Tony Blair: Libya, Lockerbie, Arms and Betrayals. Murder, War Crimes and Paedophilia

“The public cannot be too curious concerning the characters of public men.” (Samuel Adams, 1722-1803, letter 1775.)





Bush Administration Officially Found Guilty of War Crimes- Lawyer Says “We WILL Get Bush”
The White House is getting nervous about its own crimes, as the worlds top war crimes prosecuting lawyer declares he WILL get Bush and Obama, for torture and secret wars ” we don’t even know about”.
In the first trial of its kind ever, George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, William Haynes, Jay Bybee, and John Yoo were convicted in Malaysia, for torture and inhumane degrading treatment of people.
This is no small or meaningless trial- this is a very serious and historical guilty verdict, like a 21st century Nuremberg trial, and only the first of many trials to come. The names of all these guilty, high ranking officials are even going to be entered into the “Commission’s Register of War Criminals ” for public record.
This trial was the work of Malaysia’s ex Prime Minister Mahuthir Mohamad. The trial went over and received testimony from people like ex-Guantanamo detainees, an Iraqi woman who was tortured in the Abu Ghraib prison, and many other victims of the criminal Bush Administration. The prosecutors say its just he beginning, the Obama administration’s prosecution is coming too.
War crimes expert and lawyer Francis Boyle of the University of Illinois was part of the prosecution team. Francis Boyle says he hopes similar trials will be carried out around the world, and that they likely will. The citizens of the world can and will prosecute these war criminals before they do worse.
As for past attempts at getting George Bush, Boyle says “I’ve tried to get bush indicted three times in Canada with Canadian lawyers, and then in Switzerland, where we scared Bush out of making a speech because he feared prosecution. ” Clearly, these criminals are scared, and they are more then likely using intelligence agencies of the US to ensure their own safety from the prosecution they deserve.
The court also heard testimony from people such as Abbas Abia’s, a 48 yr old engineer from Fallujah, Iraq, who had his fingernails removed with pliers, Ali Shalal, who was connected to bare electrical wires and electrocuted while being hung from a wall, and Jameelah, who was stripped nude, humiliated, and used as a human shield while on a helicopter. So as this goes to show, US forces were using people as human shields too, possibly more than the famously alleged “suicide bombers using women and children as human shields”.
But this wasn’t just a few fringe people in Iraq- this treatment was directly ordered by every member of the Bush Administration indicted. Emails and other evidence were presented, showing that the leaders coordinated with their military personnel techniques of torture, and that they ordered the inhumane treatment themselves, therefore they are responsible. People compare this to the Nuremberg trials of Nazi Germany, and rightfully so.
Dick Cheney says in his own biography that he fears being prosecuted as a war criminal, and that, he will face more than likely. Justice is coming, and the world will no longer stand for these crimes against humanity. This is just he beginning- the Bush Administration will be prosecuted, and the Obama Administration is next, as these top war crimes prosecutors insist.
By Cassius Methyl
July 2, 2013


