Why Every Scot should vote SNP at the General Election

If you want “Change You Can BELIEVE In” then forget about the Tory (Conservative) or New Labour. They are the two cheeks of the same arse and they offer NOTHING NEW!! If you pull these cheeks apart ,you will finding the Lib Dems brown eye staring at you .These political parties have the same financial backers and lobby group support.They are ALL involved up to thiers necks in expenses scandals , brown envelopes ,money for questions , money for peerages , illegal wars ,covering for paedophile rings etc etc.. A hung parliment is IRRELEVENT!!! It will be hung between Labour and Tory ,basically the same party anyway , so the status quo AND THE CORRUPTION WILL BE SECURED


Why should LABOUR supportters vote SNP?

Well , Scotland in general is a “leftwing” society. If Scotland was to become independant ,I do NOT see the SNP keeping power for long against a new geniuine Scottish labour party united with the Scottish Socialist Party. If Scotland was to become a shining example of Direct Democray libertarian socialism it would be a physical working example to the English population. Thus making it more likely for the English people and parliment to follow our example. IF YOU VOTE LABOUR ,you keep voting for the Status Quo Labour Tory LibDem and IF YOU expect things to be different YOU ARE INSANE!!!

It is a recognised definition of insanity to keep repeating the same action and expect a different result!!!!

IF you are a genuine socialist labour voter ,then why have you been voting for the NON SOCIALIST New Labour party!?!? ……and if you really cannot stand voting FOR the SNP ,PLEASE THINK about voting FOR the Scottish Socialist Party .Please forget about the Tommy Sheridan circus and a UNIONIST SPLINTER GROUP CALLED “SOLIDARITY”!!

Why should TORIES Vote SNP?

Well if you are a Scottish Tory ,you are as politically popular in Scotland , as a fart in a space suit!! Your politics and party will always be seen as “English”. You are the Conservative and UNIONIST party after all. You need to ditch the unionist,  Thatcher and English label if you want a future in Scottish Politics. The best and ONLY way ,I see this happening to to form a Scottish Tory party in an independant Scotland and try and become the alternative to the Scottish Socialist solution,maybe forming coalitions with the Lib Dems . If you think it is OK for Scotland to be ruled by a party with ZERO MPs in Scotland and a parliment that does NOT EVEN SIT IN SCOTLAND ,then I would suggest you move to England OR HAVE SUCH AN ARGUEMENT AS TO BE ABLE TO CONVINCE A DUTCHMAN TO GIVE UP SOVERIGNTY AND JOIN A GERMAN GOVERNMENT , REMEMBER WHEN THE AUSTRIANS JOINED THE GERMAN GOVERNMENT? OR A FINN TO JOIN THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT, REMEMBER WHEN RUSSIA WAS A UNION!?!?!

UNIONISM NEVER WAS A GOOD IDEA (that’s why NONE of the “new” countries formed since the collapse of Soviet communism, aka state capitalism, have made any attempt to reunite!!!!and Small countries like Iceland are in much better positions to democratically and financially defend themselves from banker bailouts and illegal wars and paedophile rings)

Why should LIB DEMS vote SNP?

Well the Liberals have been out of the halls of power for a very long time now and have NO PROSPECTS of returning anytime soon, EXCEPT IN SCOTLAND!! In Scotland the Lib Dems have been constantly tredding the halls of power in Scottish politics. In an Independant Scotland the Liberals could well become a kingmaker party and actually be the most common party in power! This would give Liberal MPs a platform to show Liberal policies in action and even raise the profile of the party in England.Liberals have a bright future in an Independant Scotland.

Why should a GREEN supportter vote SNP?

Well a Scottish parliment is much more accountable to the Scottish people than a British parliment. An independant Scottish parliment would have control over the Scottish environment and the Scottish people would have more control over the Scottish parliment.With a Scottish Independant Porportional Representation government the Green party will be a force in Scottish politics for the foreseeable future in an independant Scotland.Thus actually protecting the Scottish environment and having a platform to show policies working in action and thus promoting environmentalism worldwide.

