The SNP has become Scotland’s largest party

The SNP has become Scotland’s largest party with nearly 16,000 members after Labour’s claims to have 20,000 members were revealed as spin.

In June SNP membership stood at  15,945 as it continues to increase steadily from 10,854 in 2004.

Labour’s claim to have 20,000 Scottish members, made at the leadership hustings in June, was exposed when the UK leadership results showed there were only 13,000 members in Scotland.  Nearly 3,000 less than the SNP.

SNP Business Convener Bruce Crawford MSP

With the SNP now the largest party in Scotland the political tide has really turned.

“Every one of the SNP’s 15,945 members plays their part in our efforts to make Scotland a better country and every one of them is an essential part of the SNP’s success.   Membership of the SNP has continued to increase from our historic election win in 2007 as people across Scotland recognise that it is the SNP that has the values and priorities of the Scottish public at its heart.
“Unfortunately for Iain Gray the publication of the full UK result for Labour’s leadership contest has given the game away. The Scottish Labour leader has been left exposed by this blunder by Labour HQ. Iain Gray was either making membership numbers up or Scottish Labour has lost 7000 members in the last 3 months.  Labour’s new leader is in for a real disappointment.  

 “The SNP’s team has worked with people, communities and businesses to put Scotland’s economy, environment, schools and hospitals first, and more and more people have joined the party as a contribution to making Scotland a better country with the full responsibilities of independence.   Responsibilities that will allow us to build a strong economy, properly invest in our young people and deliver better support for our elderly.  

“A new leader should be an opportunity for Labour to leave its con tricks and spin machine behind it.  So far the prospects don’t look good.”



I hope that this is a trend in the Scottish people that continues.Hopefully the Scottish people are beginning to realise that the SNP is the only progressive solution ,while “New Old Labour” just promises more of the same old, tired, failed ,unionist, propaganda .The exact same policies that brought Scotland to its knees in the first place! To repeat an act and expect a different effect ,is a recognised definition of insanity….it seems Scotland is coming to its senses!

  Especially after the election of Ed Milibands as head of New Labour. Even with ALL the mainstream Labour media muppet show going full pelt about Miliband Tweedle Dee and Miliband Tweedle Eee ,as if it would make any difference what so ever, the grassroots support that used to be Labours bedrock is disappearing at a fast  rate.

BUT then Labour used to be the “socialist” party of the working man and working men filled ,supportted and financied the party.NOT TODAY! Today ,champagne social democrats with free market economics (New Labour is NOT a socialist party) supportted by middle class, little England and financed by big business and the elite make the “NEW Labour and Unionist party”. A party willing to lock-step with the conservatives to reach thier political aims.It is Labour in name only , it is a political enuch , a captured slave ,gelded and put on display for the benefit of thier masters ,merely used as population control.

ONLY the SNP can deliver a REAL PROGRESSIVE ALTERNATIVE to the current crisis.

BUT then after independence I would want a DIRECT DEMOCRACY IN SCOTLAND.



4 Responses to The SNP has become Scotland’s largest party

  1. enochered says:

    I don’t know Cuthulan, you’re so right about most things, but so blind to the reality of Scottish politics. Scotland has been under the total control of the Free Masons since forever. What good do you think, yet another Political Party is going to be? Whatever they choose to do will be under orders from above. You can bet your life’s savings that Salmond is at least a thirty three degree Mason. Why do you think there is no movement over Hollie Greig or Dunblane. Strange how the Lockerbie ‘Patsy’ was let out to the order of BP. Well done Gadhaffi. Be seein yah!

    • cuthulan says:

      I agree NO political party will “save” Scotland, or any country for that matter.
      I see the SNP as a chance to END the UK, and in doing so ,we bring ourselves OUT of the EU and MUST discuss terms for re-admittance, or do we even want to join the EU? These same questions would have to be answered by the newly re-formed Kingdom of England as well.
      It is a chance to discuss a democratic system for the 21st century ,instead of 18th century fuedalism with a vote.It is a chance to put DIRECT DEMOCRACY in place,and end the “Rule of the 30 Tyrants” that is representative democracy. IF we achive this then we can investigate Hollie Grieg and Dunblane , we can track down the REAL BOMBER of the Pan Am flight ,we can refuse to bailout bankers , we arrest politions for war crimes, we can start GENUINE inquiries into political wrong doings. In fact we can make our public servants, SERVILE AGAIN! Would it end corruption in Scotland ? NO! BUT it would give us effective tools to defend ourselves from those that concider themselves above the law!
      I see the SNP as a means NOT AN ENDS! and it could all be done without a shot being fired or anybody killing, beating or knee capping anyone else.

  2. enochered says:

    We were hoping for the same thing in Irelend. What we got was total slavery. The Bankers who run the UK never let go. If they can keep control of the Russian Revolution and still keep a Central Bank there, up to this day. Do you really think there is any hope small countries like Scotland and Ireland? The Irish like the rest of you will pay the bankers. It is impossible to make folk understand that if the government refuse to pay the interest owed to the bankers, the bankers can do nothing about it.

    • cuthulan says:

      Yet again I totally agree with your comments.That is why I support Direct Democracy as a political sytem,as it makes the people the highest executive and the people can repeal laws , start inquires ,arrest criminal politions. This is exactly what happened in Iceland when they told “thier government” they will NOT pay the bankers debt. SO YES there is a lot of hope for “small” countries. The Chinese ratings agencies rate Norway , Switzerland ,New Zealand and other “small” countries as AAA, the UK and USA are in the B ratings and dropping fast. Small countries with controlable governments have higher standards of living ,more freedoms ,less crime and corruption ,less polution and do NOT get sold as debt slaves to the highest bidder.The Russian revolution was taken over by “state capitalists” and the libertarians where executed,Stalin worked with “Western” Big Business.Here is a rather long and detailed post about that very subject.
      Hope all is well with you, just survived a riot in Amsterdam ,was fighting with the riot police, bricks flying ,cars burning and tear gas in the air. I hear its the same in Greece and Spain and some brave Irish protestors drove a cement truck into the Anglo-Irish bank.I believe the French are getting restless as well !
      Europe is waking up BUT do not expect to heat about it on the MSM!!

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