A Tribute to Kanellos ,freedom fighter and mans best friend

Kanellos organising the protestors

The dog takes a frontline position as protesters confront riot police

Kanellos the Greek protest dog
A dog that has been seen at nearly every demonstration in Athens over the last two years has turned up again during the recent protests against new austerity measures

Kanellos[1] (Greek: Κανέλλος) (meaning “cinnamon”) is a stray dog that resides in Athens, Greece. Greek photographers capturing riot footage started to notice the dog when he kept appearing in their negatives.


I have to say I do like this story. I remember staying in Athens in the early 90’s ,feeding the stray dogs and sleeping in the Acropolis. The Greek anarchists always kept dogs as the local police (usually recruited from the mountains) seemed scared stiff of dogs. 

I remember Scotland in the 80’s and the anti-poll tax demonstartions. There we used to organise that everybody should be walking thier dog on a certain street at a certain time. We always seemed to be thier when the baliffs arrived and the baliffs did seem to wind up the dogs .

The Legendary Athens Greece Riot Dog

Kanellos A song for Kanellos, the riot dog Τραγούδι για σ. Κανέλο

The original Kanellos died two years ago at around age 17, and the one showing up since then is his successor, Thodorius … which would be even more awesome, because it would mean Kanellos’ example is inspiring other dogs to rise up against man’s oppression. By the way, he also inspired someone to record an anthem:

A song for comrade Kanelos, the riot dog
Song , lyrics S. Drogosis
The legendary Kanellos passed away about 2 years ago. His name means Cinnamon. He lived a long and free life. He must have been about 17 when he died. He was always there to stand next to the students, the protesters and the people hanging around the central area of Athens, especially at Exarcheia. In his last 12 years he moved into the Polytechneio premises, the Technical University of Athens which is in the Exarcheia area. He became a frequenter, more frequent than many students and started to hang around the corridors, the classes and students councils becoming more of a friend than a mascot. When the Dean of the Architecture department called the dog catcher the people rised. A petition and even a demostration was held, in demand of Kanellos release. Finally they let him go but he was already worned out by arthritis and old age and had trouble walking. The students gathered money and bought him a wheelchair for dogs. One student took him in so he could take care of him in his last days. Kanellos finally passed away on the 2nd of july 2008 and returned again into Polytechneio where he was buried accompanied by many of his friends.

Rebel Dog is just one of the new generation of political strays. You can find strays attending demostrations in many cities of Greece, such as Thessaloniki. All the dogs would like to be like Kanellos, free, happy and restless

Here are photos of the late Kanellos

A song for Kanellos





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