Why should a UKIP supportter vote SNP?

You want to keep the £ pound and be out of Europe? Well vote SNP!! If the SNP get thier way and take Scotland out of the UK, it will also mean the NEW NATIONS of the “Republic of Scotland” and the “Kingdom of England, including the provence in Northern Ireland and the Principality of Wales” will be formed from the ruins of the Untied Kingdoms of Scotland and England (UK) These NEW NATIONS would have to reapply to join the EU , that is even if the EU wants to let them reapply. BUT in reality I do NOT see the EU pigs in the trough MEP’s letting such oil rights and fishing grounds out of thier jurisdiction and they would bend over backwards tokeep these new nations in the EU.

Why should a BNP (Scottish Defence League) supportter vote SNP?

Because the SNP are morally and intellectually vastly superior to the BNP! The SNP are NOT a bunch of racsists! The SNP looks to the future, the BNP is trying to recreate the past. BUT if you care about tradintional Scottish and English culture then voting SNP will make that more secure , a vote for the BNP will just drive another wedge in society and this wedge will ultimately be responsible for the fall of Scottish and English culture due to SMALL MINDED PETTY BIGGOTRYAND RASCISM PROMOTED BY THE BNP.The BNP are also culturally “British /English” and this in itself is just as big a threat to genuine Scottish culture as the “micky mouse monoculturalism” that is promoted on TV as multiculturalism.

FYI The world IS MULTICULTURAL , it does NOT need government help to make it so…..IN FACT the government will just make the world one big bache MONOCULTURE!!!


LESS PAEDOPHILES IN POWER. Here is a Freedom Of Information request as to a List of Child Sex Offenders in the UK government. A long list of  Tory , Labour and Lib Dem child abusers ,sexual predators and preverts.




Well if the SNP get a big enough share of the vote they can immediately call an independance referendum. We can them immediately start talking about the FORM OF GOVERNMENT WE WANT IN SCOTLAND ..THIS IS CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN!!!!

I would highly recommend a DIRECT DEMOCRACY GOVERNMENT!!!!









We can aslo start a debate on EU membership , I myself favour the Swiss model but also see a lot of benefits in the Norway model, either way it means LESS EU CONTROL!!!! 



































6 Responses to Why Every Scot should vote SNP at the General Election

  1. enochered says:

    Anyone who thinks that the SNP is not already in the pocket of the parallel government, would do well to swat up on the history of political parties.
    Look at the EU, twenty seven, so called PMs. decide all policy.
    Unfortunately the twenty seven includes Nicolas Sarkozy and as one goes down the list, things only get worse.
    The reality is that as the group with decision making power shrinks, the easier it becomes to buy it off or blackmail it off.
    The senate in the USA is one hundred strong and that means low integrity level and in the case of the senate, that has been clear for ever.
    The number of people who decides policy must be enlarged otherwise the cabinet decides and the minions, even the so called “Usual Suspects” in the labour party, go along with it.
    There appears to be a total ignorance of the aims of the Socialists.
    In general, people think of them as a group who defend the rights of the working classes. This is rubbish. Their aim is to pass total control of every aspect of our lives to an elite. Look at the USSR, a controlling elite who lived like kings and the huddled masses in fear of their lives.
    That is socialism, whether NAZI, Fascist, Communist or Labour. It’s the same thing, based on exactly the same Marxist principles.
    The only way out of the mess we are in, is to ignore political parties altogether, not invent more of them. People should vote for independent candidates, preferably local people, not professional politicians.
    We have been conditioned to believe that only political parties can run things, this is nonsense, things are run by civil servants, unknown and unelected. Take a look at the European Parliament, MPs who are paid to do nothing. They have absolutely no power whatsoever, it is a farce.
    We should be out of Europe at the first opportunity. Personally, I had started to hope that Greece would collapse, and after that, the rest of the so called PIGS.Now, however, it has become clear, that this was not the aim. The real purpose now is for the private IMF, to gain a foothold in Europe to start its asset stripping routine.
    All the PIGS should vote against the their own personal Bilderberger members, get out of the Eurozone, get rid of the private central banks, and take better care of the people.

