General Election Parliment is Hung , GREAT! Should I bring tar and feathers too?

A Hung Parliment .At first I was very happy ,with images of politions hanging from lamposts and the people dancing in the streets.But then a FARCE of an election unfolded,with turn outs nowhere near 100% and postal votes at thier highest ,but the Polling stations where swampped.So if all the electorate had shown up ,it would of been a disaster .There are already rumours of voter fraud and legal contests in the air .Why is it that the UK or the USA seems to be unable to run an election without it turning into a FARCE.  BUT  If it is possible for ALL parties and the electorate to have LOST, then this would be the result. BUT the ones that should be hanging thier heads in shame is the electorate!!!

The electorate have been scared into voting for the New Conservative and Unionist Labour party AGAIN ,so do NOT expect any change from these crooks and war mongerers, WELL DONE THE BRITISH ELECTORATE!!!

The BRITISH ELECTORATE had a chance to get rid of  WAR CRIMINALS and CROOKS and instead VOTED them back into power!!!!!! WE had the chance to send a CLEAR message to those that would claim to represent us and WE bottled it!!

So NO MORE COMPLAINTS about illegal wars , political corruption and cencorship WE VOTED FOR IT!!! So now WE must take responsibility for the DEATH and DESTRUCTION and CORRUPTION and ALL its REPERCUTIONS!!! WE do not even have the excuse of ignorance!

So now these London based crooks and war mongerers will try and make deals to grab power . Deals which will include the BARTER AND SELLING OF SCOTLANDS RESOURSES!!!!! As Europe burns , it is now quite possible Scotland will be ASSET STRIPPED to bailout bankers and corrupt politions .Labour will NOT stand in thier way ,they did nothing during the Poll Tax experiment on Scotland , in fact ,New Labour could quite possibly be the ones asset stripping Scotland !! There will be NO Iceland solution for the Scots now.

Deals will be done in London.Deals that will keep the taxpayer funded  illegal wars ticking over , will keep the irresponsible bankers and corrupt politions in the lifestyle they have become accustommed too, at the expense of the UK taxpayer and Scottish resourses.

Deals that will have to be passed by lobby groups and brown envelopes.

So now the Queen of England , a head of state that does NOT even appear on our currency , will ultimately decide who will run Scotland. Welcome to the British protectorate colony of Scotland

So where from here? The Elected Dictatorship will decide and WE must obey and pay! Funnily enough it is only the Liberals that can save us now. FYI to the “leftwing” Labour voters,the Liberals actually have a MORE leftwing manifesto than New Labour!!! We must wait and see if the Liberals can stop illegal wars and end banker bailouts and political corruption ,start voting reform and end the influence of lobby groups like Oil,Israel and Big Pharma………BUT do not hold your breath. 

Most likely out comes

A minority Tory/Ulster Unionist Governement (But Flash Gordon Brown has to resign first)

A Lib/Lab/SDLP coalition government (This may leave a bad taste in the mouth of the electorate,BUT may bring voter reform!!)

A Tory/Lib/UU coalition (very unlikely as Torys flee from voter reform in the same way vampires flee from crucifixs)

It all ends up in COURT!!! and shades of the USA 2000 election. At the momment it could be closer to the USA 2004 election when the looser,or the person with the LEAST votes ,gets to form the government 

If we believe the MSM then a hung parliment is political death and the end of the world as we know it. Of course this is complete nonsense. The Netherlands has managed for decades without a majority government and even without ANY government at times. …..and the sky did not fall ,the world did not end …actually nobody noticed a difference!!!

BUT maybe we end up with a government that cannot pass a law in parliment (YIPEEEE) and we get a second chance to vote within a year.Lets hope we do better next time!!!!



Full Scotland Scoreboard

Party Seats Gain Loss Net Votes % +/-%
Labour 41 0 0 0 1,035,528 42.0 +2.5
Liberal Democrat 11 0 0 0 465,471 18.9 -3.7
Scottish National Party 6 0 0 0 491,386 19.9 +2.3
Conservative 1 0 0 0 412,855 16.7 +0.9
UK Independence Party 0 0 0 0 17,223 0.7 +0.3
Green 0 0 0 0 16,827 0.7 -0.3
British National Party 0 0 0 0 8,910 0.4 +0.3
Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 0 0 0 0 3,530 0.1  
Scottish Socialist Party 0 0 0 0 3,157 0.1 -1.7
Christian Party 0 0 0 0 835 0.0  
Others 0 0 0 0 10,000 0.4 -0.6
Turnout 2,465,722 63.8 3.0

After 59 of 59 seats declared.


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