” If they do it it’s terrorism, if we do it, it’s fighting for freedom. “– a U.S. Ambassador in Central America in the 1980s, asked to explain how such U.S.actions as the mining of Nicaragua’s harbors and bombing of airports differed from the acts of terrorism that the U.S. condemned around the world.
My heartfelt sympathies go to the Parisians and the other victims of the recent atrocities.But what should our Western response be if we want to promote true peace, true Direct Democracy and true cultural diversity? Many people strike at the branches of evil so few attack its roots.
In Amsterdam Theo Van Goch’s son was the best friend of my daughter at school, Theo Van Goch was stabbed to death by an Islamic extremist outside the school.My daughter called me while hiding under a desk with his son.During the Christian Irish bombing campaign,in Scotland “sectarian” stabbings where so common it was not even news worthy. My Grandfather was also a target of Jewish Zionist terrorists during the Mandate of Palestine. FYI It was Jewish “Zionist”terrorists that claimed to be the creators of the modern urban terrorist, these terrorists became the leaders of Israel. The secular Jewish Albert Einstein referred too these Zionists creators of Israel as pro-fascist terrorists in a letter to the NY Times.
The common theme to this intolerable abhorrent behavior is “Abrahamic monotheism”,the belief in the one god of Abraham, and Western centralised imperialism, not Islam or Arabs. In my personal experience Abrahamic monotheism”(Judaism,Christianity and Islam) just debases humans along with our centralised governmental authorities that also support this abhorrent behaviour.Both of these centralised institutions promote war and protect paedophiles and are a cancer on modern decent societies.
Secular Arab Syria is not attacking us, Abrahamic monotheists and their political supporters are! In this case it is our Western Imperial political authorities that were supporting these Abrahamic monotheistic ISIS terrorists, so their fake grief and crocodile tears for the victims of the Paris atrocities, for which they are ultimately responsible, are abhorrent to me. Paris would still be at peace without the secular Western Imperial leaders that promote,finance, supply and train these abhorrent Abrahamic monotheists to carry out these very acts of terror in other peoples countries.Extreme hypocrisy or what?!?!
Importantly why where these attacks not in Russia as it was the Russians effectively bombing the ISIS camps not the French? The reason is that ISIS is just Western Special Ops, as we handed Libya over to ISIL,(Islamic State In Libya), now we are trying to hand Syria over to ISIS, (Islamic State In Syria). The attacks in Paris are because the Russian bombing campaign of our ISIS camps has been rather effective and our Western leaders will need to use our Western military forces now to defeat the multi-cultural secular socialist Syria. For these political elected dictators who are bailing out our bankrupted bankers and insurance salesmen, peace is not an option!
This means creating the public support for a war against Syria, therefore Gladio style terrorist attacks within Europe are carried out by our controlled ISIS terrorists. As these terrorist atrocities happened in Paris, the European security services control all the evidence and the Western government controls all the propaganda. It will also mean we can lock down Europe in a draconian police state, which all benefits our unpopular and blackmailed Western political leaders. We will now probably attack the secular Syrian government instead of the Islamic terrorists that attacked us, which is also the desired effect of the ISIS terrorists.
If this had happened in Russia this would mean that the Russians would have offered their support to the secular Arab Syrians that are fighting these Islamic ISIS terrorists, i.e. the Syrian Government, and it would mean a very quick end for these Islamic terrorists! The Russians in the  process may also have found  evidence linking these Islamic terrorists to Western security services.
Abrahamic monotheism is just original fascism therefore Arabs, Celts or Jews are not the problem. Political “Divide and rule” is as old as empire and begins with the invention of Abrahamic monotheism and the political centralised system it represents (Imperialism). Original fascism (Abrahamic monotheism) is a political tool designed to keep the masses scared and ignorant and divided,(not enlightened), as an informed and confident population would never allow a corrupt materialistic centralised authority to rob, control and slaughter the population.
Today Arab Islamists bomb and kill, yesterday it was Celtic Christians bombing and stabbing their way through society and before that it was Jewish Zionists that invented truck bombs and the urban terrorist and all were supported by centralist governments. Believe what you will it is your right, and ultimately belief is irrelevant, it is actions and values that are important not beliefs.
As a devout atheist and anarchist (Libertarian Socialist) I believe that this false blood-soaked interventionist belief and its centralised government should no longer be quietly tolerated in our modern decent secular society. So from now on if anyone is going to spout Abrahamic monotheistic BS (Jewish, Christian or Islamic), or vocally support carpet bombing countries, I will be very happy to point out their false conformist ideology for them  and ridicule them for their false, childlike and “different” beliefs. If you object or do not understand I can always kick you in the face until you understand my point of view, as this is the Abrahamic monotheist and governmental way of educating people.
Abrahamic monotheists and politicians you are a bunch of intolerant supremacist sh1ts, who gives you the right to kill? I can tell you that it is certainly not GOD!! We do not need these false beliefs, we do not want these false beliefs and modern secular decent society will no longer tolerate this abhorrent blood-soaked behaviour.
I need a politician running my life as much as a need a rabbi, priest or imam to save my soul. Hopefully for humanity the “Age of the Radical Non-Believer” has arrived, so please take your bigoted blood-soaked false gods and governments and f#ck off back to your grubby Holy Land, Vatican or Mecca and let peace, tolerance, cultural diversity and secular “Direct Democracy” thrive in its place!
Abrahamic monotheism (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) was invented by Emperors and is the belief of slaves. Abrahamic monotheists are scared, ignorant and indoctrinated people who believe the world is a dark and smelly place but this is just because their false religious books have shoved their own heads up their own assholes! Please put down your false book and pull your head out of your ass and see the diverse world for what it is, a finite piece of infinite possibility.
There is no heaven , there is no hell, only E=MC2, Cause and Effect and the Laws of Thermodynamics, and YOU are responsible for your actions, not god or the government. Energy is matter and energy cannot be destroyed. Therefore we are indeed all immortal and on an endless cycle of reincarnation, this is an indisputable scientific fact. Therefore if we keep sh1tting on this world we will just be reborn into our own sh1t, a heaven or hell on Earth of our own creation.
For Abrahamic monotheists and their negative theology this would mean humanity would be living in an Apocalypse. i.e. HELL on Earth. NO THANKS!..and if any of you Abrahamic monotheists (Jews, Christians or Islamist) try and seriously implement this I will put you down like the rabid dog your beliefs have made you, without discrimination or hesitation, or even losing a minutes sleep. You will find out, just like countless other deluded Abrahamic monotheists before you, that your false god is powerless to save you.
Diverse peace or conformist wars? It is our choice not theirs! If we want to build a real heaven on Earth we will have to reject all forms of Abrahamic monotheism and the centralised authorites that promote them. Let’s build dreams instead of nightmares.
Communication not confrontation, education not regulation, diversification not indoctrination is the answer.


  1. enochered says:

    Well done mate. I think you covered every aspect of the current shit in which we find ourselves. As far as I can see the only thing you forgot to mention is that Cameron shags pigs. Good on yeh!

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