  2. cuthulan says:

    Hi enochered
    I do agree with everything you said.
    I support the SNP, NOT because I think they are full of genuine “good” people who need to make the descions for the population of Scotland.
    BUT I do think that a vote for the SNP is A VOTE FOR CHANGE! It will break the 2 party system AND the British parlimentry system (in Scotland at least) this will give us the oppertunity to discuss a NEW FORM OF GOVERNMENT and not just which colour of rossette our dictator wears.
    Especially as today we have a capitalist party (the torys) who are state capitalists , and we have a socialist party (new labour) who are in fact state capitalists,one prefers big business the other big government, BOTH ARE IN FACT FASCISTS!
    Fascism is just the merger of state and corporate power, by the nature of representative democracy ALL political parties are fascist.
    Neither Adam Smith nor Karl Marx believed in governments,so why do we put up with them?…..but I suppose that is the job of the MSM to keep telling us government(representative democracy) is good , anarchy(direct democracy) is bad. Representative democracys have high crime rates, start wars, regularly vote in war criminals ,(the UK has not had a PM since 1979 that was NOT a war criminal, Hitler was voted into power by a representative democracy!!!) and direct democracys live in peace and have higher living standards and LESS CRIME, these FACTS escape the MSM and the politions,who willjust keep scaring us about ANARCHY!!!!
    FYI Switzerland is an anarchist state, its a direct democracy, so is Iceland and so is Argentina etc etc etc. Spain was heavily influenced by anarchy until Franco and Hitler put an end to that.

  3. Election Information
    If the Parliament itself resolves that it should be dissolved, with at least two-thirds of the Members (ie. 86 Members) voting in favour, the Presiding Officer proposes a date for an extraordinary general election and the Parliament is dissolved by the monarch by royal proclamation. In the current Parliament, elected in 2007, this can only happen if supported by the Scottish National Party as it has more than one-third of the Members (47 out of 129 Members equals 36.4%) and can therefore block a dissolution resolution unless 4 of its Members were to join with all opposition members to pass a dissolution resolution.

    However, it does not necessarily require a two-thirds majority to precipitate an extraordinary general election, because under the Scotland Act Parliament is also dissolved if it fails to nominate one of its members to be First Minister within certain time limits, irrespective of whether at the beginning or in the middle of a four year term.


    • cuthulan says:

      Thank you very much for that very informative post. Do you know the facts for dissolving the UK parliment?If we can dissolve a Scottish parliment we must be able to dissolve a UK parliment ,a parliment with a much shorter pedigree. Is it a two-thirds majority as well, and can the English monarch not dissolve government when she/he wants…(and in theory not give premission to form a new government).But the queen just does not want to show a “vulgar display of power” against the house of the “common” man? Did the queen not disolve the Australian government in the 1970’s much to the locals discontent…Maybe the queen should just close the UK parliment and just send her representatives to the Scottish , Welsh, Northern Irish and English parliments(assemblies) it would save a lot of taxpayer money and increase democracy and get rid of a massive, corrupt and wasteful layer of administration ,especially in this time of cutbacks,I couldn’t think of a better and more cost effective cut…….and it would make the monarchy more popular , but it would also leave them unemployed(but would they even notice?) or the financial responsibility of the Kingdom of England ….the Sex pistols could have a new number one ..monarchy in the UK , coming some time ,maybe …I want to be monarchy Oi!! 😉
      But on a more serious note ,could the queen of England just decide to close the Scottish parliment ,if she so desires? I think,at the momment, she can dissolve any Scottish governement if the whim takes her?

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