June 18, 2017


Brexit, which was an “internal Tory party problem” that was made a “British problem” by Etonian pig molestor David Cameron, who at least had the decency to resign after sabotaging the countries of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in one vote that no-one took seriously until too late.
One failed political joke was quickly followed by another. Enter Boris Johnson who actually led the Leave campaign and then bravely wet his pants and ran away in his hour of victory because even he knew what a bad idea leaving the EU was. He never even expected to win the EU vote in the first place. Boris was just out to gain political prestige and ended up been shown as the political baffoon that he is.Even UKIP leader Nigel Farage quit British politics after winning the EU vote. He kept his MEP job as he gets paid in Euros which was handy for Nigel as the GB pound was worthless after his successful campaign to Leave the EU.
Queue the next political joke called Theresa May who has just limped from one political failure to the next, with barely enough time to wipe the custard pie from her face, while dragging Britians reputation and economy down with her. The tradgic disaster at Grenfall Towers are an example of what would have happened to Britain with Thersa May(or May not) and Boris (the baffoon) at the helm, lots of dangerous cladding that makes the place look nice for rich people, while the majority are ignored and left to burn to death. Over 500 people lived in those Towers but the PRESSTITUTES at the MSM said 17 dead and 75 surviviors.
WHERE ARE THE OTHER 400 RESIDENTS? MSM IS JUST DISGUSTING PROPAGANDA that promotes the government.What about the criminal negligence? Boris? Theresa?
In Europe Theresa May was seen before the General Election as a delusional, incomtitant and power hungry person who triggered article 50 an then immediately called a General Election instead of preparing for the important Brexit negotitations. Strong and stable WFT?! This action was seen as weak and unstable by the EU.
In this predicted Tory landslide election Theresa May lost both her hard Brexit mandate and her political majority and Britain now has to start Brexit negotitations totally unprepared and without any clear public support. Theresa May by selfishly making a pact with the religious armed loonies of the DUP also risks destroying the “Good Friday agreement” and plunging Irish politics back into the dark ages. All this just so Theresa can keep her grubby pedophile protecting and tax dodging mits on political power.
In this General election Scotland voted on “English issues” instead of voting for what was best for Scotland. This is also why Scotland needs independence. The greatly heralded MSM “Tory resurgence” in Scotland was actually comprised of tactical voting from “Unionst Labour supporters” and the support of the “anti-EU Scottish independance voters” who want out of both the UK and the EU. This Scottish Tory support will vanish like piss on a hot tin roof when the vote in Scotland goes back to being about Scottish Issues.Corbyn also split the “socialist vote” in Scotland which also let the Tories and Lib Dems back in.
The “Unionst Labour supporters” in Scotland are the reason that Thersa May held on to power in the UK. If they had tactically voted SNP instead of Tory Jeremy Corbyn would have been elected PM. What a bunch of ….. These British Labour supporters prefer “British Tory” rule to an independant “socialist Scotland”. The UK has ended up with a completely unstable and terrorist supporting Tory coaltion of chaos instead of a socialist Labour and SNP coalition which would have brought stablity and a clear direction back to the UK.
Corbyn is the only leader that has benefitted from this election.Well done to him, I mean that sincerely.
Meanwhile in reality the SNP still held 35 seats against the combined unionist powers of Labour,Tory, Lib Dem and the MSM in Scotland.That smells like victory to me. The SNP is still the majority party in Scotland with 35 seats out of 59. Maggie Thatcher famously stated that “Scotland did not need a referendum, it only needed to elect 30 SNP seats and unilaterally declare independence(UDI)”. As a long term indy supporter 30 seats was always the target.
Today the SNP still has 35 seats and therefore UDI is still an option for Scotland, an extreme one but no more extreme than a hard DUP/Tory Brexit. With the SNP holding 35 seats who needs indyref2? and with the EU economically backing Scotland who needs the bankrupt regime in Westmonster.If Scotland wants to regain its self-determination then it must be determined to be itself, and that means acting on its own intitive. UDI is certainly still an option.
