Vegetarianism is not healthy!!Save the Planet eat Panda burgers!

More Subliminals from Criminals ,vegetarianism is healthy and good for the planet! Turning humanity into a grazing animal and a beast of burden. Vegetarianism is a lifestyle choice, and I support anyone’s right to live as one .Vegetarians ,in general, care more about health ,environmental issues and animal welfare ,than your average person ,which is a good attitude and makes them knowledgeable and responsible citizens,sometimes annoyingly so!There are many different degrees of vegetarianism from ,not eating red meat, to not eating any animal products, and there are many different reason why people become vegetarians. BUT there are also a lot of misconceptions about vegetarianism and its benefits,especially as its a multi-billion dollar industry these days with a huge advertising budget……..and vegetarians ,just like the rest us ,are just as likely to believe the hype and get stuck in the vegetarian R.U.T.(Repeat Until True)


Mongols live longer than Hindu’s. Mongols live a hard existence in a “desert” landscape ,they live exclusively on horse and goat meat and saturated fats, and they will never eat a vegetable in their lives.

Hindu’s live and an abundant landscape and live a “healthy” vegetarian life and they will never eat meat.

The Mongolian is on average healthier and more robust and will live longer than a Hindu.

Mongolia Life expectancy at birth
Mongolia > Demographics

Life expectancy at birth: total population: 67.65 years
male: 65.23 years
female: 70.19 years
(2009 est.)

The average Indian male born in the 1990s can expect to live 58.5 years; women can expect to live only slightly longer (59.6 years), according to 1995 estimates.

India and its Hindu population are starting to live longer. This has nothing to do with diet, and everything to do with a modern health service and helping pregnant women. This can be scene as the Christian and Muslim populations are experiencing the same benefits. It is a healthy lifestyle and not a vegetarian diet which is giving the health and long life benefits to these people. I expect to see a similar rising in life expectancy in Mongolians if theses measures where implemented.

But in another Indian health program an even larger gain in life expectancy is achieved by getting the vegetarian population to eat 3 eggs a week.

“Life expectancy in Tamil Nadu will go up”

CUDDALORE: With a series of healthcare programmes under implementation in Tamil Nadu, life expectancy in the State is bound to go up by another 10 years, Health Minister M.R.K. Panneerselvam has said.

Life expectancy stood at 45 years at the time of Independence. It has risen to 67 years.

With the launch of the ‘Kalaignar insurance scheme for life-saving treatments for poor families, it would be extended to 75-77 years, Mr. Panneerselvam said.
The younger generation would be healthier than the present one because of the launch of a host of healthcare services such as the financial aid to pregnant women, Varumum Kappom Thittam and the three-eggs-a-week scheme.

Also eating large amounts of food,which for a humans, vegetarianism requires to recieve the same amount of protein and energy, REDUCES LIFE EXPECTANCY!!! Another downside to vegetarianism.

Today it is shown that any increase in life expectancy due to vegetarianism is FALSE.It was the “lifestyle” of vegetarians that helped ,as they tended not to drink alcohol or smoke tobacco and also took more exercise . Today a smoking and drinking red meat eater will live just as long as a non-smoking ,non-drinking VEGAN!!

Regular meat eaters and vegans shared the highest mortality ratio of 1.00. The study reported the numbers of deaths in each category, and expected error ranges for each ratio, and adjustments made to the data. However, the “lower mortality was due largely to the relatively low prevalence of smoking in these [vegetarian] cohorts

Basic biology folks. There is a BIG difference between Animal cells and Plant cells. Plant cells contain CELL WALLS. These cell walls and made from cellulose and are completely UNDIGESTIBLE to humans. A human will STARVE TO DEATH eating celery ,faster than eating nothing, as the body spends more energy trying to break down the cellulose ,than it receives from the celery .Mammals that are vegetarian have more than one stomach(cows ,horses etc) OR eat their own shit (Rabbits). Which one does the modern vegetarian human fall into?


Nowhere in human history have great herds of humans filled the savannah or the plains. Biologically we have only one stomach that CANNOT digest cellulose and our teeth are that of a carnivore. We have incisors for biting , front teeth for removing bone marrow and molars for cracking bones(if they where for vegetable matter they would move from side to side). Our eyes are the eyes of a predator and point forward and not the eyes of a grazing animal which are side facing.