550px-Libya_(orthographic_projection)_svgThis will surely have you falling down with surprise. According to documents released under the Freedom of Information Act and obtained by the (UK) Sunday Telegraph, the August 2009 release from Scotland’s Barlinnie jail of Libyan Abdelbaset al- Megrahi, accused of the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland in December 1988, hinged on an oil and arms deal, allegedly brokered by roving war monger (sorry, roving “Peace Ambassador”) Tony Blair.
At this point it should be said that anyone who has read John Ashton and Ian Ferguson’s meticulous “Cover up of Convenience” (i) on the Lockerbie tragedy could only regard Mr al-Meghrahi’s conviction as between very unsafe and very questionable.
The British Labour Party, which Blair headed for ten years, until 27th June 2007, have always insisted that the release had no connection with commercial deals. After leaving Downing Street, Blair visited Libya some six times.
On 8th June 2008, the then British Ambassador to Libya, Sir Vincent Fean, sent Tony Blair’s private office a thirteen hundred word briefing on the UK’s eagerness to do business with Libya, according to the Telegraph. (ii) Blair flew to Tripoli to meet Colonel Quaddafi, just two days later, June 10th. Quaddafi paid: Blair, always lavish with other’s money had requested, and was granted, the Colonel’s private jet for the journey.
Sir Vincent’s “key objective” was for: “Libya to invest its £80 billion sovereign wealth through the City of London”, according to the Telegraph, which also cites the Ambassador writing of the UK being : “privately critical of then President George Bush for ‘shooting the US in the foot’ by continuing to put a block on Libyan assets in America, in the process scuppering business deals.” Britain however, was voraciously scrambling to fill the fiscal gap.
Unlike the US and UK who abandon or drone to death their own citizens who are in trouble, or even accused of it, Libya’s Administration had stood by their man and seemed to be prepared to do even unpalatable deals to free him and had long been pressuring the UK to release al-Megrahi.
In May 2007, a month before he left Downing Street, Blair had made his second visit to Libya, meeting Colonel Quaddafi and his Prime Minister Al Baghdadi Ali al-Mahmoudi in then beautiful and now near ruined city of Sirte.
Surely coincidentally, on this trip, a deal was seemingly thrashed out, including prisoner transfer, just before British Petrolium (BP) announced their approximate £454 million investment to prospect for £13billion worth of oil in Libya.
Also, states the Telegraph report: “At that meeting, according to Sir Vincent’s email, Mr Blair and Mr Al Baghdadi agreed that Libya would buy a missile defence system from MBDA – a weapons manufacturer part-owned by Britains’s BAE Systems.” This seemed to (also) hinge on a Memorandum of Understanding for a Prisoner Transfer Agreement: “which the Libyans believed would pave the way for al-Megrahi’s release.” Various sources state that the arms deal was worth £400 million, and up to two thousand jobs in the UK. Sir Vincent referred to the arms deal as a “legacy issue.” Blair’s “legacy”, as ever, synonymous with destruction.
Ironically, it was Blair who credited himself with persuading Colonel Quaddafi to abandon and destroy his weapons programmes after his visit to the country in March 2004 (placing that Judas kiss the Colonel’s cheek) as a step to Libya returning to the fold of the duplicitous “international community.” With friends like Blair, enemies are a redundancy.
When Blair returned to Libya in June 2008, the Telegraph contends that the British Government, then under Gordon Brown, Blair’s former Chancellor of the Exchequer (who left the national coffers near empty) used the opportunity: “ to press the case for the arms deal to be sealed. At the time, Britain was on the brink of an economic and banking crisis – and Libya, though the Libyan Investment Authority – had billions of pounds in reserves.”
Saif al-Islam, Quaddafi’s son, expressed the concern over the arms deal being voiced from within the Libyan military, given their close ties to the “Russian defence equipment camp.”
An earlier discovery by the Sunday Telegraph shows, in letters and emails, that Blair held hitherto undisclosed talks with the Colonel in April 2009, four months before al-Megrahi’s release. (iii)
Again he was flown at the expense of the Colonel, in his private jet: “In both 2008 and 2009, documents show Mr Blair negotiated to fly to the Libyan capitol … in a jet provided by Quaddafi.” Blair’s Office denies the claims, saying they were transported in a Libyan government ‘plane.
By the time of the 2009 visit: “Libya was threatening to cut all business links if al-Megrahi stayed in a British jail.” Blair seemingly attempted to pour oil on troubled waters by bringing American billionaire, Tim Collins to that meeting to advise Quaddafi on building the beach resorts he was planning, on the Libyan coast.
Further adding to the murk, a spokesperson for Collins stated:“Tim was asked to go by Tony Blair in his position as a trustee of Mr Blair’s US faith foundation. Tim had no intention of doing any business with Quaddafi.”
However: “Sources in Libya said Quaddafi had discussed with Mr Collins opening beach resorts along the Libyan coast, but that Mr Collins had dismissed the idea because the Libyans would not sanction the sale of alcohol or gambling at the resorts.
Blair’s spokesperson said of the visit: “ … Tony Blair has never had any role, either formal or informal, paid or unpaid, with the Libyan Investment Authority or the Government of Libya and he has no commercial relationship with any Libyan company or entity.” A Blair first, seemingly, given the impression that he never touches down anywhere without emerging with a lucrative contract or a large cheque.
However, Oliver Miles, a former British ambassador to Libya, is quoted as saying : “Mr Blair is clearly using his Downing Street contacts to further his business interests.”
In a further coincidence, the Prisoner Transfer agreement for Mr al-Megrahi was signed the day before Blair’s 2009 visit.
When al-Megrahi, who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, was released in August 2009, the British media and politicians were outraged. Scotland had done a deal and was benefiting financially from Libya. The latest revelations prove Scotland did no financial deals. When Mr al-Megrahi failed to die, politicians and media were even more outraged. They were a shaming spectacle.
Mental mind set can be a huge force in prolonging life in even the most serious cancer patients. No doubt in al-Megrahi’s case, being back in a home and with a family he loved contributed to his extra time. He survived long enough to see his country destroyed by the devious forces the West embodies – and at which Blair excels. Megrahi died in September 2012.
Incidentally, Ambassador Fean reportedly “expressed relief” at al-Megrahi’s release: “He noted that a refusal of Megrahi’s request could have had disastrous implications for British interests in Libya. ‘They could have cut us off at the knees.”
Quaddafi, however, never signed the arms deal.
Footnote: The 2004 visit by Blair was arranged by Saif al Islam, who Blair seemingly knew well and had allegedly even offered suggestions on his PhD thesis when Saif was studying at the London School of Economics.
In September last year Saif al-Islam’s lady friend of six years, appealed, passionately, to Blair to intervene to save the life of his now captured, maimed and death penalty-facing friend: “The two are old friends – it is time that Mr Blair returned some loyalty. Mr Blair is a man of God – as a Christian he has a moral duty to help a friend in need”, she has commented. (v)
Seemingly there has been no response from Blair’s office. Further, an extensive search for a comment on the appalling death of Colonel Quaddafi – his former host and private ‘plane provider – and the demise of much of his family from this “Peace Envoy” and “man of God”, has come up with absolutely nothing.
To mangle a quote: Beware of British offering deals.
By Felicity Arbuthnot
Global Research, August 02, 2013



