following declarations and actions were demanded: (1) Full recognition of an independent Jewish state in Palestine/Eretz Israel (2) That the ability to emigrate to Palestine be conceded to all Jews, with no restriction of numbers, who, in leaving their homes in Europe, by their own will or because of government injunctions.
On January 11, 1941 a letter by Lehi, which would be later referred to as the Ankara document, was sent from Vice Admiral Ralf von der Marwitz, the German Naval attaché in Ankara, depicting an offer to “actively take part in the war on Germany’s side” in return for German support for “the establishment of the historic Jewish state on a national and totalitarian basis, bound by a treaty with the German Reich.”
The letter was signed by Avraham Stern and the later Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir.
History Of The Albanian Muslim Nazi SS Skanderbeg Division
Muslim Soldiers reading German Propaganda.The name of the book is Islam Und Judentum
(Islam and Judaism in German)
Amin Al Husseini with one of his Nazi Muslim Troops – 1943 Hanzar SS Division
Amin Al Husseini meets Heinrich Himmler, Head of Nazi SS.
Amin Al Husseini spends WWII by Hitler’s side.
Amin Al Husseini inspecting Nazi Muslim troops – 1943
Nazi officer inspecting Muslim Bosnian SS troops
Nazi propaganda poster featuring Amin Al Husseini recruiting young Muslims
Muslim soldiers with hat showing Nazi insigna- WW II.
Bosnian Nazi Muslim Flag under Amin Al Husseini – 1943
Amin Al Hussseini meets Croat Nazi A.Artukovic and M,Budak, planning Serbian genocide
Muslim Nazi troops in traditional Muslim prayer -1943

The FAI was created as a purely anarchist association, with the intention of keeping the CNT focused on the principles of anarchism.
Anarchists played a central role in the fight against Franco during the Spanish Civil War. At the same time, a far-reaching social revolution spread throughout Spain, where land and factories were collectivized and controlled by the workers. All remaining social reforms ended in 1939 with the victory of Franco, who had thousands of anarchists executed.
You will find a lot of good monotheist fought on Franco’s side!

If gods exist ,then ALL Abrahamic monotheists worship SATAN.The god of LIES , DECIET , BLOODSHED , WAR ,DESTRUCTION ,HUMAN SACRIFICE ,SLAVERY,BIGOTRY ,INTOLERANCE,IGNORANCE ,GLOBAL DESTRUCTION, SEXUAL PREVERSION …Its the only thing that makes SENSE ,when YOU THINK about it.SATAN only appears when Abrahamic monotheism appears, COINCIDENCE? There is NO pure evil god in pagan polytheism….BUT todays Satan is equated with the Egyptian Set , the Semitic Baal and El , and Pan etc..all horned gods and all worshipped by the ancient hebrews and all the biblical stories are based on these gods stories, especially Set and Baal!

MYSTERY BABYLON Documentary – (what they do not want you to know)

A religious person explaining why Abrahamic monotheism(Catholic Christian branch) is actually worshipping the Anti-christ

The History Of The Devil

In this documentry we find Satan is a godlike being created by Abrahamic monotheists. Each claims the other has Satan as thier leader.
Fortunately I am actually an Atheist and I blame man ,NOT GODS!

All beings have an energy ,that is a SCIENTIFIC FACT!!! Call it what you will, the spirit, the soul, chi , the force ,electro-magnetic fields ,etc..etc..
Therefore ALL expressions of this energy is equally valid , Buddhist , Hindu , Pagan , Atheist ,Monotheist ,Animist etc..etc..
To stand up and say
and is NOT ENLIGHTENED at all. At the end of the day , believe what YOU will , if you are NOT murdering raping and stealing, then what you believe is really none of my business ,some people believe god is an alien, no harm in that either. The same should apply to YOU and MY beliefs!The more beliefs the better in my opinion, it shows humanity is thinking and it encourages debate,all a good state of being.  I may totally disagree with what YOU believe BUT I will stand and defend YOUR RIGHT to believe it!! Would an Abrahamic monotheist do the same for me? I think NOT….so which of us is the morally superior? So YOU belive in god,BIG DEAL,you are NOT the only one ,BUT does god believe in YOU? because that would be a BIG DEAL!

A monotheist is just an atheist that believes in one more god. If this monotheist can explain why HE does NOT believe in the other gods ,he has just answered why I do NOT believe in his!
QUESTION EVERYTHING TRUTH CAN HANDLE AWKWARD QUESTIONS, its LIES that need dogma and (in)doctrinations ,There is a BIG difference between knealing down and bending over , it is better to give than recieve ,they say……





THE ONE TRUE universal and transcendental GOD,the one Uncreated Creator!

