Announcing Cuthulans Newshit

Yes folks, due to work and social pressures ,I have had a lot less time to post and keep up-to-date with my blog.

Can I thank ALL those that have read and commented on my site, I will still be posting on Cuthulans Blog but it will be more sporadic.But Cuthulans Blog will live on…and on and on

I am running a trial version site ,which is more a collection of the days News articles with my usual wit and wisdom ,or lack of ,added on.

Its called CuthulansNewshit

Get your New Shit with a News Hit!

Please feel free to comment and add any ideas you think are good. Its is just an idea I am trying out and all advice would be gladly accepted..I Still do not know if I will or can keep the new blog running, but I will give it my best.

Yet again I thank everyone for making Cuthulans Blog bigger than I ever imagined or even planned. It was originally just somewhere I could blow off some steam , and talk about science ,history ,politics and god ,but while doing so I have found so many other “steam blowing”people and we have ended up concentrating on political corruption and war mongerers BUT together I think we have helped shape a better resistance to the status quo and those that would profit from war and ideology…. and hopefully long may it continue

Every human being is a finite piece of infinite possiblity

I thank you all.


2 Responses to Announcing Cuthulans Newshit

  1. enochered says:

    Hope it all works out mate.Will keep in touch. Good Luck.

    Nice post rated up.

    • cuthulan says:

      Cheers old friend ,and all the best to you too. I will certainly be dropping by your blog as well., i would recommend all my readers to do
      Keep up the great work

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