Ten Years Ago: The Political Assasination of Dr. David Kelly

The campaign to re-open the inquest into the death of Dr David Kelly is holding a silent, gagged, protest outside the Royal Courts of Justice, London, on Thursday 18th July 2pm, to mark the tenth anniversary of Dr Kelly’s death and to demand the re-opening of his inquest.
Campaigners demand Dr Kelly’s inquest, as his right under British law, to examine all the evidence, including the fresh evidence. The coroner ‘speaks for the dead to protect the living.’ Campaigners demand due process of British law and transparency, for the clear establishment of truth and justice.
All single, unexplained deaths require an inquest under British law. Dr Kelly’s unexplained death, according to many centuries of British law, should have been examined in a proper coronial inquest, with the option of a jury, the power to subpoena witnesses, testimony given under oath, with cross-examination and the requirement to establish suicide beyond reasonable doubt.
Instead, Section 17A of the Coroners Act 1988 was quickly invoked – which is used to cover multiple deaths, as with train disasters – probably uniquely, for Dr Kelly’s single, unexplained death. The result was the Hutton Inquiry, engaged only to look into ‘the circumstances surrounding Dr Kelly’s death’, neither overseen by a coroner, nor with the proper powers of an inquest.
There is fresh evidence which requires the scrutiny of a proper coronial inquest. Thames Valley Police FoI responses reveal that there were no fingerprints on six items found with Dr Kelly’s body, including the knife with which he is said to have cut his ulnar artery, blister packs of Co-proxamol tablets, which he is said to have swallowed, an opened water bottle, a watch, spectacles and mobile phone. No gloves were found at the scene.
Lord Hutton requested the records provided to the Hutton Inquiry, not produced in evidence, be closed for 30 years, and that medical reports and photographs be closed for 70years. The Ministry of Justice was unable to explain the legal basis for Lord Hutton’s order.
The Dr Kelly Inquest Campaign demands due process of law – the re-opening of Dr Kelly’s inquest – and transparency, to achieve truth and justice.

For further press information contact:
Jayne Venables





The Power of Paedophile connections in Europe and the United Kingdom
On March 5th an article appeared in french entitled “Le réseau paedophile d’élite à Londres avait des ramifications aux Pays Bas” or The pedophile elite of London had branches in the Netherlands

The translation is below. unfortunately, as I did a direct translation, grammar is off, but I don’t want to go altering the original to be fair.
This is a good translation from and we are reproducing it here