Everyday I am amazed by his/her creations!
Your pathetic TRIBAL GODS and old men in the sky try to DISPOIL MY GODS CREATED WORKS, ………but YOU ARE but NOUGHT IN HIS SIGHT!!
BLOW YOURSELFS UP if you want and take your pathetic myths with you,you created nothing anyway,but THE EARTH WILL NOT DISAPPEAR!! IT WILL just LOOK UGLY for a million years…… THANKS TO YOU, UNBELIEVER AND YOUR GODS WORK!!!
Hopefully SOMETHING MORE INTELLIGENT AND COMPASIONATE will EVOLVE later and prove itself WORTHY OF EXISTANCE ON MY GODS WONDEROUS CREATION!! A million years is nothing to MY GOD!! It would be the DEATH of all of YOURS.
MY PRIESTS re-write OUR BOOKS ,but that is because WE SEEK the ULTIMATE TRUTH!
YOUR BOOK says the Earth is flat and the sun revolves around it, and the sky is held up on 4 pillars.ITS THE WORD OF YOUR GOD
MY BOOK says the Earth is a sphereoid that revolves around the sun, and the sky is light difused through atmosphere. THAT’S THE WORD OF MINE
The only future YOUR BELIEF has is either its exstinction or humanity’s in an Armegeddon ,your belief system IS THE EMBODIMENT OF EVIL!
TRIBAL GODS ,I RAGE AGAINST YOU(but as you do not exist I’ll just have a cup of tea instead,just as well ,I would feel guilty beating up an old man)
BUT actually…BELIEVE WHAT YOU WILL, JUST BE GOOD, maybe I’ll burn in HELL ,but MY FAITH says I will NOT,variety is the spice of life is it not . BUT if YOUR BELIEFS are used to JUSTIFY THEFT and MURDER and DESTRUCTION, I SPIT ON THEM AND YOU! If you want to HARM MY LOVED ONES with your pathetic gods I’LL FIND YOU….and YOUR GODS, YOUR PRAYERS , NOT EVEN SATAN HIMSELF COULD SAVE YOU FROM MY WRATH!!
(Even the tribal card carrying members of the “God’s a Bigot” societies a.k.a. Judaism, Christianity and Islam)
NOW if we open our Scientific hymn books we will sing our PRAISE TO GRAVITY.(sung to Ghostbusters theme)

Have you got a god ? that you need rid of? Who you gonna call?

A fanatical dude ,in your neighbourhood? Who you gonna call?
………………………….I AIN”T AFRAID OF NO GOD?!


“thought for the day ,to the god squad”


God does not scare me its his followers that worry me.
If you feel religious.its your choice, there are plenty of inoffensive religions to choose from but..
ABRAHAMIC MONOTHEISM IS SATANISM or at least a FORCE OF EVIL. Look at the difference between its words and deeds!
“He’s not the messiah ,he’s just a very naughty boy” Monty Python’s Life of Brian


An atheists Open Letter to Abrahamic Monotheists (Judaic, Christian and Islamic)
Atheism the Oldest and most popular belief
Abrahamic Monotheism Part 1 – The Invention of Judaism
Abrahamic Monotheism Part 2 – The Invention of Christianity
Abrahamic Monotheism Part 3 – The Invention of Islam

A Factual look at the “Book of Conquests”
Druidism is it Brahimism 18,000 years old?
History of the Celtic people a story over 50,000 years

33 Responses to The Greatest Hoax ever Abrahamic Monotheism ,….is it really just Satanism?

  1. B Pheby says:

    I was brought up Christian. In my earliest years(4-5) It made the most sense to me.I used to love telling random people about the incredible love of God that made Him offer Jesus to die on a cross in their place. As I grew older this faded and only the church rituals remained. I forgot who God was and the hurts of growing up caused me to look for escape routes. New friends and past times fit the gap well but still the hurts and blows kept coming. Later I was thinking of myself as some kind of schizo. I would wake up paranoid by the fact of my own existence and the lack of understanding of it. People became monsters especially displayed by their behavior. What was this world I was stuck in? I started searching in Nature, in philosophy , in religion, meditation, psychology, and anything, anything to relieve the pain. The only thing I dreaded more than being alive was death. Something inside told me there had to be more. I started crying out to God but it felt my doom was sealed. I wanted to know the truth. Is God real or CAN I DIE IN PEACE.
    At a certain moment when I was alone, I found the power of forgiveness. I set everyone free and I was set free by Him. A love that soothed every pain, hurt and fear completely enveloped me and all my life started changing COMPLETELY. He was more than I could ever imagine or dream. Work, friends, family, myself, everything changed and all because of one thing: the man Jesus and His Father who is now mine took care of me. I agree that his followers fall way short of authenticity but Dude, if you hate Him you are treading my source of life, I mean I live because He lives and you might as well kill me if you wish Him away but if that is your life philosophy than I guess I understand why you think you only need to live intellectually but man, your are more than a brain, and the endless possibility exists because someone is capable of making the universe as we know it, regardless of whether we fully understand it or not.

    • cuthulan says:

      Thank you for the input. As I said believe what you will , it does not bother me.I am sure that believers in Zeus and Isis and Hesus and Set etc felt the same devine raptures that you claim. Just as people find this in Buddha or Vishnu etc. today .These things are like archetypes we medatate on.If you use a Jesus archetype as a meditation aid ,this is no more or less valid than a tarot card or a pagan or polytheistic idol . What I was trying to point out was the REAL effect of this Abrahamic monotheistic belief system, it is nothing more than religious fascism, IT IS NOT BENEFICIAL, and if I was to believe in gods ,I would say this was an evil one by the results!!! It is also very easily proven nonsense with modern scientific technologies. Pagan festivals have been scientifically proven to take place during significant planetary and ecological events,Abrahamic monotheism just ripped them off and then said convertor die. Pagan people where clean and comparivitely well educated ,for example ,Romans would prize Celtic slaves as teachers of public speaking . It was Abrahamic monotheists that closed pagan bathhouses and burned herbalists and people with knowledge “outside” of the “good book”. Thus plague followed Abrahamic monotheists through Europe.BUT I do not believe in just a scientific universe, as far as I know there is no “compasion atom” or “justice molecule” , these are HUMAN BELIEFS ,that are older than Abrahamic monotheism.Science is my tool not my belief, but whatever is the answer ,its NOT gods! When I find something that I can believe in that stands the test of science , I will let you know….. But in reality I think the truth is way beyond you or me , or the priest or the Iman or the Rabbi or the Priestess!

