A vote for Labour or Liberal is a vote for the Tories in Scotland

Only a vote for SNP can protect Scotland

The Tories have now admitted that they would see support for Labour and the Liberals in Scotland as a pro-Union vote that the Conservatives would try to use as a mandate to rule in Scotland, even if they have no Scots MPs.
SNP leader Alex Salmond is today (Mon) making a whistle-stop rail tour of key constituencies, as the election campaign enters its final days.
Mr Salmond, who will visit seats including Dundee West, Ochil and Falkirk, said the Tories’ admission that they plan to use votes for other London parties as a Scottish mandate for any Conservative administration had handed the initiative to the SNP.
Mr Salmond said: “The momentum is with the SNP as we count down to polling day, and we intend to push home that advantage in the final days of the campaign. Labour’s campaign has imploded, with voters deserting them – and only the SNP can protect Scotland from the cuts agenda of all the London parties.

“The Tories have now admitted that they would see support for Labour and the Liberals in Scotland as a pro-Union vote that the Conservatives would try to use as a mandate to rule in Scotland, even if they have no Scots MPs. And that is something people contemplating a vote for Labour or the LibDems should bear in mind.

“Scotland has moved on from the days when the Tories tried to run the country against the wishes of the vast majority of Scots. We have our own Parliament and our own Government now, and there will be no turning the clock back.

“By saying they will effectively depend on Labour and Lib Dem seats in Scotland for any mandate, the Tories have handed the initiative to the SNP in the last days of this campaign.

“The message is now crystal clear – only the SNP can protect Scotland, and a vote for any of the other parties simply plays into the hands of those who intend to slash the nation’s budget.
“We are asking the voters who are deserting Labour not just to sit at home, but to come out and vote for SNP local and national champions who will help protect their communities and the country as a whole from the savage cuts agenda of all the London parties.
“A balanced parliament can be the bulwark against those cuts. In the last few days of this campaign, there is everything to play for in Scotland – and if Scots voters want a balanced parliament, redolent with opportunity for Scotland, they should vote SNP.”




3 Responses to A vote for Labour or Liberal is a vote for the Tories in Scotland

  1. Charlie says:

    Hello there, Cuthulan, I still find it hard to agree with you over this vote for SNP business. I agree that it’s better than a vote for the London parties but at the same time, you know as well as I do, that the SNP is as much in the pocket of the Masons and Bankers as the rest of them are. You well know that even the Griffins and the BNP are controlled. UKIP and the Greens are as well. The Griffins are Masons for god’s sake.
    We have to get rid of political parties altogether. After that we close the Central Banks. Everything is under their control mate, even what I’m writing now. All this wailing and mourning for the dead soldiers coming back from the war front. The wars are illegal, “Our Boys” are just as psycopathic as the guys sending them to war. They are professionals, when the time comes, make no mistake about it they will do the same to us, as they have already done in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sorry to be a party pooper but Lets face reality, the UK is done for, whoever wins in England Scotland or Wales Europe rules now. Have you heard anything of interest being discussed I’ve not. Controlled questions, health education jobs, no chance of slipping in anything of substance. Salmond wont save Scotland, nothing can save Scotland, you’re going the same way Ireland has already gone, a Free Nation, so say, for 50 years, then in the 70s they gave it away again. In reality De Valera was a scum of the British, he made sure they got what they wanted. They never let go, they still control the world with the help of the banker married into the bloodline.

    • cuthulan says:

      Hi Charlie , I hear what you say and yet again I have to say I agree with you.
      BUT The SNP are ,for me, the best step forward by a long ,long way for Scotland. Not because of who they are ,but what they want to achieve ,and that is change that I CAN believe in.One of the SNP election motos was “Vote for us and we’ll resign”, it got my vote. If the SNP hold a mandate in Scotland they can negociate the end of the UK. In doing so the WHOLE of the UK would have to re-think its politics from the ground up. Not just reform political parties but reform the political system and re-apply to the EU. This means that EVERYTHING IS UP FOR DISCUSSION!!! Direct democray as a political system, which just means the people form the ultimate executive power ,as in Switzerland or Iceland. So Switzerland ,a central European nation has not been at war since 1815 ,a legal one or otherwise, and Iceland has just said NO to paying back what would of been 40 Billion Euros ,and not the 2 the politions where claiming.
      and even try to make a Libertarian Socialist constitution in the New(Ancient) Nations of Scotland ,England ,Wales and Ireland.
      ONLY AN SNP VOTE will give us the tools to clean out and end political corruption ,cronyism, authoriatarianism and cencorship and bring on TRUE DEMOCRACY IN THE WHOLE UK.
      Why do you think that Germany and Japan where the BIG players post WWII? They lost the war didn’t they? So they had to re-think thier political system and constitution , and in doing so ,became the best prepared nations for the latter 20th century. Of course because it was setup as a representative democracy it was doomed to failure and corruption and now they are just as screwed as the rest of us.

  2. cuthulan says:

    For me the SNP are just the political “blue touch paper” .
    If they manage to catch on , the result will be very explosive.It will not just change Scotland ,it will change the UK and the whole world!!!
    and I honestly believe it would be change for the better for ALL involved, not just the Scots!

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