In England, they continue to discover new paedophiles within various institutions and in the Government. Even in Downing Street and the royal family paedophiles are found. The Elm Guest House Scandal demonstrates partly how the paedophile network operated
A week ago, we heard that a Conservative MP (d. 1995) Geoffrey Dickens warned the Government about paedophiles in the Thatcher Government . Following this warning he received direct threats against his life and was the victim of many burglaries.
From 1981 to 1985, Dickens tried to alert the Parliament on a paedophile network especially about the distribution of child pornography. But no action was taken.
However, he exposed Peter Hayman, a diplomat and a member of MI6, as a paedophile who had escaped prosecution although he was caught with child porn and video equipment, In 1983, Dickens spoke of a paedophile network that involved personalities, “people in positions of power, influence and responsibility,” he threatened these people with exposure in Parliament.
In 1984, Dickens called on the Government to ban the Paedophile Information Exchange ban (PIE), a platform through which the paedophiles exchanged photos, videos and addresses . It is also suspected that the system was used to order children. Dickens also mentioned the rape of children who were under local authority care to Leon Brittan.Dickens denounced the existence of children’s brothels in Islington, a suburb of London (precisely where Tony Blair lived), and stated that forty children were victims. He gave everything to Scotland Yard, But the Police did nothing.
In 1984 the Police were vaguely investigating Elm Guest House, this chic hotel in London, where children from orphanages were raped under the eye of cameras by MPs, judges, pop stars and others. Among the visitors Elm Guest House was just Sir Peter Hayman.The Police and Authorities have never conduct a proper investigation into the Paedophile Ring even though they were alerted. Dickens also sent some of the documents related to this case the interviewer Andrea Davison . But in January 2010 the Welsh Police seized the evidence. Andrea Davison explained that at this time the cops were afraid that the paedophile VIP Ring would be exposed due to the antics of Jimmy Savile.She also explained that Dickens gave the same folder Leon Brittan, whose involvement was not established at the time, but actually he was one of the visitors Elm House. Andrea Davison had spoken with Dickens in the early 90s, after “Leon Brittan has been named by a number of survivors. It was crucial for the paedophile ring to have their own people in high positions. “
It is also proved that the record of 50 pages, hand delivered by Dickens in 1984, had disappeared from the, Ministry of Home Affairs (home office) when Leon Brittan was Home Secretary.Another copy of the Dickens dossier was destroyed by his family after his death because his wife believed that said file was too sensitive to keep the family home. But copies exist, but where they are.?
In early February, John Stingemore, former head master of Grafton Close Home, an orphanage which had some of the children [4] exploited in Elm Guest House (which has since closed), was arrested along with his father Tony McSweeney who was apparently one of the guests at Elm Guest. In fact, some Teachers at Grafton Close were pedophiles. Among them, Neil Kier, who oversaw the home. Terry Earland, who ran for his services to children in Richmond County, where was the Grafton Close, had just arranged that Kier was a teacher who cared for children taken to Elm Guest House on the day of the one and only police raid in 1982.
Today, the same Earland, which is nevertheless prominent in the investigation file on Elm Guest House, said he had twice tried to warn his colleagues and the police about sexual abuse in orphanages, he was in charge of …He also explained he had been warned in advance of the raid into the guest house by the police itself. Moreover, all the authorities were aware that the raid would take place, which may explain the Guest House was almost empty when the Police came.
[5] while the cops are waiting to fall on an orgy with thirty adults.However, in the neighbourhood everyone knew very well what was happening in the guest house. We talked about these members and artists who left the brothel at night. You could hear the celebrations taking place there, we saw the lights … Besides, they have not failed to complain to their representatives at the time, but today these politicians seem to suffer from amnesia.Today, the police are forced reluctantly to investigate, and in December 2012, a dozen victims told the police they were raped by men at Elm Guest House. Peter Hatton Bornshin was one victim who has been placed in Grafton Close Children’s home after the suicide of her mother, He said he had been repeatedly raped. In 1994 at age 28, he committed suicide by taking an overdose of cocaine, too marked by the abuse he had suffered as a child. Yet he had been recognised as a victim and had given high compensation.
Another victim told cops that when placed close to Grafton in the 80s, and sent to Elm Guest House, where his abuse was filmed, he had also been sent to Amsterdam as a child sex slave.
Elm Guest House and Dutch networks!
It has been said that Elm Guest House was connected to the Spartacus network,Spartacus was a guide for pedophiles distributed in 150 countries. Spartacus gave the best addresses and even coupons, and was managed by John Stamford. And for some reason, Spartacus still exists.
According to the investigation of a social worker who had met Carole Kasir, the owner of Elm Guest house at the time, Glencross also edited the newsletter group gay particonservateur [6], CGHE Newsletter (Conservative Gay Homosexual Equality), which contained ads for Elm Guest House. According to the same survey, and after Operation Fairbanks conducted by the police, another visitor to Elm Guest House was George Tremlett, former leader of the Greater London Council, alos former journalist and author, including a biography David Bowie. He often went there at the time the abuse took place. Originally Elm Guest House guest house was normal. Then it became a meeting place for homosexuals at the instigation of several people, including John Rowe and mackerel pedophile Terry Dwyer. This would also be the ones who introduced to Carole Kasir Father Peter Glencross, the priest who hosted Hubert Vedrine and was a friend of his father.
According to the report, Glencross was the “business manager” Spartacus guide.During a search of his rectory of St. Leger des Vignes – where he was hosted Védrine few years [7] earlier and where he lived with his five-adopted sons in the early 90s, was found a quantity of child pornography [8] including child porn videos. A month after the raid another pedophile priest, “the pastor Doucé” Christ the Liberator, was murdered, most likely by the DGSE who came looking for him (note that Doucé was a former loverPhilippe Carpentier, CRIESdont pillar was already discussed). Glencross was imprisoned and died shortly after its release in preventive heart attack. Apparently, it was Doucé who distributed the photos taken by Glencross in his studio.John Rowe was a pedophile who organised trips to the Netherlands for members The British VIP Monday Club, a group of MPs on the right wing of the Conservative Party [9], some of whom were on the list of visitors Elm Guest House.
He said “MI5″ in front of his name on the guest list Elm Guest House in connection with a Tricker Russell Howard, former English teacher convicted pedophile become a driver for a tour operator for English pedophiles going to the Netherlands, where he eventually took refuge after his conviction in England in the late 80s.