  2. cuthulan says:

    @B Pheby
    Just to let you know. I do NOT hate “Him” as you suggest. As I said I have no problems with god(s) its his indoctrinated bigotted followers that worry me.
    You believe in a god as a personification. This is a very very primitive belief…and something a think is barbaric nonsense ,that is why I am an ATHEIST! This primitive tribal religious fascism is the cause and justification of so much bloodshed and suffering that if personified gods do exist this is a god of lies and deciet and blood and death ,its what HE DOES!!
    I believe .. In the beginning man created god in his image.
    As inteligence appears in man ,he sees the rocks and trees and water that influence his life and environment.He believes that they have an energy too. …we know with modern science and this is a correct assumption. To make his life better ,he tries to bribe and placate these tree and rock energies. He believes that these energies have the same desires as we do… so offerings are made to bribe and gain favour. This belief then becomes a rock or tree personification,an early god or spirit. These personifications become more human as they are given human desires and weaknesses to give reasons for thier inscrutable actions.
    Please read the Golden Bough for a very good explaination of this process.The “words of Jesus” can be traced to previous pagan authors , Eusebuis Pamphilius of Ceaserea , the MAN that wrote the New Testament for Constantine gives very clear reference to this. Constantine was a monotheistic sun worshipper and head of Sol Invictus cult.
    Constantine then instructed Eusebius to organise the compilation of a uniform collection of new writings ,his instructions were: “Search ye these books, and whatever is good in them, that retain; but whatsoever is evil, that cast away. What is good in one book, unite ye with that which is good in another book. And whatsoever is thus brought together shall be called The Book of B o o k s. And it shall be the doctrine of my people, which I will recommend unto all nations, that there shall be no more war for religions’ sake.” (God’s Book of Eskra, op. cit., chapter xlviii, paragraph 31) “Make them to astonish” said Constantine, and “the books were written accordingly” Eusebius amalgamated the “legendary tales of all the religious doctrines of the world together as one”, using the standard god myths from the presbyters’ manuscripts as his exemplars.(Life of Constantine , vol. iv, pp. 36-39).Merging the supernatural “god” stories of Mithra and Krishna with Druidic Culdean beliefs effectively joined the orations of Eastern and Western presbyters together “to form a new universal belief”.

    They were the “New Testimonies”, and this is the first mention (c. 331) of the New Testament in the historical record. With his instructions fulfilled, Constantine then decreed that the New Testimonies would thereafter be called the “word of the Roman Saviour God” (Life of Constantine, vol. iii, p. 29) and official to all presbyters sermonising in the Roman Empire. He then ordered earlier presbyterial manuscripts and the records of the council “burnt” and declared that “any man found concealing writings should be stricken off from his shoulders” (beheaded)
    Before religious tolerence was the norm, people would compare beliefs and find similarities. Merging gods in some cases. (This is how Jesus Christ came to be , Hesus and Krishna ,the joining of East and West Roman empires.)
    Constantines idea was a New Unified Roman Saviour god , his book ,the New Testamonies ,his city Constantinople was to be for Constantine the Great what Alexandria was to Alexander the Great. It failed and was usurped by messianic Judaism…. Set Worshippers ,who added the Old Testament,the Book of Set , to make the bi-ble (2 books or 2 bulls). Today Jews , Christians and Muslims still bow down to SET!!! and send thier prayers to AMEN
    Abrahamic monotheism spread thru Europe via genocide , and convert or die policies , witch burnings ,inquistions,book burnings and it spread disease as well, with the closing of bathhouses and burning wise women and healers. EXACTLY the same thing happened in the “New World” when Abrahamic monotheism arrives there.The same thing happened to the natives of North America and Australia.COINCIDENCE? THESE ARE REAL ACTIONS IN THE REAL WORLD ,ALL DONE IN THE NAME OF ABRAHAMIC MONOTHEISM!!!! ITS WORDS ARE LIES, ITS DEED ARE REAL, but what would you expect from Satan? and you would expect Satans followers to justify these actions… and support the “End of the World” in an ARMEGGEDON. I suspect You are SO DELUDED and indoctrinated you think this is the work of a GOOD GOD? IMHO You worship Satan or a force of evil and deciet ,death and destruction,… if such things exist.
    The secular version of this , is people that think thier government is telling the truth and making them safe from terrorism and keeping them form war and that if the government stopped ruling the streets would be full of muderers and society would stop and the sky would fall. Of course this is the opposite of the truth,that is a better description of Iraq ,which is suffering from an imposition of LAW ,NOT ANARCHY!!!The murderers in the street all have dogtags , except for the government hired mercenaries ..The governemnt lies us into war , sponcers terrorism for its own ends ,steals from the public and will scarifice evryone of us so it will live , or MAD Mutually Assured Destruction.Thats Mutually Assured Destruction for YOU and ME the governemnt had nice nuclear bunkers paid for by the taxpayer. Switzerland has had a DIRECT DEMOCRACY(a type of ANARCHY) for a very long time , they have less corruption and higher living standards ,they have not been at war since 1815 infact the armed forces are as good as disbanded.IMHO Governments are a secular force of evil. NO GAGS ON HUMANITY (Gods And Governments)

  3. Billy says:

    God loves you man and He will help you if you need Him, He is very, very good and I do wish you find that out before you die.
    Until we meet again.

  4. Billy says:

    Ps I also understand this is your blog and your turf. I just stumbled upon your views and couldn’t let it go without telling you my experience(I love Jesus forever and love is the strongest power, more than the pen or the sword) but thats it for now.

