Blair’s Bombers and Cameron’s Crusaders

John Pilger points out that the UK, USA and France have been supporting supplying and training the Islamic terrorists. France was attacked after Russia bombed ISIS camps and 500 ISIS petrol tankers stealing Syria’s oil. Why did ISIS not attack Russia and why has France started bombing the secular Syrian government in support of the rebels? It was the Syrian rebels that attacked France!….. but then ISIS are our boys and the French people have been slaughtered by their own government. Just like 300 Dutch men, women and children were killed by the shooting down of a Malaysian airliner by the Ukrainian military with the Dutch governments support.

John Pilger also points out that the 7/7 bombing in London was Blair’s Bombers and Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party is still the Imperialist war party ! Therefore it is a con to save Tony Blair from being arrested as a war criminal and pedophile protector.

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