Could Spain veto Scotland? To save England and the EU?

September 13, 2009

Doing my usual Sunday morning parousal of the press. I found an interesting ,if not a bit “old” ,arguement of fearmongering about Scottish Independance.

Could Spain veto Scotland , and leave us all on our own in a big bad world!?!?

Here is pretty much the same article from Feb 2008.

Talk about a load of nonsense!

Can I point out that if this is the situation for a newly created nation of Scotland ,it would also be the case for the newly created nation of England. The UK would not exist anymore , as it is the United Kingdoms of Scotland and England , Wales is a Principality and Northern Ireland a provance ,no offence to these fellow Celtic peoples its just the legal status of your nations at the momment.

So if Scotland get refused, the same would have to hold for England.

Do you think for a momment that the EU would tolerate that amount of oil reserves and fishing rights to leave thier sphere of control!! The Spainish fishermen would be screwed. Would the Spainish government dump on the fishermen just to keep a possible Basque  independance referendum off the table? Well that’s for the Spainish to figure out ,but I see this situation causing more problems for Spain than it would for Scotland.

It is for the Scottish people to decide if we stay in the EU or not! If we say NO to the EU ,it is irrelevant what Spain thinks or votes! I for one am not sure about whither it is better to stay in or leave the EU. At the momment I would favour Scotland having a status similar to Norway within the EU.

All this talk about “Can Scotland make it on its own?”. YES of course we can , we have a wealth of natural resourses ,a quality argocultural economy ,and a qualtiy technological economy. We are in the forefront of new energy developement as well as being at the medical cutting edge. We have thinkers and inventors the world would be proud of. All this with just over 5 million citizens!

The REAL QUESTION should be ,would the ENGLISH ECONOMY work? What would Englands nation of 55 million survive on?The  Industrial and manufacturing economy? NO …. Natural resourses? NO….or maybe a flourishing Financial industry!??!?! Better not get into this one ,as the taxpayer is bailing out bankers to the tune of BILLIONS!!! Think what a Health Service we could of built with this money?

The truth is England’s economy relies almost exclusively ,thanks to Thatcherism , on the financial services and industry. This would NOT keep England going in todays world markets! So what would happen to England?

Well that’s for the English to come to terms with and provide thier English solutions for. I hope they can expect all the help and assistance from a newly created ,properous,  Independant Republic of Scotland . We may not fly the same flag anymore ,but we all still do live on the same islands.

Another reason why the EU would NEVER throw out Scotland ,would be the example it would set to the other newly created Europen countries. Imagine Scotland walked out OR was kicked out of the EU and it PROSPERED!!! This would give the nationlists in every other nation a living, breathing example of why the EU was bad for thier nation. It could start a momentum which would lead to the break up or at least a severe loss of power and influence of the EU. Disaster for power hunger politions with thier snouts in the trough! 

Scotland should NOT worry about such things ,the future for us is looking rosey.

Its the English ,Spainish and the EU politions that should worry about such things…..and obviously they are!