According to the survey of Marcel Vervloesem, the Belgian association Morkhoven [10] referred to the police, he was carrying children from England to the Netherlands with false passports probably obtained through contacts with the British Embassy in the Netherlands, to send them to brothels. In 1995, he was sentenced to 15 months in prison for trafficking in child pornography and was sentenced with ten other people. But he was relesed and then resumed his activities finding apartments in Amsterdam for pedophiles to abuse children.
The Paedophile group met children in Amsterdam and took them to orgies of abuse which were filmed. We also note that John Stamford was in the Netherlands in 1988 where he sold child porn videos and later fled to Germany where the laws are more lax in this area.
Stamford was also convicted in Belgium, where he had come to retire near Antwerp, after Germany strengthened its laws on crimes against children. Undercover reporters were offered two boys in Manila by Stamford (called “the angel of the slums”) and films. The priest said “if you’re discreet, I guarantee that you will have as many boys as you want in the Philippines. ” In addition, four Swiss associations for the defence of children also continued in the late 90s. Finally, Amsterdam Tricker was part of the English group of organised paedophiles which included Warwick Spinks. In this group was Derek Brown, who had spoken about a snuff movie made about the sexual abuse and murder of 14year old Jason Swift in 1985, for which a Small number of the group was convicted. Brown was convicted in the Netherlands in 1989 for making child porn videos using Dutch and Moroccan children, and his friends Mark Enfield, who was also an accomplice in the murder of Jason Swift, but has never been questioned.
We’ll be back very soon on this case of Jason Swift, which is far from clear.As for Warwick Spinks, one can say that has travelled extensively until his arrest in 2012 to return to the Czech Republic, he is involved in child porn video’s including snuff movies, and he became very wealthy.
In Amsterdam, he spent time in gay bars where they also provided children, and was in contact with a lot of paedophiles from Britain and Austria, as a René Osterwalder, a Swiss Doctor who emigrated to Amsterdam, he wanted Romanian children to kill in snuff movies [11]. He then opened his own brothels where children were sold “behind the counter”. Spinks was at the crossroads of several networks, including Zandvoort, through its contacts with Norbert de Rijke and Lothar Glandorf.
Then some Barry Dwyer and Haddon have transformed the guest house into a brothel for pedophiles. Meanwhile, we learn that Kasir Haroun, former husband of Carole Kasir and owner of the guest house, is preparing to leave England to join his son in the United States. We also learn that the board of Richmond Council chose to pay a settlement payment to a victim who complained rather than risk a trial, and so they used the taxpayers’ money to get them off the hook. Apparently, other civil proceedings took place but no criminal prosecutions.
Visitor List of Elm Guest House made following interviews with Carole Kasir:
Stuart Bell, supplying boys knew Dwyer. Former MP, who died in October 2012. He began his political career in the early 80s. He was also spokesman for Northern Ireland from 1984 to 1987. In 2006, Bell became a knight of the Legion d’Honneur in France, Chirac [12]. In 2011, Bell took a stolen egg in the figure. The father of a boy who had been violated, unsuccessfully sought to have Bell investigated. The father found his son unconscious, but an innocent man was tried and convicted , but the boys father believed the criminal was Stuart Bell.
Sir Anthony Blunt, MI5 Soviet double agent close to the royal family. When he was discovered, he shopped fellow double agents so that its activities remain secret. But why did MI5 recruit him in 1939 while Blunt sympathies for the communists were known [13].Thatcher parliament in 1979? were embarrassed by Blunt and he lost his title! He died in 1983 at the time of the incident in Elm Guest House. He was also a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II Mother who’s father worked for the British Embassy in Paris. Blunt was also involved in the Kincora Boys Home in Belfast, where the secret services operated a brothel for paedophiles in order to compromise various personalities.According to some, Blunt would have helped to stifle cases involving Jimmy Savile.
Sir Peter Bottomley. Conservative MP and member of the Monday Club. He served in the Thatcher administration for Transport and Employment, and in Northern Ireland. He was President of the Church of England’s Children’s Society and was a member of the Political Committee of One Parent Families, and was a member of the ecclesiastical commission. In 1984 he became a member of the Thatcher government, including Employment and roads and transportation, and in 1989 he arrived in Northern Ireland. His wife Virginia is one of the leaders of the London School of Economics, and in 1988 she entered the government as Deputy Secretary to the environment. She is also a member of the very Atlanticist Dichtley Foundation. Virginia’s cousin was ambassador to the United States
Ronald Brown, Labour MP died in 2002, visitor Elm Guest House and named to officers in Operation Fairbanks
Sir Peter Brooke: Conservative MP, he served in Thatcher and John Major Governments. He studied at Harvard in the USA and is the son of a secretary affairs. In 1987 he was Chairman of the Conservative Party and in 1989 he became Secretary of State for Northern Ireland (he stayed until 1992), which seems definitely a popular destination for pedophiles from the British government, even if this time, the Kincora Boys Home was already closed. He was knighted in 2001.
Lord Leon Brittan, former Minister under Thatcher regular visitor Elm Guest House. In 1989, he left national politics after being knighted to become European Commissioner for Trade and Foreign Affairs and Vice President of the European Commission in 1995 in the Santer Commission, who had to resign in 1999 for a history of corruption. In 2000 he was appointed baron, and is also Vice Chairman of UBS AG Investment Bank, non-executive director of Unilever and member of the International Council of Total.In 2010, he returned to government as an advisor to trade until early 2011. He was the right arm of Thatcher’s privatisation policy. Throughout his career, he was accused of pedophilia, specifically by victims taken from the 80 Welsh Children’s Homes. As Britain’s “Home Secretary responsible for internal affairs he managed to stifle all investigations into the paedophile networks. Apparently, the police went to his home after finding a half naked boy in the street who told them he had been raped by Brittan and his friends who had brought him to his house.
Peter Campbell, professor at Reading University, member of the Monday Club, he also created LGBTory in 1975. The group returned in 1991 under the name of TORCH(Tory Campaign for Homosexual Equality). It was he who inserted Elm Guest House in the newsletter group gay Conservative.
DC Chris Carter, Richmond council
Jess Conrad, former Pop Star, actor and singer.
