Direct Democracy vs Representative Democracy or Pure Democracy vs Elected Dictatorship…the REAL root of todays Global Destruction!

Direct democracy, classically termed pure democracy, is a form of democracy and a theory of civics in which sovereignty is lodged in the assembly of all citizens who choose to participate. Depending on the particular system, this assembly might pass executive motions, make laws, elect or dismiss officials, and conduct trials. Direct democracy stands in contrast to representative democracy, (UK, EU system)where sovereignty is exercised by a subset of the people, usually on the basis of election.
Our “subset of the people” , all have the same financial backers and lobby groups, and are therefore a one-party-system of elected dictatorship! The Tweedle dum and Tweedle Dee of representative democracy!

Let me put this simply
The PROVEN track records of Direct Democracy and Representative Democracy are…
Direct Democracy means more freedom ,more prosperity ,less political corruption ,less war ,more criminal elites being arrested.
Representative Democracy means less freedom ,less prosperity ,more political corruption ,more war and criminals elites are above the law.

People who believed in a society without a centralised social power system included
Thomas Piane ,Adam Smith ,Karl Marx , Lenin and most progressive free thinkers
People who believed in a society with a centralised social power system included
Hitler ,Mussolini , Stalin , Thatcher ,Blair ,Cameron and most indoctrinated political non-thinkers
Do you feel in good company supportting centralised authorities?

Centralised authorities ignore the laws of Thermodynamics!
It does not matter if you are a super massive black hole or the leader of a political social movement you cannot defy the laws of thermodynamics!
The more you impose law, the more you accelerate chaos!
Think people!!
How can passing a law reduce crime?
It just creates a new criminal class! …and therefore increases crime….and social chaos!
We have a law against murder.
BUT the state now trains our youth to murder and gives them opertunity to do so ,free of any criminal repurcusion!
If you are in the armed forces YOU ARE FREE FROM CIVILIAN LAW!!
Centralised authorities can pardon crimes ,just like priests can pardon sins!
This includes murder ,rape and destruction. I know, I have a friend that drunkenly stole a tank and killed 2 people by accident! He was British army so the locals could do nothing about it! ..and this is nothing compared to some of the stories I’ve heard!!
We have military death drones killing people globally!!
The Japanese are tried of having thier young girls raped by US marines and nothing can be done about that either!
Because this is the law according to the centralised authority….as it would be awkward if our “glorious liberation forces” were all arrested by the local authorites for mass murder ,rape and bombings!!
…but people still cheer our taxpayer funded invasion forces,which spread murder and mayhem and war crimes,instead of a militia army which could insure our national security without war crimes, and keep voting for the monkey in the red ,blue or orange rossette,who just sits and throws sh1t at monkeys with different rossettes,while stealing the nations wealth….. and we wonder why the world is so f*cked up?!?!?!

(I used to think they where useless until I realised that they are bio-degradable) šŸ˜‰

In reply to Craig Murray’s post a good idea ,the killing of Tony Blair…
Craig,an even Better Idea is Direct Democracy!
Will Direct Democracy solve all the nations problems…NO!!!!
The PROVEN track records of Direct Democracy and Representative Democracy areā€¦
Direct Democracy means more freedom ,more prosperity ,less political corruption ,less war ,more criminal elites being arrested.
Representative Democracy means less freedom ,less prosperity ,more political corruption ,more war and criminals elites are above the law.

Many people try to fight the branches of evil, very few try to strike at ITS ROOTS!!
Direct Democracy is political weedkiller!!

SO how do we achieve a Direct Democracy?
Nothing really changes
We just constitutionally make the people the highest executive in the land!
As it should be in a democracy.
We look at Switzerland and Iceland where Direct Democracy has worked successfully for 100’s of years, and figure out what is the best line to set for a referendum? (100,000 names in a 100 days for example)
That is all it takes!
Local government would become much more powerful…here is one solution explained.

and here is our British democracy explained

Personally I would like to see added to a PR voting system the “empty seat” or anarchist option. So if 10% vote for this we leave 10% of the seats empty, but the remaining politions would still have to get over 50% of the parliment to agree!
(If parliment was 200 seats and a 10% anarchist vote, then only 180 seats are filled.
BUT it would still take 101 votes to pass a law!)
This also gives the oppertunity for the centralised authority to naturally wither away as it becomes more obvious it is not needed…just as Karl Marx and Adam Smith intended
…If ANY of this is beyond your capabilities then you are retarded!….OR YOU have succomed to “Stockholmn syndrome” and now sympathise with your oppressors and your chains give you comfort!

IF this system was in place there would of been NO IRAQ WAR and if Tony Blair had continued to push for war I believe he would of been jailed for treason ,blackmail and paedophilia!
…He was blackmailed into the Iraq war by the USA over paedophilia! This would of been exposed in an open court of law!!!
But then current representative parliment is also full of paedophiles and therefore open to blackmail from foreign nations and interests RIGHT NOW!
BUT under the current system of British representative democracy ,war criminals ,paedophiles and blackmailers walk our streets freely ,while YOU are watched by CCTV and have every communication monitered and democracy protestors like myself and others get rounded up!
…but of course this is modern democracy and worth spilling our youths blood to bring to foreign lands?!?!
FYI Craig
Finger pointing at Putin ,when its the West financing armed Neo-Nazi coups against the “democractically elected” Ukrainian representative government. (A system of government YOU support!) IS JUST HYPOCRACY!!
DO YOU REALISE that if the Ukraine was a TRUE DEMOCRACY (a Direct Democracy) NONE of this violence and armed insurrection would be taking place!?!?!
This is a power struggle to control the centralised authority!
What the REAL reasons behind the Neo-Nazi armed insurrection in the Ukraine is about is Nobel Peace Prize winner “Barrage Obomber” trying to save the petro-dollar and possibly starting WWIII in the process!! BUT REMEMBER politions ALL have nice taxpayer paid for nuclear bunkers to hide in!!!
and these people thought MAD(mutually Assured Destruction) was sane?!?!
BUT To the people that believe in representative democracy the world is a dark and smelly place,full of terrorists and nasty foreigners!
BUT that is because they have thier heads shoved up thier asses!!
Please pull your head out of see the world for what it is!..its amazing and wonderous and its a fintite piece of infinite possibility!
So long as YOU do not brake it or blow it up with your delusional beliefs in representative democracy and centralised authorities!

Craig what do YOU think would be more effective in stopping wars and war crimes,state theft and paedophilia?
Which of these solutions is a REALLY GOOD IDEA?
1.A representative democracy system with a yearly George Galloway film to document this years war crimes ,theft and paedophilia?
2.A representative democracy system with You and George Galloway interviewing each other ,complaining about the war crimes ,theft and paedophilia?
3.A Direct Democracy system in which “we the people” arrest Blair for theft and paedophilia as “we the people” voted against starting an illegal war?
…..we would of voted against the Bailout too! So we would not be political debtor slaves either!


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