There is a theory that we descended from a herbivore ancestor. This IMHO is very unlikely but is still a valid but controversial theory.I believe our ancestor was an opportunist omnivore,whos diet was mainly meat ,but in times of need, could eat fruits and vegetables to live. BUT even if this herbivore theory was true, there have been many advanced primates that share this ancestor. At least 20 advanced primate species that we know of today , all different species from modern man, ALL EXTINCT TODAY!!!!  The only version of mankind that “made the grade” and survived on planet Earth was biologically a carnivore ape. IN REALITY it does NOT take intelligence to out smart a carrot and herbivores cannot ingest enough protein from vegetables to GROW A LARGE BRAIN! That is why there are NO advanced intelligent herbivores. The largest brains on planet Earth are fed by meat. Plankton for whales and fish for dolphins and meat for mankind.


Vegetarianism is also very BAD for the planet. The amount of fertilizers used to grow this food that runs off into our streams and rivers and seas ,that cause bacterial blooms that KILL OFF THE LIFE in these rivers and streams is causing major environmental damage!

Fertilizer Runoff Overwhelms Streams and Rivers–Creating Vast “Dead Zones”
The nation’s waterways are brimming with excess nitrogen from fertilizer–and plans to boost biofuel production threaten to aggravate an already serious situation
The water in brooks, streams and creeks from Michigan to Puerto Rico carries a heavy load of pollutants, particularly nitrates from fertilizers. These nitrogen and oxygen molecules that crops need to grow eventually make their way into rivers, lakes and oceans, fertilizing blooms of algae that deplete oxygen and leave vast “dead zones” in their wake. There, no fish or typical sea life can survive. And scientists warn that a federal mandate to produce more biofuel may make the situation even worse.

The bacterial blooms in our seas are fed by this nitrate fertilizer run off as well. BUT also the “poo” that vegetarians flush down the toilet has still at least 90% of its goodness still UNDIGESTED .This also feds the bacterial blooms in the sea. But vegetarians will have to eat MORE to receive LESS goodness and the amount of pesticides and fertilizers used are immense compared to a growth hormone shot for beef. If you think the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is bad for the environment and creating “dead zones” ….this is nothing compared to the global damage caused by nitrate fertilizer run off.

It is much more efficent and uses LESS CHEMICALS if we get the cows to convert the grass and then eat the cows

Research links pesticides with ADHD in children
May 17, 2010 By CARLA K. JOHNSON , AP Medical Writer (AP) — A new analysis of U.S. health data links children’s attention-deficit disorder with exposure to common pesticides used on fruits and vegetables.
Children may be especially prone to the health risks of pesticides because they’re still growing and they may consume more pesticide residue than adults relative to their body weight.
In the body, pesticides break down into compounds that can be measured in urine. Almost universally, the study found detectable levels: The compounds turned up in the urine of 94 percent of the children.
The kids with higher levels had increased chances of having ADHD, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, a common problem that causes students to have trouble in school. The findings were published Monday in Pediatrics.

Weed killer turns male frogs into females
Azadeh Ansari
March 2, 2010

Atrazine, a weed killer widely used in the Midwestern United States and other agricultural areas of the world, can chemically “castrate” male frogs and turn some into females, according to a new study.

The Monsanto Company (NYSE: MON) is a U.S.-based multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation. It is the world’s leading producer of the herbicide glyphosate, marketed as “Roundup”. Monsanto is also the leading producer of genetically engineered (GE) seed; it sells 90% of the US’s GE seeds.[1] It is headquartered in Creve Coeur, Missouri.[2]
Agracetus, owned by Monsanto, exclusively produces Roundup Ready soybean seed for the commercial market. In 2005, it finalized purchase of Seminis Inc, making it the world’s largest conventional seed company.
Monsanto is notable for its involvement in high profile lawsuits, as both plaintiff and defendant. It has been involved in a number of class action suits, where fines and damages have run into the hundreds of millions of dollars, usually over health issues related to its products. Monsanto has also made frequent use of the courts to defend its patents, particularly in the area of biotechnology.



Two studies have shown some correlation between dementia and tofu consumption in Javanese and Japanese American populations.[45] Researchers believe that this could be related to phytoestrogen and isoflavone in tofu. Consumption of tofu has been linked with dementia in certain age groups in more than one study

Soy, Alzheimers and Brain Aging

Research seems to indicate that eating excess soy product brings on brain aging and alzheimers disease.
Dr. Lon White of Hawaii was interested in how tofu eating affected the men in his area. He traced a group of men from 1965 to 1993. Dr. White found “a significant link between tofu consumption during midlife and loss of mental ability and even loss of brain weight.”
Hawaii Research

Research into this has found the connection. First, healthy brain cells are measured by a brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). A low BDNF causes brain atrophy and is linked with Alzheimer’s. In a study published in “Neuroscience Letters”, they found that soy intake lowered the BDNF in rats.
More about the BDNF Study