Chris Denning, former DJ, working for the BBC, with Jimmy Savil and Gary Glitter, and a recognised Paedophile because he was questioned for the first time in 1974 for child abuse, He was sentenced to 18 months in prison in 1985 for the same reason, and again in 1988, when spent 3 years in prison for abusing a 13 year old boy and possession of child pornography. Denning was grilled as part of a pedophile ring based in a box disco for young people in Surrey. Other prominent members were Tom Paton, manager of the Bay City Rollers or Jonathan King, singer and producer who was convicted again in 2000 for sexual abuse of boys committed between 1983 and 1989.Denning had to be extradited from the Czech Republic to appear at his trial. In 2008 he was sent to Slovakia where he lived to face charges of production of child pornography, and took four years in prison.
Terry Dwyer, Barry Haddon pimps involved with a paedophile ring. Their clients include Louis Minster director of social services in the area, Colin Peter Donald South, director of education at Wandsworth, and some of the children were provided by Niel Kier of Grafton Close Childrens Home.
Steve Everett, a social worker at Westminster
Peter Glencross, editor of the newsletter of the Monday Club
Barry Haddon: Provider children
Guy Hamilton Blackwell, son of the president of Westland Helicopters
Charles Irving, Conservative MP very nationalist and member of the Monday Club. He took over the family hotel chain and entered politics in the late ’40s. Once MP in the 80s, he founded the National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders (National Association for Aid and Rehabilitation of Offenders) and also, strangely, theNational Victims Association, probably to better harness and muzzle those victims, in particular by developing the “mediation” and forgiveness. Incidentally for paedophiles
Alan Jones Special Branch
Colin Jordan, a former leader of the National Front, which had also created the White Defence League in 1957. The heiress Dior Françoise notorious fascist, was married in 1963, which will greatly facilitate the financing of a kind of neo-fascist international.Françoise Dior at the time worked for the World Union of National Socialists (WUNS), led by Lincoln Rockwell, head of the American Nazi party. Dior has a lot toured Europe on behalf of Jordan.
Langley R, Buckingham Palace
DC David Lines, Board Barnes
Maurice McCall probably one of those who provided the children.
Sheila McInnes
Stan Matthews was the Monday Club in London and apparently trafficed in Child Porn. He stayed at the Guest house and was a friend of Haddon.
WPC Elizabeth Meredith
Richard Miles, the Monday Club
Minster Louis, Director of Social Services in Richmond since 1975, which was the Grafton Close Home. However, he said recently in magazine Exaro he had never heard of Elm Guest house, unlike his colleague Terry Earland.
Colin Peters, QC, which provided children with customers.
Donald Naismith, responsible to the Board of Education of Richmond. He then a brillant career in the education sector where he helped lead the great liberal reforms under Thatcher.
Proctor Harvey, MP and member of the Monday Club. In 1986, his political career ended when a magazine published claims that Proctor had beaten prostitutes aged 17 to 21 years in his London flat. At that time, homosexual relations were only allowed from 21 years. He got away with £ 1,450 fine. Apparently, it was quickly rebuilt, and in 2004 he prevailed on the Belvoir Castle, a castle of 365 rooms that can be booked for private parties or seminars. He served as private secretary to the Duke and Duchess of Ruthland.
Patrick Puddles that after Carole Kasir would have put pressure. He had a store in Richmond and enjoyed photo sessions in the jacuzzi Elm House guest with children of course.
Cliff Richard, Pop Star, Elm Guest House known by the nickname of “Kitty”.
John Rowe, a member and former member of MI5 at the time. According to Carole Kasir, he and Terry Dwyer who persuaded the guest house turn into fucking homo and pedophile. It is also the duo Rowe – Carole Dwyer would have presented the father Kasir Glencross, who ran the magazine Spartacus. Suggesting that MI5 was no stranger to the establishment of the pedophile network based in Elm Guest House.
Jimmy Savile: He was a great friend of Haroun Kasir and regularly came to Elm Guest House.
PC Roderick Smeaton
Cyril Smith, former Liberal MP for Rochdale died in 2010, also involved in the case orphanages Wales and Jersey with Jimmy Savile. Two sources have identified him as a regular visitor to Elm Guest house, including orgies organized every month. Recently, the police have admitted that they have left aside three opportunities to send Smith to prison for rape of minors. [14] Folder on the police and said he lost is now in the hands of MI5 who do will probably nothing more. Throughout his career, the rumors that he loved the children have continued in the streets of Rochdale. From the beginning of his career, he has approached the field of children, supporting youth activities, schools … He also created a home for boys from disadvantaged families, parents approached and said that their son would be better in the home. Funded with public money and private donations from businessmans the corner or the Rotary Club, the Cambridge House opened in 1962.Smith had his own set of keys and was out there with him.
Stingemore John, who was then the head of Grafton Close to Children’s Home until 1981. Social worker services Richmond, it was continued in the 80s for child abuse. He was arrested in February along with Father Tony McSweeney, under the operation Fernbridge.
Ron Thornton DC, Richmond council
George Tremlett, former leader of the Greater London Council
Gary Walker, Sinn Fein (Irish nationalist party opposed yet radically England). It would be several pseudonyms, including this one.
Ron Wells, Elm musician known under the pseudonym “Gladys”. It is very likely Ronnie Wells, who began his career in the late 50s when he was a child.
PC Chris Wicks
Ray Wire, an expert in therapies for children, HE died in 2008. He is said to have been a pioneer in the “treatment” of offenders and sex offenders (including through masturbation), and created for this purpose Gracewell Clinic. He was often in the media giving his opinion about pedophiles, and also advised the police and the courts. Strangely, he supported the children about sexual abuse evoking rituals and he listed the symptoms of potential victims. He also made the list of behaviors which would identify sex offenders. Obviously, this classification excludes the profile that was paedofile himself [1]
Dickens also explained that he had found his own name on a hit list [2]
The IOP was created by Peter Righton, an expert in England on child protection, and the treasurer of IOP was Charles Napier. A raid took place at the home of Righton (real name Paul Pelham) in 1992, and police found child porn videos, often hard core, shot in Amsterdam and correspondence with paedophiles around the world, proving that had exploited, raped and prostituted children. He recieved from the judge a £900 fine.
Righton also founded a school for emotionally disturbed children. Like Napier, he had already been convicted in 1972 for sexual abuse of a minor, then he went to Sweden in 1978 where he was a teacher, then he left the country to become an English teacher in Cairo. There he boasted he sent child porn videos by British diplomatic bags.Napier has also helped to establish a school in Turkey … In 1995, he was sentenced to 15 months in prison for a rape committed in the 80s.
Righton, then head of child education in England, wrote a report in Napiers defense in 1972 saying that Napier was no longer a risk to children, and even that Napier he was a good teacher![3]
Andrea Davison worked for British intelligence before denouncing the existence of a pedophile elite involving prominent politicians, whose victims often came from Childrens Homes. She was prosecuted for concealing documents and underwent numerous procedures so she sought political asylum in Argentina.[4]