    • cuthulan says:

      Thank you for your input. If you are a good person and you find strength in a god called Jesus , that is fine with me. So long as it is not an excuse for biggotry and violence and destruction.
      BUT Sorry from what I believe via research, this will never be a view of mine…..I actually worry about abrahamic monotheism mixed with nuclear arsenals and an End of Days philosophy. It could just become a self-fullfilling prophecy and mankind ends and Jesus is a no show.Which is definate in my book as Jesus Christ was voted into existance at the First Council of Niceae ,its Hesus and Krishna ,East and West Empire United into ONE!
      BUT I have actually found the least threatening responses from Abrahamic monotheists come from the Christian branch, you can take that as a compliment if you like.
      I think you for your concern about missing the love of god which more than a few have mentioned.
      IMHO I too have these same overwhelming feelings about the universe and its makeup. I too understand uncondictional love everytime I look at my children. I too believe in immortality and being part of a greater entity. All that I am now was hear before I was born and will be long after I am gone. Matter is energy and it is indestructable ,you can only convert its form , …which it does perfectly. Every atom has been hear as long as time itself and will be hear until time ends, we are star children LITERALLY!!! The elements that make us where made in the heart of exploding stars. The electrons themselves also seem to know if they are being observed and change behaviour accordingly…. truely mindblowing FACTS for me this is the path of TRUTH.
      BUT If you can be the best “Christian” you can be and I can be the best “Atheist” then the world will be a better place for us both being here! I wish you and your god all the best , and I do mean that. ..and thank you again for your input.

  5. cuthulan says:

    I understand this Christian Abrahamic monotheism is your belief and I thank you for your input and I DO support your right to believe this. Even though I never will.
    BUT IN REALITY while Judaic monotheists slaughter human beings in Palestine in “His” name , and Christian monotheists cheer them on and raise money for them (I did not realise god was short of money,is heaven in a depression too ?)and prepare for the End of times, and the destruction of the world and everybody in it,in HIS name!!!! and Islamic monotheists burn books and blow up Buddhas and other forms of religious intolerence I DEFY THEM ALL and believe it is NOT A FORCE OF GOOD!! I think the love of Jesus is relative and no different than the love of Buddha or Isis,and small in comparison to the REAL victims of Jesus. I guess that you have not witnessed or been personally effected by this religious “love” that protects paedophiles and bombs children ,steals land and tortures innocent people. ALL in his name and LOVE?!?!BUT I do NOT accuse YOU of any of these things ,or that YOU support or condone these actions.BUT they are all done in his name and even the Pope covers for them..
    I too wish you find this out before you die….and you are not watching some divinely inspired nuclear mushroom clouds and wondering where Jesus could of got too?Many people have predicted the End of Days (including Jesus ,NONE have been correct)….. In my belief, humanity has infinate future possibilities ,in Abrahamic monotheism we are going to destroy the ONE FERTILE PLANET we know ,so some “god” can return to Earth on a white horse?! IMHO I find this belief belongs better in a Conan the barbarian movie and it is also a very selfish belief……I believe MY FAITH is just as strong as yours…in fact I find my faith unshakeable and I have more than just my feelings to back this up, and everyday is a new revelation for me.
    BUT I wish you all the best and I hope I have NOT insulted you, as you do come across as a nice tolerant person and a good example for your beliefs……Until we meet again thank you and all the best

  6. Billy says:

    Of course you insulted me, over and over again but back in the day they didn’t just insult my Lord but tortured and murdered him and He granted His death so that we can live, what a love that you are willing to be butchered and use that to forgive your enemies, You only do that if you have power over everything including life and death, that is Christianity , nothing else, all the rest are impostors, don’t believe them( Ha-ha, you definitely do not!). But take a look at this hope: ” For if, when we were haters of God, the death of his Son made us at peace with him, much more, now that we are his friends, will we have salvation through his life.”

  7. cuthulan says:

    Sorry Billy,BUT this is my genuine belief. If you want to believe in a god called Jesus ,its fine with me, I DO NOT. In modern humanity YOU are in the minority with this belief. So if you take insult in this maybe it is you that is at fault. I do worry about Abrahamic monotheists blowing up the world, this is a LOT WORSE THAN INSULTING MY BELIEFS.You can insult my beliefs all you like ,I KNOW WHY I BELIEVE THEM, insults will not change this, facts and life experience will.
    I have stated my case ,and as you seem a good willed person I will leave it there,as I do not want to insult you any more. I thank you for your time and effort in commenting and wishing me salvation. I wish you all the best as well.

  8. B Pheby says:

    Thanks for your increased tolerance and may all your good intentions return to you favorably.

  9. cuthulan says:

    @B Pheby
    What a very nice sentiment ,thank you…. and may I wish the same to you both.
    My intention never was to insult good and tolerant people.IMHO What people believe is irrelevant ,its thier actions that count. From your comments you seem good people, so sorry for any offence caused.

    BUT the belief that the Abrahamic god is in fact the god of corruption and deciet and decay and well evil is NOT new or indeed my invention.
    Many others have come to this conclusion. For example the Cathers in Europe during the middle ages believed this.
    Cathers believed in a dualist theology and was based upon the complete incompatibility of love and power. As matter was seen as a manifestation of power, it was also incompatible with love. They did not believe in one all-encompassing god, but in two, both equal and comparable in status. They held that the physical world was evil and created by Rex Mundi (translated from Latin as “king of the world”), who encompassed all that was corporeal, chaotic and powerful; the second god, the one whom they worshipped, was entirely disincarnate: a being or principle of pure spirit and completely unsullied by the taint of matter. He was the god of love, order and peace.