One issue with soy and the brain is that soy contains “phytates” which block zinc absorption. While you’re ingesting soy – found in most processed foods – your body is not absorbing zinc. Zinc is critical for brain and nervous system functioning. It affects perception, motor coordination, memory, reasoning, and much more.
Research on Zinc Deficiency and Brain Impairment

In research reported on, a site that talks about the brain, it turns out that every plant has its means of defense. Roses have thorns, some plants taste awful. The soy plant’s defense is that it puts out an estrogen-like substance. This causes males who eat it to become less fertile, in essence lessening the likelihood that the males will create baby “soy eaters” to keep eating the plant. This estrogen-like substance interferes with how natural estrogens are received in the brain – and compromises brain efficiency.
The full report on soy

home erectus. (Ardrey, Hunting Hypothesis, p. 147) Diet exclusively of uncooked meat the fats of which allow brain growth. Brain size was equivalent to modern humans. (Estimated number of cells in the human brain – 10,000 million.)

300,000BC-400,000-BC: Man begins to appreciate-learn to use fire. (Ardrey, Hunting Hypothesis, p. 56) For cooking meat.

450,000BC to 380,000BC: Evidence of a wooden hut with a hearth at Terra Amata, near Nice, France, time of Mindel Glaciation. Also near Nice, France, an Acheulean hut dated 500,000-400,000BC a home evidently for Neandertals, with use of a fireplace, and furs, grasses, seaweeds used as bedding.


The anthropological record of early man clearly shows health took a nosedive when populations made the switch from hunting and gathering(meat based diet) to agriculture(vegetable based diet). It takes a physical anthropologist about two seconds to look at a skeleton unearthed from an archeological site to tell if the owner of that skeleton was a hunter-gatherer or an agriculturist.
But the skeletal remains of hunter-gatherers show them to be much healthier than agriculturalists. Hunter-gatherers had better bones, had no signs of iron-deficiency anemia, no signs of infection, few (if any) dental cavities, fewer signs of arthritis and were in general larger and more robust than their agriculture-following contemporaries.…nter-gatherers/

Both me and my daughter became ill as vegetarians ,our doctor said ,it was due to iron deficiency. It stopped as soon as we both gave up being vegetarians. I have heard the same story from others like myself. Many people that I knew as vegetarians in their youth (student days) have now stopped FOR HEALTH REASONS!!!!

Today I eat chickens , cows , pigs and sheep nearly everyday. Are ANY of these creatures facing extinction? What would happen to all these animals if we all became vegetarian tomorrow? We would still have to fed them and care for them , and would we sterilize  them all? It would probably lead to an environmental disaster and definitely a great reduction in the numbers of these animals.It would probably lead to food shortages as well.The increase needed in food production in farming and its fertilizer and pesticide use would kill the sea for good!! We would probably have to pump up the petro chemical industry to replace the animal products that we loose as well….just making more  pollution.


If the Chinese had decided to eat pandas instead of rice , there would be Eco- hippies running around desperately  trying to save the “paddy field” from extinction ,as the Chinese need more bamboo for their Panda farms!!!  😉

I love and respect the animals I eat. It is very important for me that they are treated with respect , and NOT battery farmed. I think everybody that eats meat should have to kill and prepare thier own meat at least once, so they understand the REALITY of what they are doing. I know for some people this is too much, so may I suggest eating fish! Another very healthy high protein food source.

Vegetarianism is a multi-billion dollar industry these days ,and like any multi-national industry its the bottom dollar and profit margins that counts and there is a massive advertising budget available.  So vegetarians ,DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE!!! I know a lot of vegetarians are against pesticides etc, but its same with us meat eaters. BUT in the end of the day its the multi-billion dollar vegetarian food industry that is probably doing more ecological damage with fertilizers , pesticides and GM crops and also reducing your life-expectancy, which is a shame as you guys tend to live  healthier lives in all other respects ,……….that’s the only reason you keep up with us meat eaters 😉

SO if you want to save the PLANET ,please give up vegetarianism, it really is NOT HELPING THE PLANET!!  Buy LOCAL produce ,and free range meat and organic vegetables.

If you want to be healthy and live longer , give up smoking ,take exercise and KEEP EATING MEAT and STAY AWAY FROM SOYA PRODUCTS!!

If you care about animal well being , and the natural life cycles ,EAT FREE RANGE ORGANIC MEAT and local seasonal organic produce!!

As they say “One mans meat , is another mans poison” and variety is the spice of life ……and  I like vegetarians . BUT I couldn’t eat a whole one 😉

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