At least seven boys.[5] Only a teenager more than sixteen years, two undercover cops and supposedly the owners of the guest house were there that day.[6] Whilst members numbered 171 in 1983.[7]


When Vedrine was dropped by Mitterrand in Nièvre and he needed an address for the campaign of 1977. In this regard, Vedrine wrote in “Worlds of François Mitterrand”: “But how, I asked [Mitterrand] candidate in a town where I knew no one? He would take care of me, he said, putting me in touch with friends, Maringe, which in turn put me in connection with the parish priest of Saint-Léger-des-Vignes, Father Glencross, an Englishman failed in the Nivernais since the war, adored by his parishioners and very close to the leaders of the young team socialist Billoué Robert and Guy Leblanc. So it was done. ” Védrine then won the elections, as well as 1983 and 1989.[8] This, in conjunction with the network called Toro Bravo, which has never been fully discovered. The network has about him again in 1996, after being found videos which appear of network members who have been left alone. 72 arrests ensued, including that of Bernard Alaptetite, filmmaker of child porn in connection with another network called “Teen 71″, in which there were more than 800 searches, 686 arrests, 103 indictments and 15 suicides . Customers had aussichez Toro bravo magazine Spartacus them. Most have had amnesty and were suspended a year tard.Michel Caignet, a neo-Nazi pedophile who provided child porn videos tapes, near Doucé said Gladio was part of this network. He also organized shoots from Colombia with minors. There, he collaborated with Jean-Manuel Vuillaume, professor at Paris VIII in video technology, who ran a brothel in Bogota.Caignet said he bought child porn videos from Vuillaume in 3500 by 5.000F original.
He is now in prison for life and was extradited from Netherlands to be with his girlfriend they kidnapped, raped and tortured children.[12] The fact that Bell is a convicted pedophile has probably not been a hindrance to the Legion of Honor, quite the contrary.[13] Some say that Ted Rothschild who had recommended, and Ted Rothschild was a spy for Israel.[14]