    This placed them at odds with the Catholic Church in regarding material creation, on behalf of which Jesus had supposedly died, as intrinsically evil and implying that God, whose word had created the world in the beginning, was a usurper(and the Evil Corrupt Rex Mundi or what we would call Satan). Furthermore, as the Cathars saw matter as intrinsically evil, they denied that Jesus could become incarnate and still be the son of (the good) God. Cathars vehemently repudiated the significance of the Crucifixion and the Cross. In fact, to the Cathars, Rome’s opulent and luxurious church seemed a palpable embodiment and manifestation on Earth of Rex Mundi’s sovereignty.

    In the 13th century, Pope Gregory IX (reigned 1227-1241) assigned the duty of carrying out inquisitions to the Dominican Order “The Order of Preachers”, The Blackfriars, Hounds of the Lord .Founded to preach the gospel and to combat heresy
    Having failed in his effort to peacefully demonstrate the errors of Catharism, the Pope then called a formal crusade, appointing a series of leaders to head the assault. There followed 20 years of war against the Cathars and their allies in the Languedoc: the Albigensian Crusade.
    The doors of the church of St Mary Magdalene were broken down and the refugees dragged out and slaughtered. Reportedly, 7,000 people died there including many women and children. Elsewhere in the town many more thousands were mutilated and killed. Prisoners were blinded, dragged behind horses, and used for target practice. What remained of the city was razed by fire. Arnaud wrote to Pope Innocent III, “Today your Holiness, twenty thousand heretics were put to the sword, regardless of rank, age, or sex.”

    Before the massacre took place the Vatican soldiers offered safe passage to Catholics that wished to leave the city. The vast majority fought for, and died with, the Cathars.

    “Kill them all, the Lord will recognise His own.”

    Institutionalised Abrahamic monotheism is NOT a force of good in my book. BUT this is a generalisation ,and on the individual personal level there are still many good people that believe in Abrahamic monotheism. I think 2 examples of which have posted comments here…..

    I thank you both again for your time and effort and for your good words, you both area credit to your beliefs.
    Yet again I meant no “personal” offence and apologise if any has been taken,BUT like you guys ,I stand by my beliefs.I think if I can be a good Atheist and you guys can be good Christians ,the world will be a better place for us being here.
    My best wishes to you both.

  10. cuthulan says:

    A last point. Just to show that the Satanic link is not just found in “Christian” Abrahamic monotheism

    In Islam many marvel in the continuity of unchanged practices in common with the pagan Quraysh moon worship.
    Allah had three daughters named Lat, ‘Uzza, and Manat. At one time the “prophet of Allah” compromised and said in the Qur’an (Sura 53:19) that “their intercession was to be hoped for.” In other words, he said we should hope for the help of these three idols.
    Mohammed’s followers must have been amazed that he said this. Later, Mohammed changed his mind and said Satan deceived him. Since a mistake was made, these verses were “abrogated” or taken out. These are often called “the Satanic verses.”

    Satanic Verses is an expression coined by the historian Sir William Muir in reference to the inclusion in the Qur’an of a small number of apparently pagan verses said to have been uttered by Muhammad. Some Muslims refer to the utterance of the two verses as the Gharaniq incident. Narratives involving these verses can be read in, among other places, the biographies of Muhammad by al-Wāqidī, Ibn Sa’d, al-Tabarī, and Ibn Ishaq (the latter as reconstructed by Alfred Guillaume).
    The Othman Koran was compiled in Medina by Othman, the third caliph or Muslim leader.
    Before him, the sacred verses which Muslims believe God gave to Muhammad were memorised, or written on pieces of wood or camel bone.
    To prevent disputes about which verses should be considered divinely inspired, Othman had this definitive version compiled. It was completed in the year 651, only 19 years after Muhammad’s death.

    SO even Muslims admit Satan talked to and seems to instruct Mohammed .Its just how much was Satans inspiration that is at dispute .The first Koran was complied by a Caliph for material empire building reasons and is drenched in blood. 19 years after Mohammed death!

    Judaism as Set worship
    The hyksos people are shown wearing the cloaks of many colors associated with the mercenary Mitanni bowmen and cavalry (ha ibrw) of Northern Canaan, Aram, Kadesh, Sidon and Tyre. Modern scholarship usually assumes that the Hyksos were likely Semites who came from the Levant (ie. Syria or Canaan).
    The Hyksos invaders took over much of Lower Egypt around 1650 BC and founded a new capital at Avaris.Hyksos used Egyptian titles associated with traditional Egyptian kingship, and took Egyptian god Seth to represent their own titulary deity.
    The temple of Solomon is built to the sameground plan as the Temple of Set.
    Set was worshipped in the relatively large metropolitan (yet provincial) locale of Sepermeru, especially during the Rammeside Period.[1] There, Seth was honored with an important temple called the “House of Seth, Lord of Sepermeru.” One of the epithets of this town was “gateway to the desert,”
    At Sepermeru, Set’s temple-enclosure included a small secondary shrine called “The House of Seth, Powerful-Is-His-Mighty-Arm,”
    Set was also believed to have white skin and red hair,red animals and even people with red hair were thought to be his followers. These animals were sacrificed, while the link between Set and red-heads – usually foreigners – gave him godhood over foreign lands
    The Temple Institute, an organization dedicated to preparing the reconstruction of a Third Temple in Jerusalem, has been attempting to identify Red Heifer candidates consistent with the requirements of Numbers 19:1-22 and Mishnah Tractate Parah
    SET holds a scepter of was (Set-Staff) in his left hand. Called The Was sceptre (“of power”) the scepters represent the Set-animal and the Was sceptre’ -was a symbol of power and dominion -and in later use, as a symbol of control over the force of chaos (Set)
    God had Moses practice transforming his rod into a serpent and inflicting and healing leprosy Mos…_and_the_Exodus
    In the culture of the Israelites, the rod would be a natural symbol of authority,
    Aaron’s rod refers to any of the staffs carried by Moses’ brother, Aaron, in the Old Testament of the bible
    God commanded Moses to raise his rod over the Red Sea when it was to be parted (Exodus 14:16) and in prayer over Israel in battle (Exodus 17:9); Moses brings forth water from a stone using his rod (Exodus 17, Numbers 20:11).…i/Aaron% 27s_rod
    In ancient Egypt, the god Seth was said to have been red-haired, and redheads were claimed to have worshipped the god devoutly. [Wainwright (1938) 31, 33, 53.]
    How white were the Israelites? Facial reconstruction may be surprising
    By Ofri Ilani, Haaretz Correspondent
    It is said in the tanach that King David had a ruddy complexion and was a redhead.