May, who everyone in the EU knows campaigned that leaving the EU would be a disaster, now has to negociate a hard Brexit with the “rabid dog” DUP at her side. A rabid dog that is more likely to savage Thersa May than the EU. Talk about a loss of credibility. A bloody coalition of the confused, with English anti-Euro Tories relying on Northern Irish DUP MP’s who want borders back in Ireland.
But Theresa May is also pals with Saudi religious nutters and she supportted selling arms to the religious loonies of ISIS who ended up bombing Manchester instead of Damascus. This women just never learns from making bad deals with dodgey people and their dodgey religions, why no-one has tried to arrest this woman for supplying weapons and aid to terrorists is beyond belief, as well as loosing all the info on the political pedophiles who no doubt now fill her cabinet just like they did in the days of Thatcher.
Remind me what is so strong and stable about Thersa May and the DUP? They are just a bunch of anti-EU “Conservative and Unionist Negociating Team Supporters”(its an acronmy).
The EU view is that she is irratic, imcopitant, delusional,insincere and very very mentally unstable and her base motivation is “holding onto power at any price”the country, economy and moral high ground be damned! All round a very unpleasant and untruthful person who has made a coalition with people even less pleasant and less truthful just to hold onto political power in Britain, so she can enact a policy that she previously stated would be a disaster for the UK.
Where is the honour or intergrity in any of this?
Brexit will now be Thersa May with custard pie on her face and a begging bowl, or a letter of apology to the Europeans they have insulted, being led into the talks by a rabid dog that might savage her at any minute .The EU negociators will rip her apart if her DUP partners don’t savage her first!
Bye bye viable independent UK economy and hello to making Britian the Mexico of Europe!
It appears that Thersa May is even willing to pay for building the European version of “Trumps Wall”, not even the really stoned Mexicans are that stupid!(BTW no offence meant to Mexicans, just Tory voters who make less sense than Mexicans on drugs).Theresa May’s actions have managed to make Donald Trump look sensible, stable and statesmanlike, that is how bad she is!!!
Personally I think Brexit will be left to die a slow and lingering “death by administration”, which will be financially costly and the end our international standing. Red is no longer the colour of the British empire covering the globe today it is the colour of British national debt and those we still owe money too. We will end up exactly as we were before, just without our EU rebate and economically poorer and the UK will be the butt of European jokes, “did you hear the one about the Britain who wanted to leave Europe?”.
The Irish will be falling over themselves telling English Tory jokes 😉
Theresa May just loose the plot and her job.
The UK does not need a new PM its needs a new democractic system. A 21st century system that is truelly democratic and not just a very bad representation of democracy from the 1700’s.
Maybe instead of changing dysfunctional PM’s its time to change to a True Democratic system like “Direct (True) Democracy”,(the Swiss model), instead of the bad out dated “representation of democracy” we have today.The Swiss True Democracy model would also end the EU debate, as it would be impossible to be a full member of the EU and a “direct democracy”. But we can still agree to full movement of trade and labour. There problem solved and no MP’s to f#ck it all up!
Brexit has shown us all that the UK is NOT a Democracy. Democracy has the people as the “executive” not a small group of selected individuals called “parliment” nevermind the “House of Lords”.UK democracy is actually just an “Elected Dictatorship” that gives us the choice of Tweedle Dum or Tweedle Dee and they just call it democracy. Direct Democracy would also arrest the guilty political pedophiles, fraudulent bankers, war criminals and end the austerity, while “representative democracy” just continues protects all these unsavoury people and empowers them.
So Britain make your mind up are you going to turn the nation into a giant version of Grenfall Towers for Tory landlords or make Britain a True Direct Democracy fit for all?
Direct Democracy Today for ALL!! End the Elected dictatorship in the UK and the EU.
That’s all folks!!!!!!!!!!!!