Blair ,Campbell ,Bush ,Cheney ,Rumsfeld ,Obama ,Rice ,Sarkozy ,Cameron ,Osbourne a chimps tea-party of burger eating war monkys if ever I have see one.
Why are we still listening to these delsuional monsters?|
All they are saying is give war a chance!
Listening to thier speaches is like watching a clown run across a mine field , its so funny and removed from reality but it will end in blood and guts everywhere!!!

This is the results of previous clowns running across minefields at the behest of burger eating war monkeys! 
The illegal invasion of Yugoslavia ,which led to Slobodan Milosovic being found dead in his cell and later found innocent of the NATO charges, also led to the creation of the Islamic terrorist drug and organ legging KLA taking over Kosovo and the drug and human trafficing trade in Europe.
Afghanistan we invaded first to stop it becoming Soviet, and turned it into the Talibans HQ.
We invaded again to build an oil pipe line and kick start the heroin industry that the Taliban had ended.
American neocons pushed for the invasion of Iraq in 2003, not realizing that removing the secular western Saddam Hussein would touch off a sectarian conflict and lead to a pro-Iranian Islamic Shiite regime.
U.S. military intervention in Libya in 2011 eliminated Muammar Gaddafi ,this empowered Islamic extremists who later murdered the U.S. ambassador and spread unrest beyond Libya’s borders
U.S. Has Transformed Libya Into Danger to All Africa  The tragedy of Libya is the plight of its people and in particular Christians and black Africans. Washington has ignored them because focusing on their persecution would expose the reality that murdering Qadaffi has created chaos and increased violence in the region. Washington and its allies failed to address the massive stockpiles of conventional weapons that fell into the hands of militias and terrorist groups. Many of those weapons were sold to Arab countries and moved out of Libya to be shipped into Turkey and then to terrorist camps in Syria.
In Syria the American Neo-cons are supportting Al quada ,again!
In the Ukraine they are supportting the Neo-Nazis, again!
Since 1945 until 2000 America has invaded over 70 countries! Creating 0 democracies in the process! America in fact overthrew many democracies in these invasions!!

And committed many war crimes


But they got very rich in the process


The terrorists are recruited ,trained ,funded and supplied by America
These are wars for corporite rights ,not human rights
Politions are just the blackmailed or prostitute cheerleaders

Politions are not nice people,DON’T LET THEM KISS YOUR BABIES!!
https://cuthulan.wordpress.com/2012/11/10/british-establishment-paedophile-rings-and-their-global-partners/   https://cuthulan.wordpress.com/2012/03/14/representative-governments-are-just-terrorists-drug-dealers-murders-paedophileswar-criminalsthieves-psychopaths-traitors-and-liars-with-a-couple-of-useful-idiots-thrown-in-for-window-dressi/

Africa will be next
Global government will mean global tyranny

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