    the “sons of God” who appear in Genesis 6:2 are identified as the children of Seth, and the “daughters of men” as women descended from Cain, who successfully tempt most of the Sethites to come down from their mountain and join the Cainites in the valley below, under the instigation of Genun son of Lamech.

    Set is compared to Satan today.

    So you see I am NOT having a go at Jesus .But as I said ,what you believe is irrelevant its your actions that count. You can believe in Abrahamic monotheism and still be a good person.

  11. Billy says:

    Warning: the judgment you face is far worse than you think.
    Men over the ages would rather face lions and cruel punishment than swap places with you. FYI and IMO repent before its too late.

  12. Billy says:

    If you believe you have knowledge or something to contribute or any reason to live beyond the here and now why put yourself to waste for philosophy or pride. Choose life and choose it forever. What good is it if what you value goes to ruin? Our Lord said: What does it profit a man if He gains the world but loses his own soul. Psalm 2 in Christian, Jewish and should be in every book says: Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain? 2 The kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers gather together against the Lord and against his Anointed One. 3“Let us break their chains,” they say,”and throw off their fetters.” 4 The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them. 5 Then he rebukes them in his anger and terrifies them in his wrath, saying, 6 “I have installed my King on Zion, my holy hill.” 7 I will proclaim the decree of the Lord: He said to me, “You are my Son; today I have become your Father. 8 Ask of me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession. 9 You will rule them with an iron scepter; you will dash them to pieces like pottery.” 1 10 Therefore, you kings, be wise; be warned, you rulers of the earth. 11 Serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling. 12 Kiss the Son, lest he be angry and you be destroyed in your way, for his wrath can flare up in a moment. Blessed are all who take refuge in him.

  13. cuthulan says:

    “Warning: the judgment you face is far worse than you think.
    Men over the ages would rather face lions and cruel punishment than swap places with you. ”

    Complete nonsense YOU are delusional and YOU have me confused with someone that gives a damn.It is delusional nutters that believe they are “tools of god” that are a very REAL danger to humanity and all that is GOOD! These same delusional nutters that would rather face lions than REALITY!!DELUDED ,INSANE ,EVIL PEOPLE! There’s a SEEKER born every minute.

    “FYI and IMO repent before its too late.”

    SEEK psyhcological help before its too late or these “men of god” get thiers hands on your children….and more inocents are scarificed to YOUR god.

    YOU BELIEVE YOU HAVE KNOWLEDGE that is beyond reproach and you are willing to risk your life AND EVERYBODY ELSES in this delusional nonsense.This is a SELFISH and EVIL belief!

    Billy IMHO If gods exist YOU WORSHIP THE FALLEN GOD. The material gods of lies and human suffering and sacrifice the god of ignorance and biggotry and pestilence.The god that would end all life on Earth.A death cult. The god who cannot stand up to questions or facts. The god that demands you ignore your brain and your common senses.The god that apologises for genocide!!!
    It was a MAN called Eusebius Pamphilius of Ceaserea that wrote the New Testament in c.325AD after the first councilof Nicea, this is a well documented FACT.It was invented from ancient paganism ,this is another well documented FACT.
    Circumsition was a Pagan fertility right. It was a scarifice to the “Horned god” the male fertility god. As women bleed from thier genitals ,as a sign of female fertility , so a offering to a male fertility god was blood from the male genitals. All very barbaric.

    If the Cathars and Catharism had spread instead of Catholisism the world would be centuries ahead of where we are today. The Renaisance would of started earlier and not been ended by religious inquisitions. The Cathar dualistic belief IMHO is a theologocal version of
    The material god and the energy god, which one do YOU worship?
    Science would PROVE and strengthen Catharism not disprove it!I do not see Cathars burning witches….do YOU believe in witches , do YOU believe they fly and have sex with the devil? OR did your priests burn all these women for nothing?
    Billy believe what you will, but do not threaten people with your beliefs. BUT your beliefs come from Egytian SET worship.NOT a GOOD god to begin with.
    (SET)MOSES versus RAMOSES ,my god vs your god. YOU areNOT allowed to utter Set/Baal’s divine name. SO MOSES is the name of the Chosen one of SET!
    In the Nineteenth dynasty, Horus(Pharoah) had had many battles with Set, not only to avenge his father(Osiris), but to choose the rightful ruler of Egypt .(these battles give us themes like, the resurrection, a challenge of authority in heaven, the trinity of Osiris Isis Horus, the immaculet conception, the holy ghost(Ra) the father (Osiris) and the son on Earth(Horus),Cain and Abel …(in later hebrew rewritting with Seth becoming the Horus.According to Genesis 4:25, Seth(Horus) was born after the slaying of Abel by Cain,(Osiris by Set) and Eve(Isis) believed God had appointed him as “replacement” for Abel(Osiris) “because Cain(Set) killed him.”) etc.. etc..)
    At the Soleb temple of Amenhotep III to “Yhw- in the land of the Shasu”, which has been considered an early form of tetragrammaton.