Barry Fitton, one of his victims said they had not believed when he told the Police he had been raped by Smith. Alan Neal, another victim of Smith in the 60s, said that some of his victims committed suicide because they were not believed. Neal was raped and beaten by Smith when he was 11 and he was in a fire in 1964. In 1969, a survey focused on accusations of eight boys from Cambridge House Hostel (created by Smith) in Rochdale who said they were raped by Smith between 1961 and 1969. In 1997, another victim of Smith told the police of rape in Cambridge House between 1965 and 1968 and in 1999 and of further rapes committed between 1962 and 1965 . Nothing was every done. .


[1] Dickens also explained that they had found his name on the black list a hitman.
[2] The IOP was created by Peter Righton, English expert in child protection, and the treasurer was Charles Napier. A raid took place at Righton (real name Paul Pelham) in 1992 and was found pédopornos films often hard core, shot in Amsterdam as well as a correspondence with paedo worldwide, which showed that had exploited, raped and prostitute children. To do this, Righton took £ 900 fine. We also learned that the lover Righton ran a school for emotionally disturbed children. As in Napier, he had been convicted in 1972 for sexual abuse of a minor, then went to Sweden in 1978 where he was a teacher, then left the country to become an English teacher in Cairo. There he boasted to send videos by British diplomatic bags. Napier also helped to establish a school in Turkey … In 1995, he made 15 months in prison for a rape committed in the 80s. Righton, as head of education in England, even took his defense in 1972 that Napier was no longer a risk to children, and even he was a good teacher!
[3] This worked for British intelligence before returning his jacket and expose the existence of an elite pedophile network involving prominent politicians, and whose victims often came from orphanages. She was prosecuted for concealing documents and has undergone numerous procedures so she sought political asylum in the United States.
[4] At least seven boys.
[5] Only a teenager more than sixteen years, two so called undercover cops and the owners of the guest house were there that day.
[6] Who had 171 members in 1983.
[7] When Vedrine was parachuted by Mitterrand in Nièvre and he needed an address to the 1977. In this regard, Vedrine wrote in “Worlds of François Mitterrand” “But how, I asked him [Mitterrand] be a candidate in a town where I knew no one? He would take care of, ‘he said, putting me in touch with friends, Maringe, which in turn put me in relation to the parish priest of Saint-Léger-des-Vignes, Father Glencross, an English original failed in the Nivernais since the war, adored by his parishioners and very close to the leaders of the young socialist team Billoué Robert and Guy Leblanc. So it was done. ” Vedrine then won the elections, as in 1983 and 1989.
[8] This, in conjunction with the network called Toro Bravo, which has never fully discovered. The network has about him again in 1996, after it was found videos which appear of network members who were left alone. 72 arrests ensued, including that of Bernard Alaptetite, director pédopornos movies in connection with another network called “Teen 71″, in which there were more than 800 searches, 686 arrests, 103 indictments and 15 suicides . Customers Toro Bravo had them aussichez magazine Spartacus. Most have been suspended and the amnesty was a year tard.Michel Caignet, a neo Nazi pedophile who provided pédopornos cassettes, close Doucé and Gladio networks were part of this network. He also organized the shooting from Colombia with minors. There, he collaborated with Jean-Manuel Vuillaume, teacher at Paris VIII in video technology, who ran a brothel in Bogota. Caignet said he bought videos pédopornos to Vuillaume to 3,500 to 5,000 F per original.
[9] So right extremists and packed in 2001, the Monday Club was suspended from the Conservative Party. In fact, it was the beachhead of English neo colonialist movement, which even made a sort of coup in 70 years against the government of Harold Wilson.
[10] Association who discovered the so-called Roma Zandvoort CD in which it has more than 80,000 images of children being abused. The survey was smothered in some countries and has not even started in others, such as France. We remember especially the substitute Yvon Tallec declaring JT 20 hours needed “minimize” the scope of the LARC so the entire network is behind, and I hope to return to this dark character very soon.
[11] It is now in prison for life and was extradited from the Netherlands with his girlfriend to have abducted, raped and tortured children.
[12] The fact that Bell is a notorious pedophile probably has not been a hindrance to the Legion of Honor, quite the contrary.
[13] Some say it is Ted Rothschild had recommended, and Ted Rothschild was a spy in the pay of Israel.
[14] Barry Fitton, one of his victims said they had never believed him when he spoke of rapes committed by Smith. Alan Neal, another victim of Smith in the 60s, said that some of his victims had caused the death of force pass for liars. Neal was raped and beaten by Smith when he was 11 and he was in a home in 1964. In 1969, a survey focused on charges of eight boys from Cambridge House Hostel (created by Smith) in Rochdale denounced rape by Smith between 1961 and 1969. In 1997, another victim of Smith talking to the cops of rape in Cambrige House between 1965 and 1968 and in 1999 it was further rapes committed between 1962 and 1965 are reported. There has never been any prosecution.

Source: Donde Vamos link to French version
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    ” JPMorgan Chase has an International Council which provides advice to the bank’s leadership on economic, political and social trends across various regions and around the world. The International Council is chaired by Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of the UK, who also sits as an adviser to Zurich Financial. ”

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