Ten Good reasons for Scottish Independence

For the Scottish Independence Vote.

Cuthulan's Blog

UPDATE;- My Scottish Indepedence Poll was “hacked” shortly after the mommentus Scottish election results ,that gave Scotland a majority SNP government ,without the need of another political party as support. It was a LANDSLIDE!! All 3 heads of the unionist parties resigned after the election results

The next day exactly 100 votes ,all from a very narrow IP range, where added to the “Abolish the Scottish parliement ” vote option.

Can I thank the unionist vandal for showing us thier democratic values of unionism, and thier fair play and good sportsmanship…or in fact the complete lack of any of these qualities……..It also shows me ,we have you scared and making desperate actions, you have really made my day and given me strength to carry on in good spirits and renewed hope! Thank you

I take it you work at a call centre , from the IP addresses given! Time to get back…

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