  14. Billy says:

    There is a person who knows,
    Not only pain and suffering but love and justice.
    This person is the only one who’s origin and existence can be marveled at because He does exist higher than our senses.
    All the things of His world we can touch but not grasp: A universe so massive science isn’t sure where it ends, time so expansive some dare to call it god. This Person knows the mathematical complexities we dream of that hold dimensions and worlds together never mind the universe . This Person is the final authority on justice and morals and to the honorable He reveals the truth.
    This Person holds the ability to create ferocious suns and stars but His ART entertains seas and seasons and mountains. Butterflies, birds , trees and animals and flowers are only the beginning of His marvels. He is the One who has made us experience a drop in the ocean of REAL science. Atomic energy is so primitive to Him HE speaks it into being.
    My plead is this: Don’t miss out on all that the miracle of life holds out in front of you just because of some old hurts and a bad sense of direction. Scoff as you may, truth is real. Die we all must and I know that knowledge I can’t even imagine lies ahead of me but I also know that the route you are going tends to end at nothing. Miss out on eternity, on love, on life, it’s a choice, a bad one, but you have free will and one undeniable fact is that you are not like some without opportunity but your choices will determine you destiny and so will mine be for me. I choose to be free, I choose to love . I chose to live and no lies can separate me from His love because thats what He wants. The true God Paid a Price for all who hear him call, he suffered in our stead so we might experience the joy of knowledge of the almighty God, Forever and INFINITY. Don’t miss out, you need to live.

    • cuthulan says:

      “My plead is this: Don’t miss out on all that the miracle of life holds out in front of you just because of some old hurts and a bad sense of direction. Scoff as you may, truth is real.”

      This is EXACTLY MY plead to you!!!Do NOT close your eyes and BRAIN to the miracle that is all around you in this multiverse/universe. Its answers are certainly NOT to be found in ancient re-written books that claim the Earth is flat and god does Real estate deals and hires paedophiles to run his PR!
      Today we use science to imprison rapists and murderers.The same science that disproves what is written in your ancient books.The same science that proves YOUR beliefs originate from Egyptian SET worship. IF we are to live in YOUR BIZARRO world, we would have to claim these sciences do NOT work and we have to release all these murderers and rapists,because this science cannot be true if it goes against the word of god!!!
      If YOU studied Tibetan Buddhism(Bon etc) or Catharism or Celtic or Norse legends ,you would find MORE WISDOM AND TRUE KNOWLEDGE than in the re-written and dumbed down pagan stories that make up the Torah , Bible and Koran. These TRUE ORIGINAL PAGAN wisdoms compliment scientific knowledge. I find it fasinating that people 18,000 years ago (when proto-Buddhism was born) these people understood concepts that modern science seems to confirm.Especially in the fields of quantum physics .The “book” you quote is nothing more than provable lies and was invented to destroy the original religious beliefs. It was the invention of religious fascism and was imposed under threat of DEATH and TORTURE!!! If the world was to be destroyed and life on Earth END,it will most likely be because of a Jew , Christian or Muslim biggoted ,ignorant fanatic.
      IMHO I believe Abrahamic monotheism is a force of EVIL and death and destruction. It makes mankind stupid ,ignorant and biggotted. It promotes global destruction and the End of life on Earth. IF YOU think this is a GOOD god ,then we have to disagree on the dictionary definition of good.
      ALSO even though I think your beliefs are a force of EVIL ,it does NOT give me the right to threaten or persecute you. But plenty of Abrahamic monotheists think THIER god gives them the right to murder and persecute. Usually people that believe in the same god!!! Sounds like HUMAN SACRIFICE IN THE HOLY LAND!!!….a land drenched in blood ,death and biggotry , a fitting tribute to your god!

      “Die we all must and I know that knowledge I can’t even imagine lies ahead of me but I also know that the route you are going tends to end at nothing.”

      I know before I was born, it was NOT a problem for me and when I die I will return there ,and from science I know ALL that was me, was here BEFORE I was born, and will be after I die. Matter is energy and energy CANNOT BE DESTROYED ONLY CONVERTED! This means we are all immortal and we are all part of a greater entity. We just change apprearance and form. All very Zen ,in fact. This is scientific fact.It comforts me a lot more than FAIRY STORIES!!! The route YOU follow could quite possibly end all life on Earth in an Armeggedon!!!! THE ROUTE YOU ARE GOING TENDS TO END IN NOTHING FOR US ALL!!! …….this is selfish and evil!!

      “The true God Paid a Price for all who hear him call, he suffered in our stead so we might experience the joy of knowledge of the almighty God, Forever and INFINITY. Don’t miss out, you need to live.”

      The god you refer too was voted into existance 161 to 157 at the first council of Niceae, Hesus Krishna. This is a documented FACT. The book you are quoting was written/complied by Eusebuis Pamphilius of Ceaserea c.330 AD. It was taken from pagan originals. This is a documented FACT! This belief was spread by the sword and disease followed it!

      I COULD NEVER BELIEVE IN THIS NONSENSE. BUT just because YOU do ,does NOT make you evil…..

  15. […] Paedophilia in the church  goes all the way to the top. It has been going on for CENTURIES and it is very widespread.… […]

  16. aaa says:

    “Islam means submission to the divine will, a will generally (but not always) attributed to Allah, and religious clerics interpret His will. Yes, the individual is free to interpret God’s will as long as it does not contradict Muhammed or Islamic religious clerics.
    Muhammed is the self-proclaimed prophet of Allah, although as far as I can determine Muhammed usually spoke indirectly to this deity through an archangel like Gabriel or maybe Samael or Shaytan (Satan). Most in the Islamic community would agree that Muhammed came in contact with Shaytan during at least one of his altered states, but what really transpired is subject to interpretation. Shaytan, I might add, is given a pretty bad rap because he was told to serve humankind by God, refused because he only wanted to serve God, and was thus cast aside. I hope the reader got the point of that. Shaytan was doing what all good Muslims should do-SERVE GOD ONLY-and he got screwed! Does anyone see the irony there? ”

    “Failed God: Fractured Myth in a Fragile World”, By John A. Rush, Page 362

    • cuthulan says:

      “I hope the reader got the point of that. Shaytan was doing what all good Muslims should do-SERVE GOD ONLY-and he got screwed! Does anyone see the irony there? ””
      I certainly see the irony.
      Thank you again for the your input and time and effort.

  17. Mike says:

    Natya Natyanam = God is One

  18. leif oldhart says:

    A great blog you have here! Here’s something that was “revealed” to me (I can’t reveal my source 🙂

    It’s said that the devil’s sneakiest deception is when he convinces you that he doesn’t exist. However, those in the know understand that he has an even more devious trick up his sleeve. It’s when he convinces you that he’s the Lord, your God!

    I’m curious what you think about the writing of John Lamb Lash and his take on Abrahamic monotheism.

  19. terry says:

    Keep up the good work.there is no greater evil than the abrahamic religions stolen from the pharoahs like there gold and reformed into something vile and devisive.Js.Cs. Ms. are a plague upon humanity.Sadly the only cure is elimination of ignorance.That is the life and breath of and truth have always made their gods tremble with fear.

  20. dovhenis says:

    THE GREAT science feat in 2013 על מהות ומקור היקום

    The 2013 gravity comprehension/definition is the greatest science feat since the early 1920s.

    Learn what, scientifically, natural gravity is and what evolution is.
    Think of the consequences re classical science of this comprehension of gravity…

    איך נברא היקום יש מאין
    Origin And Nature of the Universe, the greatest science feat since the early 1920s.

    New Science 2013 versus classical science
    Classical Science Is Anticipated/Replaced By The 2013 Gravity Comprehension !!!

    Attn classical science hierarchy, including Darwin and Einstein…
    “I hope that now you understand what gravity is and why it is the monotheism of the universe…DH”
    Gravity is the natural selection of self-attraction by the elementary particles of an evolving system on their cyclic course towards the self-replication of the system. Period
    ( Gravitons are the elementary particles of the universe. RNA nucleotides genes and serotonin are the elementary particles of Earth life)

    כח המשיכה
    כח המשיכה הוא הבחירה הטבעית להיצמדות הדדית של חלקיקי היסוד של מערכת מתפתחת במהלך התפתחותה המחזורית לעבר שיכפולה. נקודה
    ( הגרוויטון הוא חלקיק היסוד של היקום. הגנים, הנוקלאוטידים של חומצה ריבונוקלאית והסרוטונין הם החלקיקים היסודיים של חיי כדור הארץ)

    Dov Henis(comments from 22nd century)

    PS: Note, again:

    – Classical Science Is Anticipated/Replaced By The 2013 Gravity Comprehension !!!

    – Think of the consequences re classical science of this comprehension of gravity…
    נ.ב. הבנת מהות כח המשיכה מספקת בסיס הגיוני מפשט/צפוי/מתקן לכל מגזרי ורכיבי המדע הקלסי
    יש פה אי- ניצול של הזדמנות/אפשרות של ישראל להדיח באלגנטיות מתורבתת את ארה”ב מעמדתה בעולם כמוליכה/המקבעת של עדר ה”מדענים/מדע” באמצעות האיגוד המקצועי האמריקאי הדתי, ולתפוס את עמדת ההולכה/פיתוח/הובלה של המדע 2013 החדש המשתדרג, ולהפוך את המדע האמריקאי לגרורה של המדע הישראלי. אי-ניצול זה הוא מחדל מטומטם /עלוב/מביש של ישראל….


    What would the human world be without god, or without science
    (May 1/ 3 2014)

    Scientifically natural gravity is the monotheism of the universe.

    The reverence- to- god- tradition, religion of the present Western culture, was introduced by Abraham (2117-1942 BCE) from the Casdites-Babylonians, in whom it was evoked by the sight of the apparently “praying” palm trees, with their palm-like leaves, rewarded with “God’s gift”, in Persian “Bagdad” (bag=god, dad=dat hence date-fruit, data= given/gift. This reverence- tradition was re- adopted by the Jews exiled into Babylonia (586 BCE) , and later adopted also by the Persians who conquered the Babylonian empire, and later adopted also by Alexander , who conquered the Persian empire, and later adopted also by the Greeks and finally adopted also by the Romans and by their following Western world heritage…

    – What would a world without god look like?
    – What would a world without science look like?

    Science = knowledge about or study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observation

    God = the perfect and all-powerful spirit or being that is worshipped especially by Christians, Jews, and Muslims as the one who created and rules the universe
    a spirit or being that has great power, strength, knowledge, etc., and that can affect nature and the lives of people
    : one of various spirits or beings worshipped in some religions

    Science and god are incompatible.

    The present world is a god-believer scienceless world, conducted by ruthlessly competing-for- energy interests , with consequent catastrophes to humanity…

    Dov Henis (comments from 22nd century)

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